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  1. How on earth are they going to be able to verify those?
  2. Another reason why they shouldn't be using the same label color for verified sigs and witnessed sigs.
  3. if a book has both a witnessed and "verified" sig, then I'm fine with a yellow label. If it's only a verified sig, I think blue with a color stripe (maybe orange?). But they may have to start doing multiple stripes... what if it has a witnessed sig, a verified sig, but also needs to be green (say for a missing page) and has conservation, and comes from a gold-label-worthy pedigree? That would be, like, 50 stripes.
  4. Yes that's what I was wondering. I had heard there were questions raised as to whether or not those were really Jack Kirby's signatures.
  5. I REALLY hope they don't give these books yellow labels. Yellow labels are supposed to mean something special, not just, "someone wrote a name on the cover and someone else who gets paid to say it's real thinks maybe it's close enough to looking real."
  6. I wonder if they'll be authenticating dynamic forces books (like the Jack Kirby ones).
  7. Otto Octavius missed his calling: (Sorry if this was already posted but I didn't see it in the last 4 or 5 pages):
  8. It's not working for me... I just came here to post this question. Glad I'm not the only one having this problem. I have a bunch of saved searches and well now they are pretty useless.
  9. why is this on hulu and not disney+?
  10. it looks like it isn't a "c", but a swoop on the end of the line that goes up to the right.
  11. Looking for: centerfold to cap 3, complete interior to usa 8, 2 center wraps to usa 7.
  12. It means if you had your eye on that first wrap, you're too late.
  13. I hope we get something feels like classic star wars. Here's a fan-made thing from 2017 that (IMO) beats anything disney has done with star wars (well, except maybe rogue one). C'mon disney, if a fan can do this for free, why can't you do this with all of your billions?
  14. Now we know what happened to d.b. cooper.
  15. Funny how a lot of them have that blue spot in the cloud, and a lot of them don't.
  16. which omnis lead-up-to, or encompass the first secret wars? I know for FF it would be bynre #1, and for spidey it's the roger stern omnibus. Are there any others (e.g., for Thor, avengers, x-men, etc.)?
  17. I dunno... that bottom edge looks a little too perfect if you ask me.