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  1. On 1/3/2024 at 5:31 PM, Leiataua Dr. Jon said:

    Okay, thanks for the prompt reply.  The Gem Rate data is considered by most, if not all, within the hobby as industry-standard.  Your sports cards Gem Mint 10 rates are the lowest between the big four grading companies and almost a full 15 percent lower than PSA's.  That is KILLING you all in the market for those who desire Gem Mint 10 grades which, we all know, carry a premium in terms of resale value (not everyone is a collector).  How about you lighten up on the grades for Gem Mint 10's and start getting aligned with the big 3 in terms of Gem 10 rates?  And, 9.5's?  They are considered 9's by just about any person you ask - get rid of the 9.5 grade.  The 9.5 grade carries no more value than a CGC 9 and most people I know in the hobby would take a PSA 9 over a CGC 9.5.  It's meaningless and is one of the main reasons people do not grade with CGC.  It's either a Pristine 10, a Gem Mint 10 or a 9.  Get rid of 9.5's.

    Also, I am well familiar with the new label - I like it but, that's been going on for months now.  I'd like to see you all do more promotions around grading fees that are lower for all types of hobbyists (collectors, dealers, flippers, etc.).  Most of the companies are running cool promotions like that and I do not see CGC doing ANY of that type of marketing around grading fees that are lowered via promotions that are hip and generate buzz.  Get creative and start trying new cool things!  Not everything is going to "hit" but at least you'll be doing something aka marketing to get the word out more about how great CGC is (which you are but nobody hears about it!).  CGC slabs the obviously the best in class slabs anywhere...start leveraging that by lowering the grading fees and undercut PSA.  PSA is still charging $20 for bulk which is ridiculous.  People continue to use PSA though because their slabs have the greatest liquidity and hold the greatest value (it's not because their actual slabs are better than yours!).

    I'm going to be blunt: if CGC doesn't get it together and start pushing their services for sports cards grading -and hard- in 2024, there will not be any more sports cards grading at CGC, moving forward.  CGC CLEARLY has the BEST slab of all in the market.  Maybe it's time to really start marketing all of the great things about CGC graded sports cards and stop using TCG, comics, coins, and other items being graded as a crutch/excuse for why you're not moving the dial on the sports cards grading front.  

    Y'all need to ramp up your marketing big time if you're going to be anywhere close to relevant in grading sports cards.  That is, unless your planning to drop the grading of sports cards and focus on TCG, comics, coins, etc. exclusively.  Don't become the next HGA...I've been behind you all since late 2021 with the sports cards grading but things need to get better and quick.  Otherwise, I don't know that I'll ever grade another card with CGC and that's just me being honest.  If you're a collector, it may be different but I both collect and do sports cards as a business and right now CGC graded sports cards need a "jump start" and soon.

    I own three businesses that are successful, I have a doctorate, and know how to market.  How about I consult a little for you all and we get this sports cards grading thing turned around?

    Blackstone, Fanatics, and CGC...let's go!

    i dont think becoming more leniant is the way to go i like the gem rate CGC grades accurate and sticks to there scale thats why i stay with them but I do agree on specials and promotions for sports I see SGC making moves with Bowman chrome and others giving them huge jumps in submissions and making them more relevant in the hobby.. That comic book scam certainly didnt help the cgc brand!!  Your not wrong tho I was expecting better then 6K per month myself I think CGC has a decent reputation, great slabs and grading but something is missing still I realize its a slow process but never gonna compete with psa at this rate They need to offer promotions and get more aggressive. CGC putting everything into comics n TCG why not do the auto promotions with Sports! Why not get peyton manning, TB or Lebron to sign like how they did with the TCG cards with the special flip they're awesome.. Dont forget the sports guys!!! i been with csg from day 1 I dont want my slabs to be the comic grader who does sports sometimes..

