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  1. Nik is a great guy with great communication and the book was as described. Flawless deal. Thanks Nik
  2. They had a copy of Green Lantern #76 9.2 ow/w for $990 on their website. I reached out and did not receive a response. The same copy is on its 3rd ebay auction and then the book disappears. On ebay the seller named Gabor has 0 feedback and says he is shipping from Newmarket Ontario Canada. I live close by and emailed them and asked can I come by to see the book. On the supercollector website the info says all books re shipped from the US. This is 100 percent fraud. Buyers beware. I would say it in Latin but I forgot how to say Caveat Emptor in Latin 🤣
  3. Great coverage as always. Thanks for the pics 👍
  4. It did not take long actually. After being ignored initially I asked for the head of customer relations. I wanted to speak to them directly to see the quality of their customer relations. When dealing with clients you should always listen to their concerns and try to defuse the issue and make them feel better. Heritage failed. The person talked over me and tried to bully me down to hear their side only. I listened and pushed back. I believe in free markets and if this is the way Heritage wants to do business that is their right. Just as it is my right to not purchase from them going forward.
  5. I never use fed ex. USPS to Canada has never failed me .
  6. I was thinking the same by holding multiple books and then ship, but after speaking to their customer relations I decided I will not purchase from Heritage again. I was able to get them to drop $10 off of USPS priority and they said this would be the only time this would be offered. I was talked to like a child by their customer service representatives. I have been working with Bay St clients( Canada's version of Wall St.) in Toronto for 25 years. I would never speak to my clients the way Heritage spoke to me. It seems that the customer is not always right in their books. This will be my last purchase through Heritage as I stated earlier. I will buy from you Torchie at the next show here in Canada and save the $65 dollar shipping fee.
  7. Considering the shipping is 1/3 the cost of the book I purchased, this will sway me away from using Heritage Auctions again in the future. They have always been expensive, but this is simple gouging.
  8. Hello all. I have been away from collecting for a few years. The last few months I have some had time to start collecting again. Yesterday I won an auction for a single book unslabbed with a value under $250. I called Heritage today and they sent me 2 quo notes for shipping to Ontario Canada. My 2 choices were way overpriced. Here they are: HA PREFERRED (FedEx or UPS) $ 89.88 **USPS INTL PRIORITY MAIL ISI REQUIRED $ 50.46 This is crazy and gouging . I purchased a book from a great boardie Croc Hunter 2 weeks ago and he got me shipping for $22.10 from the US to Canada. What's with this pricing!? I know inflation has caused increases, but this is ridiculous. I have asked for a similar quote from Heritage that I received from Croc Hunter. I am awaiting Heritage's response.
  9. I set you up with that 1.0. Looking back I should have bought it. I would have never imagined that the prices would be this high for low grade books like .5 or 1.0. That 4.0 is beautiful !
  10. Thank you Dithom. I will check it out. Welcome to the boards!!!!!
  11. Picked up a great Military Comics #14 from Andy. Great communication, super fast shipping and the book arrived as advertised. Thanks so much Andy