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  1. I could have posted this anywhere on the CGC website, and it might have already been covered, but in 20 years, is there anything you think a lot of people will be saying, “I can’t believe I wasn’t stockpiling these”. It has happened with comics, OA, magic the gathering, garbage pail kids, Pokémon, etc. What do you think people are missing now ?
  2. I agree with this thought completely. Is there anything like OA 20 years ago that you expect will appeal to the Chinese? Do the Chinese have a collecting culture? Is there no way of knowing other than buying already expensive antiquities from auction houses? Thanks in advance for any response.
  3. Good example. I guess I am talking about the “well known” keys. I agree if it is a character even comic collectors weren’t really aware of, I can see the book going up in value. My question is who is going to go out and buy a copy of FF1 or FF5 after seeing an FF movie?
  4. Is there any formal or even informal (has anyone ever met anyone) that has gone to a movie and then decided to go out and buy an expensive comic book because of it? Comic collectors already know the big keys, so it seems like all this movie talk Is a bunch of people front running each other all with the idea that the book in question will go up after the movie, because why exactly?
  5. Whose booth was the avengers 1 and early FF pages from? Thanks.
  6. I find the turn this thread has taken to be hysterical. When I got serious about this hobby, he was one of the first persons i contacted. I saw he owned a Mac Raboy Captain Marvel Jr. cover that I inquired about buying from him, but he wasn't interested. He said he intended to leave it to the LOC, if I recall correctly. (I have no personal knowledge about him, by the way, just the stuff I have subsequently heard/read).
  7. I am more likely to put a piece up in my gallery that I purchased from a dealer for no other reason than that prospective contacts can contact the dealer and check out my credibility (did I pay on time, was I easy to deal with, did I make an offer than try to renegotiate, etc.).
  8. Again, I don't post much of my collection, but I have to say that I have never encountered any of these problems. I have never had a rude inquiry or low ball bid on my art. I have had "if you ever want to sell, please keep me in mind" and i don't know how serious they were, but I don't mind that. I have had "I am new to the hobby, how much does something like that cost" and I don't mind answering what I paid if they are polite (which they were) - because I was once new to the hobby and had the same questions (people on this board were kind enough to give me advice when I joined - and still do). I have not ever encountered abusive behavior as a result of posting on CAF.
  9. Why do people choose Facebook as opposed to a centralized website designed for hobbyists? I suppose if you have really idiosyncratic tastes it is one thing, but if you have art that is universally admired, and you wanted to share it with other collectors, why would you not want to post it on CAF (if you have a thing for Penguin sketches, then Facebook seems appropriate, but Ditko ASM pages belong on CAF vs. FB, or so my thinking goes). Is this the dynamic that is happening (I am one of the few people that am not on Facebook, so I don't follow what goes on there)?
  10. i know it is hypocritical of me not to post most of my collection, but some of my best pieces are just "special" to me and I like to keep them private. I posted a representative sample of my collection to give a flavor of what I collect in the hopes that I would attract sellers of similar art.
  11. Looking to spend 20-40k for A level page. Does not have to be from Dark Phoenix story line. Willing to pay reasonable finders fee. Thanks for any response.
  12. Bill, if you bought it, please post. Thanks.
  13. Philip, just to be clear, the tape can be removed without damaging any of the stats, which would then be glued back on? Thanks.
  14. Does Bechara have an asking price on the ASM 6 page? Also, does anyone have any opinion on the inking? I am asking because I have never seen a page from this issue and I recall someone commenting that another page from issue 6 had lousy inking. Please PM me if appropriate. Thanks in advance for any response.
  15. Wasn't this the page at San Diego with a $350k (or was it $325k) asking price? I have a hard time believing there won't be a significant reserve.
  16. My opinion FWIW (which isn't a whole lot), is that when talking about A vs. B it isn't the title that matters but the particular example (titles definitely matter, but you can still have pletny of B and C pages on the most desired titles). A level is excellent pen and ink work, generally by a highly regarded artist, which shows good subject matter (full figured battle scenes in general) or something else that makes it special (first appearance type stuff or from a particularly memorable run eg. lots of the Phoenix pages from the Dark Phoenix run). While we are on the subject, I would be curious to hear any opinions on the Byrne X-men page that sold on HA (I was not the buyer).
  17. FYI, I was the buyer of the JLA cover. It was totally nostalgia based, and I agree the price was pretty full.
  18. Is Heritage charging European buyers at it's U.S. auctions a 21% tax, and is that new?
  19. What is the asking price of the Metropolis Avengers colored cover, and who did the coloring?
  20. I don't have it in front of me, but my recollection is that the splash from TOS 60 is not an image of the "real" Captain America but rather someone disguised as him. Anyone have any thoughts on whether that makes any difference? Thanks.
  21. Zosocane, when you say the Fox deal will close, have you actually looked at the antitrust issues, or are you assuming it will close based on strategic logic? FYI, Comcast just announced their intention to make a higher bid for Fox.