  2. On 5/27/2023 at 6:32 AM, Shockmaster said:

    I have s few 1955 Bowmans that were too tall to grade. I was wondering when CSG will be able to alter the slab to accommodate all cards from this period. 

    i got 1954 jackie grade a little larger then usual card size 

  3. On 7/14/2022 at 1:46 AM, Thomas J Beard said:

    I've submitted a couple of batches of vintage cards (mostly) to CSG and my impression is that they're tough graders, but I hadn't really crunched the data to confim this. Now that the CSG population report is starting to get some high enough numbers, it's probably valid to compare how tough CSG is vs. PSA.   I picked 10 cards that are amongst the highest population, plus some popular vintage cards.    I copied a spreadsheet into the message, so the formatting isn't great but the results are a bit stunning:

    Year Company Player Set Num CSG Pop PSA Pop CSG < 6 PSA < 6 CSG 9+ PSA 9+
    1989 Topps Griffey Traded 41T 805 78592 1.5% 0.7% 54.9% 74.0%
    1989 Upper Deck Griffey Base #1 987 88568 9.3% 5.5% 8.5% 36.0%
    1989 Fleer Griffey   #548 811 54854 2.2% 0.6% 25.2% 63.4%
    1986 Topps Bonds Traded 11T 417 51570 1.0% 1.3% 15.8% 49.4%
    1984 Topps Elway   #63 265 19982 16.6% 7.0% 2.3% 14.2%
    1981 Topps Montana   #216 281 20946 27.0% 11.0% 2.5% 10.0%
    1986 Topps Rice   #161 448 26708 10.7% 6.2% 2.5% 4.1%
    2018 Topps Acuna Traded #US250 324 32380 0.3% 0.2% 92.3% 95.4%
    2019 Prizm Zion   #248 222 39564 0.0% 0.0% 81.1% 96.3%
    1970 Topps OJ Simpson   #90 108 3310 59.3% 34.2% 0.0% 3.5%

    Based on these numbers, I can confidently say that CSG is the tougher grader -- in most cases WAY tougher.   Check out the '89 Upper Deck Griffey.  PSA has given a 9 or better to 36% vs. 8.5% for CSG.   Ultra-modern seems closer, but still the scales tip toward CSG.  Does anyone have any theories as to why this might be?   

    you can easilly check by the gem rate data i havent checked in a while but cgc use to be twice as difficult to get a gem per card then psa, when it comes to vintage i think cgc are a little easier on corners if overall appearence of the card isnt affected but they are more strict on surface n color, compared to sgc they are very close a dude who grades with cgc a lot cracked around 30 sgc vintage slabs and sent to cgc got almost identical grades give or take .5.. imo psa sux at grading vintage it seems like they just give low grades to old card for no reason its very random, cgc sticks to their scale if you read the scale you can pregrade pretty good 

  4. On 8/3/2023 at 4:47 PM, Josh weld said:


    I sent my cards in well over a month ago when it was 7 seven day turnaround and got charged accordingly half way through it changed to 15 days and it went to grading in fine time not what was promised when I sent my cards in but fine now it’s been at quality check for over 2 and a half weeks it’s well over the 15 working days I called in and they said give it a extra week or two and basically got hung up on I’m just saying this is how you lose customers. “There is nothing that can be done give it a week or two” was the quote this two card order has now gone longer than other orders to PSA and becket I’ve done and is nowhere near being shipped back and  sorry for the vent but I bet a lot of people are having the same story. 

    😂 just happened to me! economy was 20 days when i mailed n it just went to 45 days! ouch! not happy but all graders go back n forth psa was moving fast n they're up to 3-4 monthes again, I usually get my cards back from csg faster then the time given hopefully thats the case again, good thing is they're grading a lot of cards giving them staying power n hopefully better resale value going foward, Goodluck! 

  5. On 8/23/2023 at 8:58 AM, FCT4NYI said:

    I do not trust PSA. Full stop. 

    💯💯 fr i watch a lot of reveals its insane how inconsistent they are, im baffled why psa gets a premium on their slabs, sometimes it seems like they are guessing or just putting random numbers on cards huge swings both undergrading and overgrading in the same submission within same sets of cards 90/10 centering getting a psa 8, a flawless card getting a psa 3..Ill buy n sell psa but ill never sub with em its a crapshoot 

  6. On 8/19/2023 at 3:41 PM, northkorea said:

    I disagree. If cards are known to be stolen or printed beyond company defined print runs, there is always a large risk that, in the future, a way to discern a difference might be uncovered.

