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  1. Art commissions generally don't work that way. I was under the same impression. However, the previous poster thought otherwise......I guess he feels it is the same as getting your roof shingled by the folks in the gypsy caravans who follow hail damaging storms across the USA. I'm actually a little surprised that you generally pay up front. You'd figure worst case scenario is if the customer doesn't pay the artist atleast the artist still has the art piece to sell to someone else. Paying a deposit I could understand though.. Pay up front and you risk having this situation here.
  2. Close enough I couldnt get which issue on the Crow book so I pass to you
  3. I always thought that Hellblazer's JC was closer to John Custer in Preacher than Keanu in the movie.. except maybe not as angry. Garth Ennis and all If I'm not mistaken in the books Constatine never spent a alot of time doing good deeds to get back into heaven however he was slated to go to hell. Rather than spend time doing deeds he took care of that problem directly with Lucifer.. He was never one to waste time.
  4. this thread actually reminded me of an argument (discussion) i had with a bunch of co workers over the principals of "Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey." Basically two of them were adamant that when turning to the right you are actually turning to the left at some point. He was dead serious but even though I saw what he was getting at, he still didnt get the point. Maybe this guy was the same way. All I would have told him is that anything you do to a Comic to affect its condition is considered restoration. Even though you claim you are protecting a MINT book, CGC wasnt there to witness it so therefore you cant prove it was MINT to begin with. HMMM maybe we can get witness to watch us spray books and we can create a new type of Restoration SS line?
  5. My favorite non mainstream character definately has to be Sting from Harbinger