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  1. This has got to be the all time pizzing match in PL history! :facepalm:


    I gotta say though, i was 100% on RMA's side but like someone else said before, i'm not so sure you should be nominating people for the PL list if you dont care enough about it to not actually sell to people on the PL ???

  2. WOW!!! This is still going on?!?


    It's pretty clear to me. This guy strung RMA along endlessly and only offered a half azz douchenozzle acceptance to pay after being nominated. Unless someone desperately needed the $, i dont know why anyone would follow thru with this transaction at this point and not tell him to pound sand. I know i wouldnt sell it at this point.


    And for the record, RMA and I are HARDLY buddies but he's clearly in the right here imo.

  3. Truly a book no one on the planet but me cares about :cloud9:




    I have always loved that cover since the day I first saw it. :cloud9:


    I have a 9.8 non-Ped undercopy available now :baiting:


    Does it have a horrible miscut like your new copy. :baiting::banana:


    Hey!!! Thats only considered a slight miscut for a What If!


    Actually, i think my under copy is better aligned but i cant find the scan at the moment hm

  4. Most of you know i'm kind of a HG snob when i can afford to be. There are plenty of SA books though that that isnt even a possibility. One of these days i want a nice looking Hulk1, FF1 and a handful of others. HG isnt even a possibility. I'm hoping to find a nice eye appeal mid grade copy and i'd be MORE than happy with that. Hell, those books, i might not even be able to swing a mid grade copy :sorry:

  5. Yeah, i have a REALLY bad feeling you're right! I already see a few other pricey pages that i want :eek:


    I've wanted to get some Avengers OA for awhile now but the ones i really wanted were covers and just WAAAAAY too expensive. plus, i was so focused on my Pedigree Avengers run i just didnt have the extra $$$ to buy any OA. Lately, its become nearly impossible to find any Pedigree Avengers i still need so i bit the bullet and started down the expensive road of OA :banana: