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  1. Glad they are bring in Hugo Strange. Looks like Galavan will be returning as a monster thanks to Strange. I don't know if I can wait until Feb.


    I wonder if they are going to call Mr. Freeze or Mr. Zero?

  2. Great movie. Loved it. One of my favorites now.

    Can't wait for the next Ant-Man movie.



    Spoiler WARNING!!!

    Nice to see Ant-Man fight one of the SHIELD superheroes. Anyone catch any easter eggs? One that I think may slip pass everyone is the glass container in Pym's basement. Looks like it could be Scarlet Beetle in it.


  3. Question:


    For those of you who have built the Aurora kits and the like, what type/brand of putty do you use to fill the seams?


    I've been using the Testors putty since I was a teenager and I absolutely hate the stuff, it's total rubbish.


    There has to be something better. Otherwise, model building is going to be too much aggravation for me.

    It's been a while, but the hobby standard was Milliput (Amazon.com link) . I also had great results with an A+B Epoxy Putty (Amazon.com link).





    The process was pinch off small part of both A & B, moosh them together into a well mixed ball, then use pinches of that to force into seams, gaps and pits. Dip a finger or paper towel in rubbing alcohol, wipe off any excess. Let it harden, then sand with 400 grit sandpaper until blended or the seam disappears. And, if needed, before it dries you can use toothpicks to sculpt in small details like hair areas, clothes wrinkles and the like. Handles like clay, hardens like a rock.





    Squadron Putty is a favorite of mine. Use it all the time.

    Avery's Epoxy Sculpt too.

    Here's an example. Used it to make the penguins, water, and background blasts.



  4. Anyone catch when RF said "Rip Hunter would be proud of your time machine!"


    It did kind of look like the Rip Hunter time machine. Maybe a Rip Hunter episode in the future?


    I thinking Barry is going to end up on Earth-A or B or one of those other dimension Earths. That's why they show the golden-age Flash hat.


    Some how all this is going to tie into that 2016 DC's Legends Of Tomorrow show that's coming.


  5. IMG_2944_zpsf4ba5d60.jpg

    Been working on these file cabinets. Hand painting comic stuff on them. They will be used for comic storage in a comic book room.


    Glad to see Spike Mulligan is still going strong. Good job Senormac. Sorry been really busy. Haven't been on these boards in a long time. A lot of nice artwork in the thread by all of you.

  6. In the Jane Russell, Frank Sinatra, and Groucho Marx movie Double Dynamite filmed in late 1948, there is a scene near the end of the movie when they are looking through a bank manger's desk and they find four different issues of the Dell Tracy series including #12 on the top.


    I finally got around to see this movie when it showed up on TMC. Spotted Tracy #3, #4, #9, & #12.




  7. <a  href=TCAdvanceEdition.jpg' alt='TCAdvanceEdit


    Not highly sought after but one of the rarest comics is the Treasure Chest Teachers Edition. These were given only to teachers, who were mostly nuns. This was a promo issue to introduce comics to the class room. Not many of these survived. Overstreet doesn't even mention this comic in its guide.

  8. Great movie.


    Too bad its Chris Evens last time as Captain America. I wonder who will replace him.



    :gossip: he's filming Avengers 2 right now...


    From what he is telling Variety he's out after 3 Cap movies. His contract is for 6 Cap movies with the option to take a break at any point. He's directing now. He just did movie called 1:30 Train. Suppose to be working on another movie now. Maybe when he sees how the response goes from this Cap movie he'll change his mind about directing.


  9. Whenever I hear "Clairvoyant", I can't help but think "Vision". :shrug:


    It could be Mentello. You know Mentello and the Fixer from the old Nick Fury SHIELD stories in Strange Tales. Mantello and Fixer later brought Deathlok back to our time. I'm wondering if thats what we well find out in this story line on AOS.

  10. Spy Smasher was one of those old serial movies. And three were 2 Green Hornet movie serials also. Green Hornet and Green Hornet Strikes Again.

    Some other serial movies about Superheroes.

    Mandrake the Magician

    Masked Marvel

    The Shadow

    The Spider

    The Vigilante

    Atom Man Vs Superman

    Terry and the Pirates


    There were a bunch of Rin Tin Tin movies.

    Zorro too.


    And a lot more I'm sure. Sorry if I repeated any. I didn't read the whole thread.


  11. Right now (and usually) 31 seems to be the least available. For awhile 33 seemed readily available. I've seen a bunch of 35's and 29's this year.




    In all the years I been collecting Det. the hardest issue to find is #33. I've seen all the other issues several times over but #33 still rarely shows up. I really believe this is one of the most popular scarcest comics around. Scarce because of several reasons. Old Batman comic. Batman origin issue. Pre-Robin. Batman with gun on cover. And the most important... Not many copies around or available. You just don't see it at every comic con like you see all the other issues.

    This book has always been hard to find and always sells for crazy high prices.


    I have my copy CGC graded 1.5 . Nice looking book but page edges are brittle and browning. Still the book could sell in the thousands. It's one of my favorite Detective comics.


    Love how they are bringing more and more big name characters (Barry Allen, Brother Blood, Deathstroke, etc.) into it as well


    Did I hear Solomon Grundy mentioned? I thought I heard his name mentioned during the show.


    And there's Professor Ivo the creator of Amazo. I wonder if Amazo will be showing up?

  13. Episode 4 Summary: "Eye-Spy" - Agent Coulson and the S.H.I.E.L.D. team try to track down a mysterious woman who has single-handedly committed numerous high-stakes heists. But when the woman’s identity is revealed, a troubling secret stands to ruin Coulson, on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."



    Now we get to see S.H.I.E.L.D.'s version of the Puppet Master.


    The Graviton villain will return in a later episode.

  14. So it looks like the premise of the show is to have non-superpowered people with special talents tackle random events & superpowered evils. Their goal is to eliminate threats, cross them over to being good or power down the "bad" guys. All this is good I suppose, but I think if they want to keep the comic guys like us entertained & coming back for more, we need to see more "known" superheroes & supervillians from the comic books & not characters made just for the show to be dealt with by the end of the show.


    Totally agree!


    There is some villain that has powers like Graviton coming up. He's able to control gravity. But I doubt it will be the villain from Marvel comics. Probably some lab experiment gone wrong. We'll be lucky if Graviton's name is even mentioned.