    I recall Steve Taft discussing how specific sets and the 1986 Star cards being reprinted or outright unauthorized runs, however, you seem to be saying that employees also printed 1983-1985 cards. That is a problem, if true.

    Technically, such information could cause the Star cards to be deemed unlicensed, since the employee ones would not have been accounted for in contracts.

    Beyond that, the rumor used to be that someone purchased (stole?) the plates/paper/inks at auction (warehouse liquidation? dumpster dive?) and created new cards.

    If Star never bothered to destroy/deface the plates and proofs, it causes authentication of legitimate issues to be more difficult.

    PSA guarantees their grades. I’m not exactly certain this includes guaranteeing authenticity. For some reason, although common sense would imply it does, legally, it may not. By contrast, CSG/CGC (much like SGC when CCG owned them) financially guarantees authenticity of cards they grade. If, at some point, a way is discovered to discern official and unofficial print runs for Star, it might leave CCG open to liability that they simply don’t want their shareholders to bear.

    Given Star Co issues are nearly four decades old at this point, there is no real financial incentive to accept the risk on this situation.

    i did hear that psa figured out a way to tell the the difference between the original prints n the post liscense star cards thats why they started grading them but who knows how true that is ... , I like how cgc dont take chances when it comes to their guarentee but the 84-86 star are important cards in the hobby i hope they can figure out a way to differentiate the liscensed from the non in the future.. CGC over 200,000 cards subbed in july 💪 hopefully they can maintain those numbers to be the clear number two grader 

  7. On 8/17/2023 at 7:02 AM, northkorea said:

    Effectively, your post preceding this one quantifies why they may hesitate to authenticate. If you can’t tell *now* which cards are legit and which are the employee overrun, then CCG can’t afford to guarantee/grade the entire set.

    they should authenticate the ones made by the employees as long as they can discern ones from the mid 80's from ones counterfeited today 

  8. On 8/16/2023 at 8:55 AM, CrystalM CS said:


    We currently do not accept the "STAR" basketball cards that were produced from 1984-1986, this includes crossovers of this card. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

    hopefully ya's reconsider in the future for reasons i mentioned below, If CGC wants to the number one grader they gotta grade the goats rookie! ha thanx for responding so fast 

  9. On 8/16/2023 at 9:53 AM, FusionXA said:

    PSA and Beckett are the only ones. I wouldn't count on them doing it anytime soon if ever. Have had this conversation several times with Westin and Andy in the past. 

    i thought the hobby was moving past that whole debacle with star, even the star cards produced by the ex star employees are legit, they use to work their ya cant tell the difference the print runs are still super low. MJ is becoming more of a legend everyday, the 84-86 jordan star cards are gonna be some of the biggest cards in the hobby, CGC has to get involved sooner or later, the 84 jordan star is his rookie its a liscensed card how can CGC not grade the original MJ rookie.. Collectors including myself want to get their star cards out of bgs but psa is insanely brutal on MJ's controlling popcounts, we need a CGC option to crossover..  Lets go Andy you know Im right! its like not grading the 52 mantle because of some rogue employees at topps

  10. On 7/8/2023 at 3:53 PM, northkorea said:

    I still think they should have retained the 50/50  centering requirement for perfect.

    Remember, under the green system, a 10 wasn’t gem; a 10 meant pristine or perfect.

    The gem mint standard (9.5) for the green labels allowed 55/45 one way and 50/50 the other, and the mint was 55/45 all around, so it was possible to get a 55/45 gem mint green. It just wasn’t possible to get a perfect… and it was extremely rare to get a pristine.

    So, a green “perfect” needed 50/50 all around. A green “pristine” needed 55/45 one way and 50/50 the other, and a green “gem mint” needed 55/45 both ways.

    The black “perfect” allowed for 55/45 both ways, which is where I’ve always held contention. At least, with the CGC switch, they use vague terminology, so no one can really complain about the grade.


    it is  50/50 around for a pristine, 55/45 for a gem still i think thats good, the only grade thats vague is the 9.5 but like andy said pretty much a gem with a slight flaw, I did like that perfect flip a lot im debating on buying one but buying a card for the flip n not the card is tough to do for me and i cant afford to buy a perfect in a card i like ha, the discount for members is nice 13.50 or 12$ economy thats sweet gonna sub some soon i wanna change out my csg flips but im not crazy about sending my high value cards via fedex or usps for a 5$ flip, it'll give me grey hair until i get my cards back, you gonna get your csg flips changed? 

