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    C2E2 2024?

    Some comic shops in Chicago have passes for sale and might not be sold out. You can find them here - https://www.c2e2.com/en-us/buy/retailers.html I don't know if it's logistically possible for you guys to get them that way but I figured it might be worth a shot. Graham Crackers will be at the con. Maybe if you're there on Friday you could get a Saturday pass from them and pick it up at their booth. I can't say that they will do that for sure
  2. I might guess that the black plate was made without the knockouts for the white text areas and webbing at the top so instead of the white paper showing, it's printed black in those areas. Why only there and not other areas? Who knows but a mistake like that can happen. I would think that would have been noticed pretty early and a new black plate would have been made. So if true, I would say a production error. The tiny Os could be what some call a hickey. It's when a small hardened bit of ink gets on the plate or blanket and prevents the ink from fully covering that spot. So it creates a ring around it. As far as the suggested marker used to fill in spots, I would think that would be easy to see from the inside of the cover. Obviously it would have to be cracked out to check.
  3. My suggestion would be to do a search for some of his sketches (there's a few on ebay currently) and see if you like them. Then decide if it's worth the money and the chance of a miss to you.
  4. Can you show the whole slab of the Batman please?
  5. I had been reading other pulp threads and I did see that video today about the inner well. At least I understand it now
  6. Thanks for the info, I was thinking that it could be an issue storing them raw. But clearly you have some control over the problem in your own collection. But do you feel it's ok that it's being slabbed this way? There is no space at the top of the inner well so this seems to be the only way the book fits in there. If this was a comic slabbed like this it would probably be posted in the "where in the world was the quality control" thread. Edit: I does occur to me that the inner holder may be designed with rounded edges specifically to keep the overhang from being crunched or sharply folded/creased, but I don't know.
  7. I asked a question about slabbing overhang in a different thread. I'm not sure where it would be best to ask but I see there was some concern about it in this thread so maybe someone here might weigh in. Link below https://boards.cgccomics.com/topic/533439-recent-cgc-pulp-purchases/?do=findComment&comment=13126730
  8. The overhang of the bottom edge of the covers are curled around the bottom edge of the pages. Looking at the bottom left photo you can see the edge of the cover along the bottom of the book. Notice that the name Eando Binder is actually folded over on the edge of the type. I'm not sure why this would be preferred
  9. A question about slabbing. I have read that it's common for pulps to have overhang on the covers and results in quite a few trimmed books I know that CGC rejects comics with covers that overhang but apparently they don't for pulps. The bottom of both the front and back covers on this book are curled under the interior pages inside the inner well. I suppose this may be unavoidable but is this generally acceptable to pulp collectors?
  10. Just bought my first pulp from Jeff and it arrived fast, safe and secure!
  11. My first pulp just purchased off these here boards
  12. Showcase 68 40% off if still available
  13. This just showed up in my inbox to order soon
  14. To be fair, I couldn't find a comic book image of him like this, but still