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  1. Hello fellow collectors, I haven't submit any books for a long time, just checking the price for modern books, are they $20/book now? That's crazy! With the shipping cost both ways, easily $30 cost? Wow. Is CGC still on the super slow TAT, 6 months for modern? Thinking of submitting some left over books but this new grading fee killed my enthusiasm. Thank you.
  2. Battle Earth: Zerg vs Protoss vs Terran http://screenrant.com/justice-league-movie-story-war/
  3. Hello boardies, First time posting with the new board, don't want to create a topic regarding my Ebay situation and not sure if this is the appropriate place, hope you can advice me with this situation: A buyer from Europe (Poland), low rating (5), offers to buy a collection I have $4.5k offer out of $5.5k asking price. At first I declined due to uncomfortable low rating buyer and from country that I don't usually see buyers. He keep pushing "any chance You change Your mind? there is no option to buy such complete sets here in Europe so it's actually my only chance to buy it at once instead of collecting sets and single issues for couple of Years...;)" then I insist that the only way is through Ebay GSP to ship the collection, he/she agrees " yeah it's cool, i already used it several times and it works for me, at least it's safe for both sides. so now let's meet withe the price:) global shipping program will automatically add 23% of the value to cover customs office tax.. " The offer price is reasonable and I will sell it for that price if it is buyer from US and other familiar countries. Question: 1. Can I still get scammed if he/she filed "not as described" "incorrect items" with Ebay and I am liable for it? 2. Would you sell it to this buyer? User name: jon-snow-lives His recent feedback is from 0 rating buyer account; however, the previous 4 ratings are from more experienced sellers. I just looked at the other 4 sellers: they all selling something similar to "guide on how to make money online/Ebay/social media", might have answered my own concerns, but what you think? May be he/she just a reseller? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Sorry, I moved my Ebay question to the other Ebay topic for more appropriate.
  5. you can use Watchcount to find out sale price: http://www.watchcount.com/#serp it sold for $2850: http://item.ebay.co.uk/381727462845?item_hash4=e386fd04&LH_Complete=1&LH_BIN=1&LH_BO=1&_ipg=200&_pgn=1&rc=nt&rmvSB=true Wow, did not know this thing exists, thank you for sharing
  6. A JO#134 non-CGC 9.6 has a BIN of $3k+ and sold for undisclosed best offer, still a nice jump
  7. Impressive sales for the past few Jimmy Olsen #134 high graded books. 9.4 +60% from last sale 8.5 +89% Congrat on board-seller
  8. So they completed filming this movie or still going on?
  9. If CW can come up with something for Friday viewing, then that's CW-DC all week shows, Mon-Fri!!!! They should take Teen Titans then it is like Saturday Cartoons turn into live-action weekday, not bad.
  10. Adding advertising cost to the budget but discount the advertising-profit-sharing and other merchandise sales is not right. Bosco already spent like $50 on toys for this movie before seeing the movie! For me, don't really care how much this movie makes, I think the measure stick is the Justice League against the Avengers.
  11. Karen Page has more screens than any characters except Matt in this season 2! Way to go, the character development is great, from a scaredy-cat in season 1 to a true detective/journalist in season 2. I hope we can see more of her back stories, her brother and the news article about her teenage years. I find the Blacksmith ending is so weak, it is a surprised but not satisfying. There are great fight scenes with these 2 new Characters
  12. just finished season 2, I want more!!! Stick is badasss, I want more of him too. Great season
  13. 1 more hour for us on the West Coast, can't wait to see what's the shock about!!!
  14. When the sister discuss the identity of the Masked villain with J'on, she asked if this is a bounty hunter or an intergalactic bounty hunter and ask if "he is in town", J'on answered with "if he is in town, I would know", something like that
  15. Wow, we are all wrong about who zoom is the whole season, what an asss. This get better and better.
  16. how crazy would it be if that scene doesn't set the seeds for justice league part one but for part two instead. He might be the focal point for both part 1 & 2. Part 1 might just be the front loaded impending invasion with minor villain and probably showing him in & out directing/prepare for the invasion, part 2 is all out with GL appearance? JL pt 1 picture doesn't have GL at all.
  17. I think it is the New 52 JL route where they meet for the first time for the common cause and the story expand to individual member and their origin stories. It's like opposite of what Marvel is doing with their Avengers.
  18. we don't know if she can fly and we also don't know which of the origins they'er going with. is she made of clay or she a demi god, it can also be both in her New52 comic she find out she was told a lie about her being made outof clay to protect her from Hera and that she's really Zeus child. fly version!!!! but that horse riding is no less awesome
  19. So is this the Wonder Woman who couldn't fly version?