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  1. Never even occurred to me that posting a pic of the book we are talking about would get it pulled, since we are a comic book discussion place, and presumably all adults. No big deal, though. Wouldn't want to offend anyone....
  2. Do you mean Batman: Sword of Azrael? That's in there. Many titles are not though, unless they are requested or very popular. There also has to be more than one graded before they will start an entry.
  3. That's true. Everyone agrees on what nudity is. And almost no one agrees on what pornography is. I bet they will grade it. Too new to show up in the registry, I imagine.
  4. x 1 Limited "Red" Edition - Seven to Eternity # 9 Seven to Eternity # 9 9.8 Blue Label $100.00 Fast Tracked (10 available) (8 available)
  5. Can't find my pics of the label, but it was just put almost loose in this box, with very little padding. Some lady who had a comic shop and had never shipped before. When I contacted her, she couldn't believe it could have gotten damaged since it was in a big box!
  6. Yes, the one that got smashed was a 9.8. Not any more.....
  7. The $1000 price paid in about 2013 was probably me. But, it was very poorly packaged, in a huge box with some paper thrown around it, and it was cracked and crushed and a big mess. I was very disappointed! Returned it for full refund, of course.
  8. Nope Bloomington, about an hour from Indy. Vintage Phoenix, they are on facebook.
  9. My LCS and I ordered two, thinking he would, at best, get one for me. He is a small store in Indiana. They both came in, and he offered both to me so I took them. $200 each. Have not opened them yet, but I will tonight. Glad to have them!
  10. Shiva Force! The Walking Dead: All-Out War Six Double Sided Comic SDCC Exclusive Set featuring "Shiva Force" Art by Jason Edmiston (10 sets available) 6 LEFT! $450 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked Set (all six covers @$75 each) x 1 set!
  11. I got one from each of my LCS's at the time. So, two, and the stores only got one. Seems more like something that was one per store? Of course, there were a lot of stores back then....
  12. This is a guy to do business with! Good communication, bomb-proof shipping, and did everything he said he would and more! Thanks!