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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that Scott Blair has passed away. He has had a lengthy battle with cancer and as I'm seeing from his friends and family on facebook it has finally taken him from us. Scott was one of the og sketch cover artists in the 2010's and was (to my knowledge) one of the first artists who were savvy enough to submit and sell their own graded sketch covers. I know for a fact many of you got sketch covers from him over the years at the many cons he attended. I witnessed for a few of you picking up sketches and I know I've had multiple chats at the signature series booth as everyone admires and compares sketches he had drawn. I'm proud to say he was a friend and introduced me to many other artists and collectors alike.
  2. From what Ive been told it's the points system and royalties. Everything labeled a derivative character they don't have to pay out on. I remember Liefeld posted something about how his Dove being female was considered derivative. Same thing for Spider-Gwen, she's still just Gwen Stacy.
  3. https://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=1846727&GSub=228206 This was either $1200 or $1500 on Albery Moys earlier this year.
  4. This goes back a few years.... Remeember when an attempt was made to slab intentionally beat up copies of the reprinted Walking Dead #1 but CGC said no. If a variant shop did this today I guess it would work?
  5. There's too much discussion here. Let's solve this whole problem. Abolish all YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Etc. "Claim shows". You're welcome.
  6. I have, well I guess it's now I HAD, a search for looking at original art with things like -print -guide etc. It currently yields 40 results when set up with newly listed. However, if I switch to best match I get 63,00ish listings. At this point I think Ebay is just broken beyond repair.
  7. I purchased a piece of Neal's from his sons Ebay account earlier this year. It came with a holographic sticker (that was supposed to cost $10 extra). The moment I opened it and saw the sticker, I swiftly removed it as I didn't want it to have any adverse effect on the piece (and I didnt want the sticker, they're dumb).
  8. Hey Matt, can the set Spider-Man Adventures (1994) be created. It is issues 1-15, with issue 1 having two variations. Certification numbers include #1 1621911002, #2 1621931005, and #4 1621911004. Also X-Men Adventures Season 1 (1992) issues 1-15 & 2 (1994) issues 1-13, the current graded books don't seem to indicate seasons. Issue #3 certification 2105465018, #13 2096567019. Thank you. Sets Created, Thank you
  9. Check with comicsketchart, doc shaner and nick Spencer are under them so they may have some people there. They did last year.
  10. Was there today and can confirm Doug and his team is there with Finch and others. Hope everyone has a good time this weekend. I'll be back tomorrow.
  11. I'm just there as an attendee. I help out one of my local stores.
  12. I'll be there. Did we confirm Doug is doing it? Or at least having someone there. I figured if Finch, etc. were there then they would be also.
  13. Hey Mollie, On the Superman Adventures (1996) sets, it seems that issue 3 is missing. It jumps from issue 2 to 4. Just wanted to see if this could be added. Thank you.
  14. Was going to go. But with no cgc doesn't seem to be much reason to.
  15. So I was kicked out then? Or did all the comments about the lunch make the group go poof?
  16. It wasn't an official page. Maybe it was a buy sell trade group, I forget the name. I went to show my girlfriend a post and I noticed it was gone.
  17. Did a Facebook group about campbell disappear? I swear I was in one this morning and now it seems to be gone.
  18. Any of the 'adventure' comics from the 90's were pretty good. Batman, Spiderman, Xmen, etc.
  19. This is my biggest problem with mobile viewing. I can never tell what's going on with a thread anymore.
  20. Got some 300 posters and a watchmen noir. Thanks for the heads up.
  21. As of now no one will be taking submissions that I know of. I'll be at one of the first booths when you come in (A+ Comics) if you want to come say Hi!