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  1. This week I was going through some of my old VHS video collection and came across something sort of related to DENNIS the MENACE. Found a tape where JAY NORTH guest starred on the old 70's show SCREAMIN' YELLOW THEATER with host SVENGOOLIE. Thats the original Svengoolie, Jerry G. Bishop, Chicago horror show host. JAY does some comedy bits with Sven as himself, but one bit he's doing DENNIS. Which was kind of wierd since Jay is much older when this show was shown. I even noticed he signed Sven's guest book Jay (Dennis the Menace) North at the beginning of the show.


    Well after seeing this it got me wondering if Jay North ever did other shows doing the Dennis character? If he did, wouldn't he be breaking some kind of copyright laws? Or is it ok for Jay North to do the character because he played the part on television. Just wondering.

  2. The "Takes a Poke at Poison" giveaway has a more interesting history. It was reprinted many times, but judging from the scans we've seen here, at least the cover was redrawn. I'm curious if Jeffreykli could post a scan of the interior of his copy so was can see if the interior was redrawn as well (whch would, in effect, give us two different giveaways).


    Thats actually my book that Jeff posted. Jeff posts my scans for me. He also posts some of his own. I can see why people get his scans confused thinking some of them are his when they are actually mine. Its just I don't have the knack of posting scans. Plus I have problems with AOL scan posting. Jeff has does a great job posting scans for me. Its never been a bother for him to post them. He's pretty cool about it all.


    So I'll see if I can get some scans of the inside pages posted soon of the DENNIS THE MENACE TAKES A POKE AT POISON


    BTW; thats the only DENNIS comic I own right now. I sold all I had a long time ago.


    QUESTION; Isn't DENNIS THE MENACE used by Dairy Queen?

  3. Then why leave out alternate cover designs there were proposed. There are issues that never made it to print. Those could be included to. Sound like openning a can of worms to me. I personnely don't give a hoot about ashcans or any of the above. Never was interested in them. They exist but do they really need to be considered? confused-smiley-013.gif

  4. This book reminded me of those old teen flicks from the early 60's.




    Great drive-in stuff. I don't think I actually watched any of the movies. Too busy in the back seat, if you know what I mean. wink.gif

  5. I'd say by next year at this time a 9.4 Giant-Size X-Men #1 will be selling close to $4000. Its the most popular comic with the modern age comic collectors. Very much in demand. Even though there is more of these slabbed then X-Men #1 at the higher grade level, they are still hard to come by. Just not enough nice copies to go around. I don't think it will ever reach the price level of the original X-Men #1, but I believe it will be considered as one of the higher priced books. Mainly because its a very important key issue. The movie helped in the demand for this book and the cartoon show also. The next X-Men movie can only help the demand even more.