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  1. Also anybody else wondering how he got brought back, cloning, advanced tech healing, magic, or has this already been talked about?


    In the 1st episode someone mentioned NOT to let him know the facts about how he came back.

    In yesterdays 2nd episode Coulson seems to remember being stabbed, he mentions his recovery on some pleasant island.





  2. Impressive collection of Batman books here. Got me thinking maybe I should post a few of mine. I don't usually post my books. And I don't like to post the ones that are PGX graded on a CGC board. So forgive me if your offended. When it comes to Batman & Detective comics, I have exceptional pride in my Batman's. All store bought one owner. Enjoy!






  3. Found one from 1973. The show Lotsa Luck. Stars Dom DeLuise. One episode has his sister Olive reading Road Runner comics when she's sick in bed. I noticed the Withman brand on them. Dom DeLuise was so funny on this show.

  4. I noticed that the earthquake machine was stolen from the crate. I wonder if they are going to do a "destroy Gotham type story" like they did in Batman comics. Maybe Quakemaster will be showing up?

    I'm thinking we'll be seeing Speedy next season.

    The show has been pretty good.

  5. I was trying to find that Eco Squad on MCS and the only Canyon Comic they had was this gem:



    What exactly is he guarding the grand canyon from? Captain Erosion? Littering tourists?


    You wouldn't believe all the supervillains trying to destroy the Grand Canyon. There's one around every corner and under every rock. Check out Eco Squad if you don't believe me.

  6. Not exactly toys but I'm sure some of you might recognize these from your childhood. Some of these Golden Guides are my originals. A lot of them I picked up here and there. I almost have all of them. I remember buying some of them at museum gift shops when the family went. I actually learned a lot from these little paperback books. Anyone else remember these?




  7. Went to a Flea Market this past weekend and found comics for a quarter each.

    Here's a few of what I picked up...

    Ultimate Spider-Man #1 to #10.

    Ren & Stimp #1 scratch & sniff edition still sealed in plastic.

    Fantastic Four Vol.3 #50 to #70.

    Batman: Tales Of The Dark Knight #1 all the different color cover editions.

    2 Captain America's from the 70's.

    A couple of Gold Key books from the 60's(Gentle Ben, Black Hole #1 & #2).

    And a bunch of other books.


    It was a great day at the flea market. :grin:


  8. They should have set up traps around the farm the whole time they were there. A big deep pit with raw meat hanging over the pit and just watch the zombies fall in. A bunch of those around the farm would of kept the place safer then just watching for zombies. Frustrating to me to watch this show sometimes.


    I still think Shane was infected by tainted zombie water around the farm. He could have killed Rich a long time ago and didn't. He changed when they got to the farm. Actually most of the others have gotten strange since they been at the farm. Just my 2 cents.

  9. Poster: g-man

    Subject: Re: TWD TV SHOW--Offical Discussion Thread


    so maybe i am missing something but Shane turned into a zombie there at the end....but was not bitten. does that always happen? i am trying to remember it happening before? [/Quote]


    Wasn't shown before, but was recently mentioned in one of the episodes when they were checking out a body that wasn't bitten.

    If you noticed the kid Shane killed was also a zombie. Here are a few clues I noticed to what is coming up in this TV series. The water is contaminated at the farm. While Hectrors's daughter is washing the dishes she faints. Several of the group have either washed or drank the water. I'm guessing these people are infected with some kind of zombie virus that when you die you come back as a zombie. The guys that Rick shot at the bar didn't get shot in the head and they didn't come back as zombies.


    My guess is that the doctor will figure out some kind of anti-toxin. Woun't be surprised if they use some of the blood from Shane's dead body.


    Just my guess.