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    Bumping this thread up just to add JOE Vs. THE VOLCANO as mentioned in another thread. Comic seen in the movie.


    Also in another ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, episode A GHOST FOR SCOTTLANDYARD. A man is shown selling comics at a stand.

  2. There's an episode of Adventures of Superman(George Reeves) where Clark walks by a newsstand filled with DC comics. I have it on video somewhere.


    The episode is titled MYSTERY IN WAX. I just watched it yesterday. Its on the 1st season DVD set of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. You can clearly see Mr. District. Attorney, Action, Superman, and others on the news stand rack. The scene is near the end of the program. I'll see if I can I.D. some of the issues shown.

  3. This one goes way back to 1952.


    television... FUNNY PAPER THEATER. This is from the book "Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television by Ted Okuda & Jack Mulqueen". FUNNY PAPER THEATER ran on WGN in 1952 in Chicago. Station announcer Art Linick, called "Uncle Art" on the show, would read comic books and newspaper funnies to an in-studio audience of children.


    Sounds kind of boring, but I'd love to see it just to see what comics he was reading to the kids.

  4. television... GOMER PYLE. A couple of episodes had Gomer reading comics.


    television... ANDY GRIFFEN SHOW. A couple of episodes had Gomer reading comics.


    television... HEE HAW A couple of segments had Goober reading comics.


    Well actually maybe they were just looking at the pictures. grin.gif

  5. A long while back we discussed comic books that appear in movies and on television shows. Thought I try some sort of update. This would be ONLY COMIC BOOKS that have appeared on film. Not movies about superheroes. Here are a few that I remember.


    movie... IT CONQURED THE WORLD. Has actor Miller and a Spanish actor reading an ADVENTURE COMIC while garding the gate of a military base. A scientist walks up to them to tell the guards something and he starts to read the comic.


    television... ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN episode THE BIRTHDAY LETTER. Has a little girl reading what appears to be SUPERMAN #20. The real Superman (George Reeves) flys into her room and she puts the comic down. (Wouldn't she know Superman is Clark Kent from reading that book?)


    movie... ERNEST GOES TO CAMP. Has a group of kids that Ernest will be in charge of. Before they meet Ernest one of the kids is reading a OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE.


    television... VAN DYKE SHOW. One episode shows comics in thier sons room.


    television... HISTORY CHANNEL had COMIC BOOK SUPERHEROES UNMASKED. A documentary on the history of comics. Lots of comics shown.


    movie... COMIC BOOK THE MOVIE. Stars Mark Hamill. Comics shown at a convention. Also some fictional comics are shown of a fictional character named Commander Courage.


    movie... COMIC BOOK VILLAINS. Story about a group of comic collectors discovering a comic collection of someone that passed away. Comics in the movie are most likely copies or props.


    television... DOOGIE HOWSER. An episode has him reading a comic.


    television... SMALLVILLE. In one episode Lex has a rare comic framed hanging up on a wall. Most likely a prop.


    television... COUNTDOWN TO WEDNESDAY. A documentary about getting into the comic book bussiness. A lot of comics shown.


    television... COMIC BOOK CONFIDENTIAL. A documentary on the history of comics. A lot of comics shown.


    movie... SUPERMAN THE MOVIE. 1st Christopher Reeves Superman movie show at the beginning a Superman comic. Prop for film.


    Well thats all I can think of right now. Anyone else have any they remember?

  6. Have you told Arnold about them ???


    Actually I have sort of. I usually send in info on some of these unknown comics on a semi-regular basis (when ever I feel the desire). Last year I sent in another batch that was included in this years GUIDE. But had problems with the ACKNOLEDGEMENT (they forgot to enter my name). I talked to Arnold and he hooked me up with a new contact (Kudos to Arnold, big THANKS). Hopefully with better results next year. I'll see if they enter my name along with the submitted unknown books. I have a awesome color copier so I'm able to send in excellent copies to OS of the books. With some of these comics I've sent in almost complete copies of the whole books so there would be no question regarding the book. I've been doing this a long time. Back when the OS GUIDE started my contact was Overstreet and he'd get all kinds of info from me and he'd acknowledged me pretty regularly. If you ever decide to send in any info on comics to OS I suggest either nice clear color copies or photos. Show as much information as you can. And any thing you may know about the comics history. Like where it originated at. I have always felt seeing books entered in the GUIDE by my help, gives me a good feeling. Like I'm doing something good for the hobby. You should really consider submitting. I'm sure you have many that are not known. Like you said there are hundreds out there not listed. And I agree.

  7. the list of promos is eternal and infinite, and every month, Metarog discovers yet another obscurity that we never previously knew existed. There are literally hundreds of them not listed in Overstreet.


    Thats absolutely right. Every year I find comics that are either unknown and not listed in OS. Or have just been overlooked. Unknown or forgotten books are a big thing I have in my collection. Its amazing were some of these unknown comics come from. I've found a lot of um in the strangest places. I think I enjoy finding the LOST BOOKS most in this hobby. Love buying, reading, and collecting comics, but finding a book that's not listed in OS and probably not known by many of the comic collectors out there is really a nice feeling. Almost like finding the HOLY GRAIL. The biggest problem with trying to collect unknown comics is... no one knows. There's nobody to ask. Its not like ya can go up to someone and ask if they have a unknown comic. Every time I find one it by chance. Shear luck. I would guess its probably easier if your a dealer but I'm not and I've had pretty good luck at finding them.

  8. So the proof isnt necessarily in seeing one in a catalog...


    Even if the PO didn't give out any wouldn't you still think its shown in a catolog so its possible that one does exist.


    If you want to see any of my STAMPERS stuff I would need someone to host my scans. I still have problems posting scans. Even PHOTO BUCKET hasn't been of help to me. But most of my STAMPER stuff is mostly CARDS, posters, mags. Not much as far as comics. The 1st DAY ISSUE SUPERMAN STAMP WITH ACTION #1 was originally offered to STAMPERS and later went directly to post offices. Thats shown in the PROMO section in OS. I don't see any mention of STAMPERS with that also. I believe the STAMPERS name was on the wrap for those.

  9. BUGS BUNNY 64 Page STAMPERS POSTAL EDITION Mini-Comic - 1 (I don't believe this exists)


    Trust me on this, it exists. During that time when the BUGS BUNNY stamp first came out, the POST OFFICE gave out catologs which shown the comic. I had one of the catologs, but not now. The only way to get the comic book was to join thier STAMPERS CLUB. I already was a member. The PO did this sort of thing a lot around that time with the release of new stamps. Even though I never got to see the actual comic, there it was in the catolog. I would think someone out there must of joined STAMPERS and got one. STAMPERS CLUB was still going in 2000 as I remember. One thing I remember though, once in a while items were no longer available. I ordered Chinese New Year DRAGON stamps from them that included CARDS of the different animals of the years. Well those got cancelled on me. But then on the other hand I ordered UNIVERSAL MONSTER stamps that included CARDS. They told me they were cancelled, but guess what, they arived. I still have those and have never seen anyone that had um. I wonder if I'm the only one that got them?