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  1. I recently picked up a bunch of Bronze/Copper books at a flea market and had pulled a stack of nice-looking World's Finest comics toward the end of the original run, so like in the 298-323 range. After totaling up the other books I decided to put the WF stack back because even at less than a $1 apiece in higher grade, I wasn't sure there was much of interest there from a reading standpoint (I buy most of my stuff to read rather than slab). The dealer asked if I wasn't planning on taking them and I confirmed as much, to which he said he'd just throw them in for free. So here's my minor quandary: is there anything redeemable in the final 2-3 years of that series that would merit me seeking out and filling the run (I'm missing maybe five of the final 30 issues)? From what I could tell from the stories and covers, things get pretty bananas with out-there intergalactic plots, and the artwork is hit-or-miss but in some cases oddly psychedelic in a way that intrigues me. I mean seriously, what the heck is this? Has anyone read these and if so, any thoughts on this end run?
  2. A Tuesday afternoon BuMp here. Some special offers: 1. Take 10% off any individual prices above if you haven't bought anything yet! 2. Take 20% off any individual prices if you already have bought something in this thread! 3. Current asking price of remaining 14 books is $423. Take 'em all for $275 shipped! (no further discounts on that price)
  3. Nice-presenting copy. I'd say about a 3.5 depending on how it is in-hand. Looks like it has a sub crease that breaks color a bit on the front and the tanning and light staining/soiling of the cover would keep it out of a range higher than VG in my view. That said, it's complete and solid and should be a pretty copy in a slab, which at a 3.5 grade would be in the $1500-$1600 range based on recent data. If you decide to sell your books you should try the boards here first!
  4. Updated a former lot price to price books individually... though as mentioned off the top, I'd like these gone and would be happy to work with you if you're interested in buying multiple issues. Thanks for your interest!
  5. Finally got back home for the holidays and opened up my SS box late yesterday evening... found a nice copy of the collected work of my favorite Archie artist and also two pretty early ASMs that will fit nicely in my run. Not sure who to thank for these since they weren't wrapped and there was no note or card... but thank you to whoever you are for the thoughtful gifts!
  6. Hi everyone and happy holidays! Been a long time since I held a sales thread (I've been more likely to lurk and pop into other sales threads to make the occasional purchase), but in the interest of moving books out in the New Year to focus on core collecting interests, I'm going to offer here my entire modest collection of GA and SA war books (note: my strong preference is to sell these as a lot - or smaller lots - and will discount off total asking price accordingly - ultimately I want them all gone!). There are some nice and unique issues in here and while I haven't followed this genre too closely in recent years, I've tried to go off what sales data I've been able to find to price these attractively (i.e. below guide, eBay, MCS...) but that said, it's quite possible I'm way off to if that's the case and you're interested, please don't hesitate to reach out and make me an offer! Rules: Paypal only. No HOSers or probies. Shipping via USPS will be $6 for 1-3 books, $14 for 4 and up within CONUS. I'll also happily ship to any Canucks out of Montreal at actual Canada Post rates. Returns accepted within 14 days of receipt if you're dissatisfied - I've tried to grade accurately and have included full scans so you can get a good idea of the respective grades. Most back covers are typical of the assigned grade but I've included a few scans for certain issues - if you'd like any others, just let me know. Lastly, I've been a (relatively quiet) boardie here in good standing for over 10 years, and have my kudos thread linked in my sig if you need any references. So on to the books: Attack 1 G+ Attack 2 G/VG Battle Cry 4 VG/F SOLD GI Combat 96 VG Star-Spangled War Stories 3 G- Star-Spangled War Stories 77 VG+ Our Army At War 59 VG- Our Army At War 116 VG Our Army At War 136 VG- Our Fighting Forces 51 VG- Our Fighting Forces 66 VG-SOLD Our Fighting Forces 68 VG+ Our Fighting Forces 71 VG-SOLD Our Fighting Forces 78 VG+ All-American Men Of War 127 G+ All-American Men Of War 62 F+SOLD All-American Men Of War 83 F- All-American Men Of War 86 VG+ All-American Men Of War 94 F-SOLD +++ Attack 1 G+ Board price: $35 (1952 - Youthful Mag/1st Series - Overstreet notes "Extreme violence" in this one) (2019 Overstreet