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  1. Looking very good. Did you 'make' the shield? I had to order the raw aluminum blank disk and got the star made but the straps/brackets, painting, and coating was me.
  2. So my comic room is just getting started but earlier this week I finished making what is now my most prized comic room decoration. My Captain America Movie replica shield. I love how it came out so I thought I'd share
  3. Me too! That and the prison reveal gave me goose bumps.
  4. Posted in new from cgc thread but seeing as they are SS..... Added Chew Sketch and snagged Micheal "Hicks" Biehn's sig on the Aliens book
  5. I really have to agree. Shane isn't my favorite character but his badazz rant at the end of the last episode is so far my favorite moment in the show.
  6. Thanks to Chandler and Sharon for helping me upgrade some of my Valiant Keys and my Chew #1! Now only 1 of 2 on the Census! Hoping for the 9.8 grade but atleast this one is double signed Double signed and a sweet Chew head sketch!
  7. To those who say that the angrier he gets the stronger he gets there for he has no limit on strength, I counter that hulk may have a limit on his anger. The angriest he has ever been was during ww hulk and he ultimately ran out of gas fighting the sentry (superman clone) before reverting to banner. Lets not forget that the more solar energy superman gets the stronger he gets. Reference kingdom come. Superman is strongest there is.
  8. In the same story line he was stoppd by the sentry who is basically a superman clone. Actually, they fought to a standstill and both reverted to their human counterparts and then Bruce (Hulk) knocked Robert (Sentry) unconscious. Which is my point, superman doesn't have a weaker lesser form to revert to
  9. In the same story line he was stoppd by the sentry who is basically a superman clone.
  10. As much as I an not liking him, got to go superman. He is the gold standard to raw power and strength.
  11. The last episode laid out the foundation for Shane to be hated by the audience. I bet he buys it next season.
  12. Shane telling Lori that Rick was dead was a unique twist from the book. It certainly explained away why Lori was being... so free with herself around Shane.
  13. caring about it and being able to get physically passed it are two different things. I'm not saying they won't try.. I'm saying they won't be able to get passed it
  14. +1. Didn't care for the fence climbing. +2 Fence climbing zombies kind of makes the fence around the prison being the reason Rick & Co were safe there a moot point. With that, I expect quite a divergence from the book. The Prison angle can still work.... Prisons have barb wire at the top. Even live people can't scale them without being torn to shreds. So was the racist guy supposed to be based on the character from Maggies farm or is he the guy from the prison? If "Tdogg" is supposed to be Tyreese, I'll be a bit disappointed.
  15. Same here! Everything about that book pops!
  16. Kudos goes to Chandler and Desert Winds for helping me complete my Hat Trick with Preacher and for getting my Harby #1 and Rai #0 signed! I haven't gotten to scan but here are the results Preacher #1 - 9.6 Preacher #2 - 9.6 Preacher #3 - 9.4 Preacher #4 -9.8 All are now triple signed with Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon, and Glenn Fabry!! Harbinger #1 - 9.4 signed by Bob Layton (soon to add Jim Shooter) Rai #0 - 9.8 signed by Bob Layton
  17. oh wait... it not one of those threads.
  18. talked to CGC today to find out what the color touch was and where. They to me a very minor color touch basically 2 small dots) at the top and bottom of the spine. bummer. atleast now you know...
  19. Kudos to Chandler and Sharon at Desert Winds for obtaining Trimpe, Lee, and Loeb sigs for me! Thanks a bunch!
  20. Oh man! Hopefully after WW Anaheim my Preachers will sport a Fabry Sig as well! Congrats!