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  1. Hs anyone submitted a thicker card to CSG?
  2. Is this their new price or is this just a monthly special?
  3. When I try to submit, it tells me to call for pricing..
  4. I like CSG, but I do take advantage of PSA Monthly specials.. I think CSG needs something like this.
  5. Mine too, so I am sure there servers are down.. I have friends in that area and they lost Internet.
  6. If you can I would hold off selling right now. Their still a new company so you won’t get top dollar, but I’m seeing more and more CSG slabs at shows so their growing.
  7. I got a few packs that I want to get graded with top rookies showing, does CSG do these or is this only PSA? Thanks
  8. Interesting I am seeing more and more CSG slabs out there. Went to a show a few weeks ago and outside PSA, there were much more CSG slabs for sale then the others.
  9. which is ridiculous.. It's a Match Attax card which was taken right from a pack.
  10. This is why I am waiting until a few months before sending a batch in..
  11. I had a card I sent in recently returned with a grade of EV? What is that?
  12. I wanna send a few packages in throughout April, but want to get them packaged and ready to go, but not send them out right away, will CSG hold from taking payment out until they get the package?
  13. Honestly it sucks when you get cards back that aren't as conditioned as you thought, but you got to understand that these people really look at them with a fine point comb and takes a deep look at the surfaces and corners. My only advice if it's this much of an issue, don't get the cards graded. Older cards always seem to get lower grades, it sucks, but it' the truth. That is why 10 are always worth thousands.
  14. Honestly, CSG right now, not much more, but I hope that changes in time.. PSA, Depends on the grade and card, but 9 or 10, probably a lot more.
  15. Same thing happened to me.. I had to call and they are applying the credit to 5 cards I just mailed out. What is this 10% off bulk?
  16. Hello Dominik Szoboszlai 2021 Panini Mosaic UEFA Euro '20 Blue Pulsar CSG 9.5 0000000001 Thanks
  17. I know as a newer company sometimes it's tough, especially when they are doing $20 a card, but is this ever discussed? Thanks
  18. I got 2 cards back from CSG a few weeks ago and when I go to enter them in the registry, it says they are not in the Database.
  19. I am thinking of doing one, but a few questions.. 1) what is the time table and turn around for 50 cards? 2) When do they take the payment? Thanks