in G: $50) Attack 2 G/VG Board price: $18 (Overstreet notes Harrison c/a, "bondage" and "whipping") (2019 Overstreet in VG: $56) Battle Cry 4 VG/F (Overstreet notes "Classic E.C. Swipe" - very nice gloss on this copy) SOLD G.I. Combat 96 VG Board price: $25 (Grey tone cover) (2019 Overstreet in VG: $40) Star-Spangled War Stories 3 G- Board Price: $38 (first low-numbered copy after issues 131-133; note paper loss below "W" in "War") (2019 Overstreet in G: $65) Star-Spangled War Stories 77 VG+ Board price: $19 (2019 Overstreet in VG: $32) Our Army at War 59 VG- Board price: $22 (2019 Overstreet in VG: $52) Our Army at War 116 VG Board price: $24 (2019 Overstreet in VG: $48) Our Army at War 136 VG- Board price: $8 (2019 Overstreet in VG: $30) Our Fighting Forces 51 VG- Board price: $24 (Grey tone cover) (2019 Overstreet in VG: $48) Our Fighting Forces 66 VG- Board price: SOLD (Overstreet notes "Panel inspired a famous Roy Lichtenstein painting") (2019 Overstreet in VG: $20) Our Fighting Forces 68 VG+ Board price: $12 (2019 Overstreet in VG: $20) Our Fighting Forces 71 VG- Board price: SOLD (Classic Grey tone cover; Overstreet notes "Pooch fires machine gun; panel inspired a famous Roy Lichtenstein painting") (2019 Overstreet in VG: $46) Our Fighting Forces 78 VG+ Board price: $9 (2019 Overstreet in VG: $16) All-American Men of War 127 G+ Board price: $149 (first issue, tough book; ranked No. 19 on Overstreet's Top 50 Atom/Silver/Bronze Age war comics of 2019) (2019 Overstreet in G: $136) All-American Men of War 62 F+ SOLD (stunning copy for the technical grade; cover is super-glossy) (2019 Overstreet in F: $51) All-American Men of War 83 F- Board price: $28 (second appearance Johnny Cloud) (2019 Overstreet in F: $45) All-American Men of War 86 VG+ Board price: $12 (2019 Overstreet in VG: $20) All-American Men of War 94 F- SOLD (Kubert Collection - comes with cert.) (2019 Overstreet in F: $24)
  7. Aw man, with all the pre-holiday running around I completely lost track of dates and forgot to submit my contribution - for some reason I thought the deadline was tomorrow, not Monday. Welp. Enjoy everyone - some fantastic contributions in there. Will be enjoying the proceedings from the sidelines and aim to be more on the ball so I can participate next year.
  8. Living vicariously through all these reveals since I'm away from home for the holidays and will only be able to open my SS gift when I get back on Sunday... very much looking forward to it and sharing what I received when I do. But in the meantime, great job everybody! Tons of awesome stuff in here, and really fun to see the variety of interests and gifts on display.
  9. That Tim Vigil piece is amazing. Wrightson-esque in the very best sense.
  10. Package boxed up and off to the post office! Hope the recipient enjoys what's inside...
  11. Just stack your AF 15 slabs at the bottom of a bag of groceries and no one will be the wiser.
  12. @dikran1 depending where you are in Quebec, and depending on how frequently you buy from Heritage and/or other online outlets (like say Amazon.com or Clink or mycomicshop), you may want to consider doing a trip across the border and opening up a P.O. Box in Champlain, NY. It's roughly 30 minutes from the Mercier bridge off the island of Montreal and a three-month rental starts at $16 (in smaller boxes they just insert a notification that a larger package has arrived and they hold it for you behind the counter) - obviously this entails the preliminary trip to the post office there and then subsequent trips down to pick up whatever you order, but it could save you a ton of $$$ in the long run depending on how (or if) you declare what you bring back with you into the country. It also gives you an option to buy stuff from sellers here who wouldn't normally ship to Canada... at any rate, I highly recommend this option if you're not hours away from the border.
  13. Bought a nice pre-hero CGC SS book signed by Stan the Man himself - my first - at what I think was a very fair price from Justin. It was shipped quickly and safely and now holds a very special spot in my collection.
  14. Can I proactively claim DD 211 if you have a copy lying around you want to offer up? That's the lone issue I'm missing in about a 70-issue run.
  15. @Azkaban that No.1 isn't from that same limited series - it would be this one: https://d1466nnw0ex81e.cloudfront.net/n_iv/600/583415.jpg
  16. In!!! Work and family obligations make it tough to be on the boards as much as I'd like, but I always carve out the time to participate in this awesome initiative each year. So much fun and always great to see the generosity and creativity of fellow boardies! I lucked out with some great stuff courtesy of @adamantium last year and hope everyone gets some amazing gifts this year!