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  1. The numbers you submitted to my email are all USPS but when I click on the tracking link submitted to me on this CGC website it automatically puts the number to the fedex website and says the number isn’t found. You all should look into that. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have 3 packages coming back from CGC that have tracking numbers and all of them don’t work. Can I get some help with that?
  3. Are you sure? I just got another email saying they thought I mistakenly put those 2 slabbed cards in with the order and they are now going to crack them out and REGRADE them. Did you look at the previous ADMIN comment on this thread? Are they only regrading my 2 slabbed cards because of what the previous ADMIN said in this thread and it’s no longer an option?
  4. 60 days now for bulk. It’s like PSA without the resale value.
  5. So, I just tried this. I put 2 CSG graded cards in with my bulk order and labeled them as raw cards in the submission. They then proceeded to remove those cards from the bulk submission, and place them in a re-holder order. I was sent an Email saying they do not do graded card reviews. Exactly what is going on here? Do you do graded card reviews or not? I wouldn’t have sent the cards unless they were going to be reviewed. I’m not saying I would’ve gotten a better grade it but still.
  6. So just to confirm. I can send in a CSG graded card and it will be reviewed? I have a green label with strong subs and I would like to see if it can get a .5 bump in grade. Just enter it as raw and the grader will for sure know what to do?
  7. I’ve got a few Pokémon I want to submit so I’ll have to wait until this happens. Should have had this ready when the merger announcement was made… Please post as soon as this option is available, thanks.
  8. Do you have an approximate timeline for this basic submission option? Is this happening actually soon or is this working on oversized holders soon?
  9. Can you have a mix of sports and tcg cards go towards the 25 bulk minimum? I see there are 2 submission forms so can they not be combined still? Thanks
  10. That happened to me also. Sent in 100 cards and 5 were incorrect. Resent the 5 in and one was never fixed but listed as fixed on receipt. All 100 cards were graded and went through QC in 1 day. Definitely rushing the QC process lately…
  11. Does anyone think it would be worth it to reholder an old label Pristine 10 to the new Gold label 10? I have a Pristine 10 with no subs and was wondering if it would help the value since Gold label 10 is now the highest possible grade for CGC. Thoughts?
  12. One card incorrect again even though described correctly again. Received with receipt saying correct but still wrong flip information. Emailed you.. Please look into this.
  13. Any admins have any information? Why are new photos not uploaded and why can’t we view our reholder order?
  14. How about the order of the cards coming back? When will I be able to see updated pictures of each card and why can’t they be seen now?
  15. If I check the original order they are still incorrect… Lets hope that’s wrong and I don’t have to send in these cards a 3rd time. These were correctly described on the original order form and the Mechanical Error submission form.
  16. I had to resubmit 5 cards due to incorrect labels. I received confirmation they were completed and shipping label was created. When I go to check the submission to confirm the labels are correct it says details not found. Can an admin look into this? Since they were correctly described on my submission form and still passed QC incorrectly I would really like to see them if possible. Thanks. submission 1401002254
  17. Are we really revising scores with recent sales? Wouldn’t almost all card scores drop by 60% from the start of the registry if we revise them with current prices? I don’t think I should have to come up with this data but this is all I’ve got. There is one comp of the Dwyane Wade gold /100 that only sold for 60 due to its condition. I paid 120 for mine 6 months ago. For comparisons I would compare Dwyane Wade to Chris Bosh more in favor of Dwyane Wade due to his popularity and abilities? Comps are all over the place so please look them up, but on average the Dwyane Wade base sells for 3-5 times more than the Chris Bosh but in the registry Chris Bosh is worth 60% more than Dwyane Wade both graded CSG 9 (37 vs 23) There are no recent sales for the Chris Bosh Gold parallel as they are rare.. I don’t know if this will accomplish anything except bring down the Chris Bosh cards…
  18. Instead of increasing the value of my rare card /100 we are just dropping the value of the base? That’s perfect, thanks!
  19. I have a 2003-04 Upper Deck Rookie Exclusives Dwyane Wade GOLD /100 CSG 9 The GOLD parallel is somehow worth 60 pts while the base card is worth 50- Both in CSG 9 How is that correct when the Gold is 1000x more rare and sells for 10-20x more? We also used to get emails saying the score correction was processed. Whether the score was changed or not. Do I need to resubmit a score correction again and wait another 6 months?
  20. Are you still in the process of making corrections to card scores? I’ve sent many score correction requests months ago and not had a single response. Do I need to resend all of them? I thought this was to be done in April.
  21. 1035054002 1035054010 1035054005 1035054011
  22. How long does it take to make a score correction to the registry after submitting a request? I’ve done quite a few 3+ weeks ago and still waiting. Do I need to request again? I understand it’s a lot to figure these scores out but there have been some scores added to the registry that make zero sense. I’ve got a couple cards that are variations and rarer than the regular base that are worth substantially less than a base of same grade. I also have some cards that were finally added to the registry that were given a ZERO for points. Once they’re added to the registry aren’t they all given something numerical no matter the grade? One is a Gem mint 10…
  23. Same happened to me recently. Card from a set I’m putting together. They happened to put it in a thick holder with a sleeve, which looks awful in my opinion. I wanted to display the set on a shelf in individual holders I bought that fit CSG standard size slabs. I’ve heard they’ve ran out of standard size slabs before so have to use larger ones with sleeves. That was when they were starting out so I’d think there would be something in place to keep this from happening again. I could be wrong but I have a hard time believing that several sets will fit into the standard size encapsulation, but a slight variance in thickness in the same set requires a larger holder.
  24. 27 card bulk order- Received 1/27 Shipped out 2/2 Less than 5 business days, killing it CSG