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  1. Leaving this here until tomorrow night, then on to other avenues.
  2. I watched it the other night. Not good, but entertaining enough. Glad I didn't see it in theaters.
  3. But, but that was the joke. You explained my joke bro!
  4. So, to sum it up: it's a bomb, but doing pretty well for a bomb.
  5. I only use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on my books. Makes them nice and white, without any of that distracting color, or graphics.
  6. I asked my son and his friends the other day (4 boys, 3 girls, all 16-18) if they were going to see this movie. Not one had heard of it.
  7. What's the difference for a dealer account now?
  8. I think this book has been a troublemaker recently.
  9. Here's the thing with me and the Monsterverse; I don't care how bad they are, I'm gonna see them and LOVE them! Cause monsters.
  10. Anyone here remember WHY Disney purchased Marvel? https://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN31433031/#:~:text=NEW YORK%2FLOS ANGELES (Reuters,franchises that appeal to boys. Disney forgot.
  11. If mental gymnastics and mind altering chemicals are needed to watch something, better to just not to watch it.
  12. Watched an episode and a half. Terrible, just terrible.
  13. I hate every one of the young'ns in this show. The rest of the show is ok.