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  1. I thought I had already posted mine; old label goodness.
  2. Here's my one and only. The book was part of a collection that I bought, and subbed by me without pressing.
  3. While I'm at it, here's another great Stevens cover that you don't see everyday:
  4. Here are some pics, to give you all a sense of what it is: Front Cover: Back Cover: Inside Front Cover (with Steven's sig): Table of Contents: Price for Playboy #1: So, it really is a price list for a Southern California dealer in 1983. Probably personally knew Dave Stevens and got him to do the cover. I would imagine that these are indeed quite rare, since there would be no reason other than the cover to keep it.
  5. Wow; I'm truly shocked at the final price. I have a signed copy that I picked up 5+ years ago. I'll try to post a pic when I get home and can dig it out. It's very tough to find since it's essentially a Playboy back issue price guide/catalog. Obviously a fantastic cover, though.
  6. I loved the regional pricing; in the late 80s, I attended college in western Massachusetts, buying a lot of McFarlane or Liefeld books for $1, then taking them back to Los Angeles during vacations to trade towards Silver, Bronze, or Copper books.
  7. if still available (I think they are): Captain Storm #15 Captain Storm #16 Ghost Rider #3 GI Combat #168 Power Man #48 (7.0) Star Spangled War Stories #151
  8. I own the Albedo #2 and the TMNT #1, but not Cerebus. Never got around to buying a Cerebus, and have honestly lost interest in it when I read the series ending. To me, and to stay copper, I would swap Cerebus for Bone #1 first print because of the low print run to be consistent with the Albedo and TMNT.
  9. I think for Wildcats #1, it was an incentive ratio, and I recall it was 1:100. I really wanted one, so placed an order for 100 copies of #1, just to get the #1 Gold, which was signed. I don't recall if the Gold unsigned was an option or not.
  10. My copy is pretty well centered...a little bit off from the top/bottom.
  11. Matthew, Is it this one? The Comic Book Heroes? https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Comic-Book-Heros-Will-Jacobs-Gerard-Jones/253915282644?epid=1265973&hash=item3b1e87bcd4:g:dQ8AAOSwX7BaZ5ix
  12. I've found Stan to be incredibly kind and generous with his time. He does quick sketches for free (see my avatar), and will also take commissions. I had one done at SDCC years ago, and it turned out great, and I picked it up later in the weekend. Not sure what his current commission list is like or how quickly he will do them.
  13. The best was Ren and Stimpy #1, which came bagged with a secret message on the cover. The secret message is "You eediot! You opened the bag!! Now the comic ees worthless!!"
  14. Tim, You're very welcome for the wine, and thanks for organizing. Very fun show, and time flew by. I always forget how much time and effort it takes to set up and do a show. Fun, but as a lot of people will tell you, much more fun to buy comics than sell them.
  15. Should be fun as always! Mark - Are you compiling a wantlist again?
  16. I seem to recall seeing a stack of these for free at my LCS, but that's about all I remember. I don't think I even grabbed one, and it might have been around FCBD time.
  17. Jason, Congratulations on finishing the run, and thanks for sharing. A beautiful collection of books and a great achievement.
  18. Pre-Killing Joke and a great, moving story. I highly recommend getting a copy to read (or read in TPB).
  19. Awful news...I hope the books are recovered.