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  1. Anyone experiencing slowdown since WonderCon? I just had two Modern (one Slow one FT) shipments fly through the process in 6 and 8 days respectively, but a 1-book HV I submitted recently is on day 5 of TAT and still on SFG. Not complaining, just curious if anyone else is experiencing a slowdown (or has had any recent High Value shipments).
  2. Maybe the most suspect of the grades I got back in my last sub. Seemed like too many spine ticks to warrant this high of a grade. That said, I can't complain--and it is quite clean otherwise. Press definitely helped the presentation of this substantially.
  3. Press did wonders for this one. Interestingly the grader notes mentioned 'staple tears', so I'm guessing they're being pretty lenient on production-related staple issues right now (the bottom staple often being bent in on this issue).
  4. Thought this one had an outside shot at 9.8, but I think that upper left corner of the back cover knocked it down. Thanks for the input everyone! Y'all called it
  5. 8 Book Slow Boat Modern: - Delivered: 3/20/24 - Received and SFG: 3/22/24 - GEI: 3/28/24 -G/QC and Shipped: 3/29/24 6 days total (!) *Grades all within expected range: 5 were what I thought, 1 a grade higher than I thought and 2 a grade lower than I thought; I know CGC gets a lot of s**t for inconsistency, but in my dozen odd submissions over the last few years, I've only had a few surprise grades. Maybe SSS and obviously CGC's own standards/parameters fluctuate a bit and maybe aren't on par with some of the tougher graders here, but I feel like they are pretty good at staying consistent within those standards for the most part, especially considering the volume of books they have to grade and the speed at which they have to grade them 8 Book Fast Track Modern: - Delivered 3/25/24 - Received and SFG: 3/26/24 -GEI: 4/1/24 (currently at 5 days--imagine this will ship this week unless WonderCon clogs the system)
  6. Update: 1 of 2 on census now. Still looking for that potential 9.9 direct edition... (though I'm not sure it actually exists due to the really poor paper quality of the cover)
  7. 8 Book Slow Boat Modern: - G/QC and Shipped: 3/29/24 Still waiting for the FT to enter GEI, but the TAT for the regular sub was 6 days, which is pretty amazing
  8. 8 Book Slow Boat Modern: - Delivered: 3/20/24 - Received and SFG: 3/22/24 - GEI: 3/28/24 8 Book Fast Track Modern: - Delivered 3/25/24 - Received and SFG: 3/26/24 Very curious how much faster the FT shipment goes through the process, considering the TAT times are already pretty fast right now for modern... $12 extra for only 2-3 days faster seems maybe not worth it. Not complaining about the times in general though! Gotta enjoy before Con season clogs the system
  9. Mostly just curious how y’all would deduct the slight crease by the middle/top spine on the back cover (hard to make out in the photos but it’s there). It’s a pretty common production defect for this book, though this is honestly one of the cleaner copies I’ve seen. The crease is about 1.5-2 inches and possibly partially color breaking. Also, would this even be worth pressing (assuming I used an experienced professional presser who knows how to press these thick cardstock covers)? Or would it be better just to leave as is? Really not sure how hard CGC hits this defect considering it’s on nearly every copy I’ve seen. Thanks for looking! *NOTE: what looks like color rub or a stain to the top right of spidey in the upper right box of the front cover is actually just stray ink from printing and part of the book.
  10. I mean for auctions in a lot of cases it's just because the buyer didn't pay for whatever reason. Many times it's probably just a case of second guessing and buyer's remorse. There wasn't enough time between listings to ship out, have it be returned, refunded, and then relisted.
  11. Secret Wars #11 Mark Jewelers (VF/NM): $40
  12. Secret Wars #10 Mark Jewelers (NM-/NM): $80 One of my all-time favorite Mike Zeck covers.
  13. Secret Wars #9 Mark Jewelers (VF/NM): $40
  14. Hey all! Here are the rules: - First 'take it' trumps all negotiations - Shipping is $6 (US buyers only, but if you are from Canada, PM me and maybe we can work something out); (+$4 extra for Priority) - Accepted forms of payment: Zelle and Venmo are preferred, by I will also accept PayPal if you can't do the others - I ship USPS Ground Advantage (Priority upon request); will ship and provide tracking within 2 days of receiving payment - Returns accepted within 2 weeks of receipt of books - No one on the naughty lists; also, I reserve the right to request kudos or not sell to someone with little or no activity/feedback - I'm still pretty new here, but feel to check out my fledgling kudos thread and attached eBay link! Other than that, feel free to reach out with any questions or to request more pictures! Thanks for looking!
  15. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #21 Newsstand Edition (NM-): SOLD Tough one in high grade! Could probably benefit a bit from a press.
  16. Secret Wars #8 Newsstand Edition (VF/NM): SOLD
  17. Marvel Spotlight #32 (NM): SOLD via PM
  18. Iron Fist #14 (FN/VF or VF-): SOLD Note, there is a faint 1/2 inch crease on the bottom right corner of the front cover which is hard to make out in the photo. But a really, really nice presenting copy, regardless.