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  1. You've done great this year! Better then me,sadly this is the first year in over 20+ years I didn't find a super for the year.to be fair I've found other brand chases but those supers...
  2. Lol somebody had to do it. At least those Target reds are good.i'd dump them now while they're worth 20+ a piece or trade them for a super. And just so you don't feel too bad,I haven't found a super this year.
  3. Hate to break it to you,but that's the mainline.the super has gold 4 spokes and rubber tires of course.the red is close on the super vs mainline but not seethru(spectraflame) a good way to tell if you have a super is to look behind the car on the card and look for a gold flamed logo. Added a pic of the super kafer next to the mainline also note the card art of the car has different wheels.and also somewhere on the car there will be a 'TH' logo for treasure hunt.
  4. I've collected them since the 70s when I was a kid.got really serious about them in the early 90s.and then of course late 90s to now with ebay. I've had pretty much the entire line of every car released.i had a pretty crazy redline collection.but sold a lot of it off from 08-2012. I turned all of it into other hobbies.tons of comics of course. I still peg hunt.but online buying is at a stand still now. Some of my current redlines.nothing like I had.
  5. O!O thats incredible! First punisher for $3? Was this the same estate sale littledoom went also? You guys cleaned up.
  6. So no more adult only sections. There were lots of comics listed there.i got lots of good deals,mostly for vigil books. I'd imagine you can still sell if you block nudity from being seen on the covers. Still,no more porn on ebay at all now.that has to be a big blow monetarily. Can they try to make ebay any worse?
  7. Okay so one for the serious response side. Back around 2012 I sold off a large portion of my vintage hot wheels redline collection. To those that think hot wheels and especially vintage 60s and 70s ones have no value,your missing out.i still have a bunch,still look for them and still sell them. I made somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000.wont devuldge the exact amount but will say.i pretty much bought every single marvel mega key and long runs of all titles and tons of other comics.about 50+ short boxes. I feel my collection for what I have in is probably 4x more.i did flip the FF1 already.but am still happy with what I got for it.ive been done pretty much as the few missing big books like AF15 mainly are just not gonna happen.
  8. Have an ungraded copy here.my estimate is about a 4.0. Yes its in a mylite for now.will take out for more pics. Looking to trade first for slot cars. Thunderjets,afx,tyco,auto world. Rules.all usual board rules.first sold in thread.paypal for payment. Price for thread. $895 shipped.
  9. So here's a true story I could use to incorporate a time travel plot. Our house was built in the 1890s. A lot of it is unchanged.we renovated the very back room to a large living family space area.during the process,within the walls we found many arcade and hubbley tin trucks,motorcycles and an airplane.we also found many liquior bottles.this was done during prohibition. So to the point.i would go around to all the local newsstands.purchase 10 AC1s also get some paper bags.put all 10 in paper bags as safe as i could,maybe even make a cardboard backer.now here's where I can go with 2 scenarios. Either sneak into that back room which may or may not even be locked back then and drop my books behind the wall. Or I could also hide them under one of my front porches.yes there are 2 on my house.unchanged since probably the early 1900s.the area is dry and raised under them. So yeah I have 10 nm copies of AC 1.
  10. Faust! 14&15 are crazy rare and far more $$ than 1. Yeah nobody cares Is this supposed to be marvel or dc only? Maybe deadworld 10 too Don't think I can put defenders on this list?
  11. How bout the defenders? Anything besides the 10 cover? The whole run has always been cheap. As a young reader in the 80s it was one of my first titles I looked forward to each month.
  12. Never asked here but figure some of you have had to come across slot cars. I'm looking for 60-90s aurora thunderjet,Afx,tyco. Fyi these are the size of hot wheels cars. I have a large marvel collection with practically all keys(silver to copper and tons of 90s 2000s stopped in 2011)at my disposal,probably not break up my ASM run,unless its a extra but willing to let other titles keys go for the right cars.i have dc as well but pretty marvel centric.i have around 60 short boxes.i'm still a comic collector just trying this out before I sell any. Pm me pics of what you have. Oh yeah,all raw only have spidey slabs.
  13. I think this is the perfect opportunity for an ebay alternative to start up.
  14. Remember seeing the venom 25 yesterday,swore I saw 2 but just got back with 1. Copy is beat maybe a 6.0 the other 2 were champions 13 lenticular and uncanny xmen 14 2nd. May get a spidey or FF pack for a try on a nother lenticular.
  15. Some badges,stinkin badges. Swear I went AFF in 85 but no badge. Also went to the first 2 dragon cons,but no badges. But these were my first conventions. Remember seeing a wall or two with action 1 supes batman marvel 1 all the goodies.those were the days and were impressionable even then to my self.
  16. Yes they're short boxes and hold just as many as if they were standing.the only thing is yes you have room at one end.i do stand a few books.
  17. I had a similar issue with my short box storage where traditional standing the comics resulted in the entire box of books started to curl forward on every book.it was from the weight of other short boxes on top. My solution,instead of pressing 100s of dollar run books,was to change my storage style.i now lay my books down flat.alternating the spine on every issue.i use bags and boards so the flattening result may be different without boards.its been probably 8 years since I switched to this long term storage plan.for the record I do occasionally check the books and all have remained flat and solid.and the books with the curling and waves went away after about a year or so.
  18. Everyone says Hugh's getting too old to play wolverine...i say it would be a perfect time to introduce old man Logan to the MCU. Someone's gonna have to play him.