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  1. Ok, enough, I actually agree and I jumped to conclusions based on the previous comments of scalped #43 and seeing that no one contradicted it, I assumed it was true.
  2. and you like making fun of insecure people too, I see. Swell human being you are.
  3. I am insecure, now you check yourself, I bet you take great pride on picking on insecure people like me.
  4. You didn't have to quote it, it was pretty obvious who it was directed at. Maybe you didn't want to target one of your friends in your cliche, so you targeted me. It was pretty obvious, and of course now you gotta defend yourself by saying that it wasn't directed at me.
  5. You directed your frustration at the wrong person, go check yourself.
  6. Let me just start by saying that my comments towards jjeanus were in jest. I didn't really appreciate the "ugh" comment and the "hoard away" comment. So, that's why I started defending my comments, even knowing that I was wrong. A simple, "no, that's not earl tubbs in the issue" would have sufficed. But, thanks for over-reacting to my questions even though others had made the assertion that there was a correlation between scalped #43 and SB. There is a reason why my initial comments ended in question marks, cause obviously I don't know what the facts are with regard to Scalped #43. But, thanks for answering my questions jjeanus, condescending as they were, thank you!!!
  7. It wasn't a fan nor was it posted on a fan twitter page. It was posted on the SB official twitter feed and it was a twit by Latour. So it's not exactly like someone conjured that correlation out of thin air.
  8. there is a $30 11 book lot with a #43 on ebay right now. I'm in full cash savings mode for my south american vacation in september, so I gotta ease back on my spending.
  9. ok, thanks, I start buying all the ebay books up right away.
  10. Is it a one page cameo, or does he appear throughout the remainder of the scalped series? And if it's a cameo, is Southern Bastards #1 still considered a "Full 1st Appearance?" God Damn it, I feel I hoarded the wrong book, I'm going back to purchasing 2 copies max of any given book.
  11. That's it, I'm all varianted out. I'm done with SB variants. Finito!!!
  12. nothing, the first page has the title and creator list on the 2nd page and the story starts on the 3rd page, the next to last page ends with "to be continued" and the last page has the typical ad list for skybound TPBs. No extras or sketches or story boards, nothing.
  13. I hope I didn't over do it with the variants, I have 2 thirdeye, 2 FP, 4 dcbs and 4 cbldf, I really don't know what possessed me to buy so many as I'm usually happy with one copy. And no, this is not a solicitation for sales, I've never sold a book yet, I've given some away, but never sold a book.
  14. the first year was the dealers, the second year was the CGC devotees, the third year was the hardcore collectors, and then everyone else.
  15. Honestly, I don't know much about the variants, I just jumped on the modern bandwagon last year and the variant bandwagon this year, so I don't know how well variants hold up.
  16. Yeah, looks like a good time to accumulate or jump on some #1's if you missed the initial release. How about the fact that there are 4k variants compared to 30k regulars, will this bode well for the variants?
  17. I'd hate to be the party pooper but it looks like the regular cover is cooling off. that the variants with the 1000 print runs do better.
  18. Conan is one of the books that always seems to be in demand. While prices will eb and flow, it's a pretty solid book. - I've seen some sales of modern Conan books that just blew my socks off ! Granted they were 9.8 copies, but they aren't rare books by any stretch. Pricing had been very consistent with this book especially the 9.0 to 9.4 cgc range, very predictable pricing over the last few years. Ask foolkiller if he would have liked to take back the sale of his #1 white page 9.6 that sold for just north of $900 late last year, now they're selling for over $1200. That book had been on a downward trajectory since the release of the movie.