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  1. Well.. called Dragon's lair and no 2nd printing in. Guess the Austin area didn't get any in shipment. Funny thing is they still have 4 copies of Chew #2 sitting on the shelves.
  2. It may be just a matter of which shop I go to. Capstone comics I'm 0-3 in trying to get Chew 1, 2, and 2nd print 1, and they are the "good" store with the cool stuff. I go to Dragon's Lair (the commercial comic shop) that same day each time and I find three #1's, a stack of #2's. Going to give them a call in a sec.
  3. So I stopped by my main comic shop... they said they didn't get the 2nd printing of Chew #1. Was it that way for other parts of the country? I'm going to have to call around to see if they really didn't get it or they just stashed them away.
  4. seems like the 2nd prints are getting easier to find
  5. its hard to fill the demand unless everyone has copies, which they don't and probably won't because of people buying multiple copies, low print run, etc. not to mention Chew IS a good read... the lack of supply isn't the only factor driving the price up.
  6. I still haven't gotten my hands on any copies of the 2nd print. I doubt that my LCS got any last week. I'll check tomorrow and maybe pick up 4 or 5.
  7. Alright... a couple Chew #2's have sold on Ebay for 15.00 already... craziness!
  8. Just got back from 3 shops.. None had the 2nd print and only one had issue #2. There were about 10 left and I cherry picked the best 4. Good thing about commerical type comic shops, they don't sell out of the cool stuff as fast.
  9. If there's a door leading to this backroom, maybe you should consider adding a dead-bolt lock as well. That way you can keep it open when you're at home but locked when the daughters have guests over. No door or even a wall. Its all open. Didnt want it to look boxed in. Guess I'll have to build some cabinets. I looked at some of the pre-fab ones at Lowes and Home Depot. Just chip board garbage, and I dont like the way they look anyway. DRX Have you considered locking file cabinets? Well, thats an idea. Id have to look and see the dimensions and how many books I could fit into one. I like the idea of building something that would match the rest of the basement, trim wise and such. I also thought that if i made some thing it would have removable shelving inside to lighten it up in case I have to move it. DRX Check page 135 of this thread for Mschmidt's comic room. Super clean and great use of file cabinets. What will you do about securing comics you'd like to display?
  10. Snagged the last 2 WD 61 from my comic shop today. IMO WD 61 will have some extra value for the insert story but its too easy to find to soar in value past the under ordered Chew #1
  11. Ninjas, Cannibalism, outlaw poultry, and fine dining.. how can you go wrong?
  12. Well.. I snagged a WD 61 on ebay for 2.50 so I'm covered. Guess I'll hit the shops tomorrow and see how many I can find. Probability is pretty high imo. PM me if anyone wants me to snag one (if they are available)
  13. The only Chew #1 CGC 9.8 is being sold on ebay for 250.00 BIN Unrealistic? I'm wagering we will see several 9.9's
  14. (thumbs u May as well snag an issue for 10-20$ while you can
  15. Doh maybe I should have bought all 3 copies of the book when I saw them instead of 2
  16. Does that chair open any trap doors in the floor to dispose of those who have failed you for the last time?
  17. Just picked it up.. good stuff Had to go to 3 comic shops to find a copy and that one had 3 left.... so I took 2
  18. Kudos To Chandler at Desert Winds. I just got in my Renegar edition signed by Ray Park! Rockin the 9.8!
  19. By request! And Cal, I know you didn't blow the whistle on CAL-Bot. And it's awesome that you can laugh and have fun with this. That's all it is: just good fun. I LIKE IT!!! (thumbs u
  20. Would you consider altering it or creating one that says "Cal-bot is my Homeboy" ?
  21. Kudos to BTK for the books I've gotten off of him! I go like this: He goes : I send him the cash and a couple days later my mailbox is full! Smooth and by the numbers!
  22. That Supergirl #1 look so striking with the yellow label! Very nice BTK and Str8! I'd love to get my hands on one even if its not a 9.8