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  1. Putting your most valuable comics in something like this seems like a bad idea. Too many unknowns.
  2. Some sort of ancient spiral patterns on her glowing hands. I got bored and stopped watching.
  3. Very much a John Wick type hero. Good fights, good action. Unbelievable? Well, yeah but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed who he was killing, great antagonists.
  4. I moved from coast to coast with a collection probably the same size as you, all long boxes at that time. Used Allied movers and had no problems. No idea of cost since it was a military move and the government picked up the tab
  5. Just saw it on Disney+ for free and I wish I had the tablet to get my time back. The opening was good and nostalgic and the end (minus the last 10 minutes of schmaltz) was neat but on a whole it was a slog to get through. It was way too long. What was the plot, actually? The god-daughter's motivations were confusing for me. If this is wrong please someone explain - There's about a dozen other things wrong but that's all I can think of after just one watch and no rewatch will happen. I know, nitpicks and tldr but I had to vent.
  6. Page three and no mention of Spider-Boy? He's new but man, do I hate him already. Here he is on his first ever cover kicking a bird.
  7. You know, if I don't like a new thread, I just ignore it.
  8. Still my favourite ongoing comic and cannot wait for the next issue
  9. Quite a few have increased in value but more probably have not. Love this Hughes cover for Sirens #1 NYCC
  10. Yup. I've always found it strange that there is zero talk about those early direct market comics. In theory they should be just as rare as late era newsstands, no?
  11. When Taylor Swift turns into Zombie Dazzler and starts dancing in Deadpool 3 you will be a very rich man. Note: I just made this up so do not quit your day job.
  12. You would think somebody with 30 years of online experience would know that it's useless to delete a post after it's been quoted by someone else.
  13. , I might have to go through my entire collection looking for coffee.
  14. Every Halloween I get about 300 kids at my door. A very high percentage of them are wearing superhero costumes, Spidey being number one. Sad that they don't seem to want to read about them. I plan on handing out comics this year, hopefully it will stimulate interest.
  15. Do you not see the irony here? The OP was complaining about a CGC policy and you took his side against the very company you say you defend.
  16. Disney is the only other company that I can think of that used the term "vault". They experienced the same complaints when they re-released videos from the vault decades later. Some people thought vault meant retired permanently, I guess.
  17. I think the problem is somebody doesn't understand what a vault is. They can be locked then opened again...
  18. Are you saying there will be a glut of just worthless variants? What about the regular covers? They will hold their value?
  19. Just watched this. So much gory over the top fun. Definitely worth a watch
  20. Saw it with the wife. Both thought it was good, not great. Audience was about 90% women.