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  1. Peculiar that the panels would have been changed after the published final configurations. Anyhow, awesome Billy Graham art which makes this series (the Graham pencils) so incredibly unique and fitting to the character and the settings.
  2. Frankenstein bottom center; Puzzle in a can. Early-mid 70's. Had it. Also I think I had the Dracula one, too.
  3. Great. I'll offer you $5.00 for it. It will, I promise you. I will be after our transaction.
  4. HQ scan of the entire mag here.
  5. Hello. My name is Bob Bullins. I am demanding the immediate return of my copy of Batman #7.
  6. If this has not already been posted; there is an amazing library of GA scans here: https://archive.org/details/comics?&sort=-downloads There is a good collection of Centaur scans.
  7. Drool and shake your head in disbelief; http://www.whatifkirby.com/gallery
  8. I think I would have to see a youtube video of this to really believe it. Although I have tried on numerous occasions to see if it was remotely possible, every slab I have cracked has either ended up splintering all over the cracked along the side as Bomber Bob described. And even if I could pop one corner with even a slight crack, the second post inevitably destroys the slab every time (or at least made it extremely "tamper evident"). -J. Perhaps if you had read his posting you would comprehend the point he was making; Brought the slab in "directly from the cold" The colder the temperature the greater the contraction of the material, so what beaumonts is reporting is completely plausible.
  9. He chose a fitting name to change it to; par1ahh pariah; a person who is hated and rejected by other people : outcast
  10. I don't get it? Is someone forcing you to purchase comic books from an individual on this internet forum board? Are you doing this under duress? Is no one here old enough to make a logical and intelligent decision on their very own? Simply hilarious.
  11. I reserve the right to sell to whomever I choose. Probation listers must pay in advance of claiming the item
  12. I'd like to just put out a reminder to everyone, especially those who are perhaps too trusting; It's my advice to anyone and everyone that unless you personally know the person you are purchasing items from you only use PayPal. Never send a check or money order regardless of how long the board member has had an account here or how many posts the person may have. You have absolutely no recourse should the deal go sour. If after 40 days of your PayPal transaction you have not received your item(s), immediately file a dispute with PayPal. You only officially have 45 days to do this but it's better done early than late. Do not hesitate to file the dispute claim no matter who the board member is and do not be a victim of stalling tactics that may prevent you from filing a claim within the allowable window.
  13. You do realize you have posted a photo containing your home address, right?
  14. This is great news! Now when I submit my 9.8 for pressing to CGC I am guaranteed at least a 9.9! DOUBLE MY MONEY! PROFIT! PROFIT! PROFIT! The only problem I see is what happens when my mag gets a 10.0 grade and I send it back in to have it pressed for the third time? Will it now be given a 10.5?
  15. I'm not a registered member on that many boards, but I have to say that in the ~12 years I've been on the internet these CGC boards are definitely the strangest. No competition, in fact.
  16. Your avatar is a mutilated face covered in blood?
  17. Make sure you check your multi-cover magazines for multiple staple holes. Believe it or not, there are actually dishonest people in the comic selling business. Just because it has multiple covers doesn't mean it originally came from the printer that way. Multi-cover comic books = Caveat emptor.