  11. On 12/30/2022 at 11:41 PM, creags said:

    Submitted 3 cards to CSG recently..all came back altered.

    This is hysterical! One of those cards, a 1963 Bob Lily rookie, was once in a PSA 7 (st) holder.

    CSG also did this with 3 Venezuelan cards I sent them. I guess no one told the graders that Venezuelans are known for odd cuts.

    If you want to pay $20-plus to have your cards not get graded, CSG is the place for you.

    Bush-league all the way, right down to the blah holders.

    --Reid Creager







    psa will throw anything in a slab and grade it, If csg isnt 100% positive your card wasnt trimmed or altered they arent gonna risk their guarentee and reputation for your 1963 Bob Lily or 2 venuzualan cards, If psa grades a trimmed card no big deal they get great resale no one cares if csg grades an altered card itll be a major hit against their brand sometimes there just isnt enough information to prove a card wasnt altered, its annoying but when you buy a csg graded card your 100% it wasnt altered unlike psa who has very few vintage graders according to them they'll just slap a grade on it n keep it moving

  12. On 6/25/2023 at 5:29 PM, northkorea said:

    Now that CCG has decided to change yet again, what are your thoughts on the choice to reintroduce pristine and eliminate perfect?

    Im dissappointed the perfect 10 was great it was rare i seen good value in its future, i think the change was to accomodate the tcg guys because their are so many pristines and very few perfects on the sports side,  They had no choice, they knew the tcg submitters were going to be mad about this move cause it wont match their comics they didnt want to screw them on the pristine grade too. Im glad they still have only 2, 10 grades tho a gem 10 and a pristine 10 it wont affect sports much since it was so rare so im aight with it, im more dissappointed they did away with the gold on the flip on the logo but im sticking with em, its a move that had to be done to compete with psa in the long run ill get my cards reholdered to match.. You??

  13. On 4/28/2023 at 7:13 PM, northkorea said:

    No, because there would be more white showing. Whatever mounting material they used may eventually damage the card, but it seems fine for the moment. Zoom in on that part. The only white I see seems to be a light reflection within the glob.

    it didnt ding the edge the plastic molding pushed against the edge causing a small crease in 2 places, it looks like the card would of fit and measured correctly but when the put it in to seal it they didnt put the bottom of the card snug to the bottom molding, looks like they left a small 1cm gap and when the dude sealed it, it pushed it down.. sux cause it looks like a perfect fit shouldnt of happened 

  14. On 2/22/2022 at 4:12 PM, Kon_Jelly said:

    Economy order, 8 cards.

    Shipped: 2/9/22
    Delivered: 2/10/22
    Received by CSG: 2/12/22
    Scheduled for Grading: 2/12/22
    Grading/Encapsulating/Imaging: 2/15/22
    Grading/Quality Control: 2/16/22
    Quality Control/Finalized: 2/16/22
    Shipped: 2/22/22

    So an Economy order in 7 business days. Not too shabby. 

    for comps of your cards for the grading tier do you go by the last sale of the card or just by a few ebay cards that are up for sale? I think i undervalued one or 2 cards last sub i wander how long thats gonna jam my sub up because 2 cards probably shoulda been standard tier or express.. 7 day economy thats super fast!!  

  15. On 1/18/2023 at 2:29 PM, northkorea said:

    From what I see, the card isn’t damaged, what you see is the plastic or rubber moulding. That isn’t the card wrinkle that you think it is.

    really? idk northkorea you dont think that looks dinged? 

  16. On 1/16/2023 at 1:44 PM, Ring Neck said:

    Thanks for the reply. What I have are 4 different Mantle cards that I and a friend picked up at a garage sale about 8 years ago. They were included in a box of cards. They were in-closed in one of those hard plastic holder with screws in each corner. I am not trying to determine if they are real of re prints. What would be your recommendations based on what you see in these images? 




    good question they look really clean, throw em in a bulk order and see if csg grades em if they're fake your out a few bucks if they're real congratulations on the super sharp high grade mantles!! ha