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  1. Those are some really fantastic detailed photos.Looking at them I do not think I have ever seen a slab that looked more tamper free. Pretty sure the slab is sound IMO. A 9.6 can have a minuscule flaw such as that shown. That would probably be the limit. CGC does not factor page color into its grades so the color you see on the books edges is irrelevant in this case. Although it looks pretty white to me. In my experience what you are implying is that you are not happy with how the book presents. However the grade is the grade. For the future the idea of "comparing this slab to that slab to get a grade" is not such a sound method. Not terrible but you may be off a grade point or two.
  2. Plus you are looking at the edges of the pages and that says nothing for the color of the pages inside the book. Not saying everything should go on blind faith but I would feel confident that the last guy who looked at the inside of the book is giving an honest account of what he saw. Always exciting that first slab though
  3. Colossus. The creator of Piotr Rasputin had to be familiar with Russian literature. He is tragedy and torment personified. An invulnerable steel faced muscle man. Storm Shadow. If only half the GI Joe characters were as deep as Tommy Arashikage. One of the most developed characters I have had the pleasure of reading in a comic. A ninja bad boy with somewhat conflicted allegiances. Storm...'cause she's a goddess but I would attribute my taste for her to abundant movie apps
  4. There is no assumption that the book is not available in high grade raw. To a collector there are multiplicative differences in a sample of a comic. Even at a given grade. It is their own property they can do what they choose. The piece of mind that one might gain from buying a slabbed book is in that a professional has given the book a grade. It eliminates the difference of opinion in a raw grade thus it should indeed induce some sort of premium to the book. Justly so. In most instances it will facilitate a sale. Now that premium price you refer to may very well not be all that much money truthfully . If a collector submits books often it can be as little as a few dollars. At most a few percent of an increase in price would that premium amount to . Certainly not multiples of an increase in price will the pro-grade bring to the book in question. Vice versa in the devaluing. Not to mention that if it is a "hot" book then the short term increase in value will likely off set the "loss of the premium increase in price" from cracking. Further there is no need to physically degrade the book by cracking it out-if done carefully and correctly. So if no damage is done the book could very well be re-submitted and receive the same grade( or possible even better, although not likely I will grant you that) . But at this point it just feels like we are slinging rhetoric . Jolly good.
  5. 1. That always makes me laugh. Thank goodness one of the adults found us little kids hiding here just waiting to be asked intelligent questions about our hobby. a) On a Monday no less. XVI) Thank you! MXCVII) Because it is better than smoking crack ( although not necessarily plastic crack.) 3. Cracking is the logical adult version of reading and reading is bad( at least for us kids). 1a. What is a CBC? Complete Blood Count
  6. Sad about your son . I am sorry. He would be around my own age. Always wondered what my mom would do without me to steer the collection. Good advice from Bomber-Bob. Sounds like a somewhat valuable collection so no reason to just give it all away. The Price guide is a really good way to figure out what is valuable and what is not so it might not be too much of a time commitment to just spend a few hours going through things. After you know what is key you could spend a little more time trying to ascertain a current going rate. If you do not care to spend that much time on it you could pull the most valuable books aside and sell off the rest as a large lot and not have to worry about being taken advantage of. Then you could try to move on the smaller lot of books at your own leisure using someone you trust , perhaps a family member or as suggested a local comic shop.
  7. I found this interesting in that this was the exact reasoning I used in making my own purchase of X-men 94 in a 9.2 slab. In my own cave-man words "how long did it take to get to how much?" Basically I had a certain amount of money to buy a key. So I took a look at a sort of age versus value comparison. I held that up against established value. I have been a fan of X-men for 25+ years and I have marveled at X-men #94 as a sort of grail of grails. All I am saying there is that I understood this book well. It was always a pricey book and as long as there is comicbook collecting it will always be a pricey book. In terms of established value what you kind of want to look at is the "slope of the curve". If you were to plot out spreadsheet data in a graph it might become obvious. What you would want to see is not too steep and not too shallow. A sort of slow but steady rise. As long as there is a healthy enough economy to support hobbies like collecting then it safe to say that investing in comics relatively safe. If all the worlds markets ever crash then you have bigger problems than comics books. If we take this reasoning to the extreme this is the type of thing that throws up a flag for me in modern books. If there is a spike in price ,why such a rapid appreciation?Is it just a plastic premium? The hype train? What sort of stability will the future bring? I just see moderns as the comic/stock market version of high risk investing. but just like in stocks risk = reward. (Not that paying $300,000 for a comic is not risky but a different type of risk.) Think of someone who bought a mint condition copy of Walking Dead #1 for cover price 15 years back. Really no risk in that one book and when it comes to sell it is going to be all reward. Be it 5x,10x, or 100x of the original investment. The risk there was not the expensive jumping on point, but rather the risk of buying 5 or 10 different titles a month every month is hopes of getting that 1 "golden ticket". Same animal-different breed if you will.
  8. I remember when ASM #300 was new and my recollection is that McFarlane was good but he was still an artist among artists. He had not risen to the astronomical height that we all know he eventually did. Venom was a cool "whoa" character that served to drum up the lax or faded interest in the title. Brock really did grab readers attention and he was a major draw. It had become cool to like villains. Neither Venom nor McFarlane created a "hording" effect for the book however. At least not in its early years. It was a little pricey as most double issues and anniversary issues were in that era. That is it. It has had a slow but un-steady rise in value so I do not see it crashing near or far. It has an established value although that value is not always at a peak or valley. No dive bomb I say.
  9. I have always wanted to participate in this but work constraints and all... Maybe someday.
  10. I guess a collection is when you have more than 2 of any 1 thing so here goes nothing... When I was a kid a had a stack about mile high that filled my closet, which I got from my grandpa. They were donated to local libraries as we moved around. There were some classics in there.
  11. No yellow label from CGC. Most likely green. Small possibility of blue with the note" writing on ______"
  12. Depends what book. This illustrates how much of a premium white pages get . It is a major preference and I suppose in the long run the white pages will be easier to sell(assuming you can keep the pages white). I personally would prefer the 9.6.
  13. Do you have detailed photos of the comic OP? It might help others explain exactly why you got down graded rather than a general" CGC grades harder thatn PGX, you should have known"
  14. Agree without mentioning height...Unless asked. Most newb friends like when I "correct" the movies. I usually start with 'Jackman is no where near as hairy.' and finish with Unrealistic you say? Pshaw.
  15. If you are lucky lol. I purchased an early Hulk from them a few years ago and waited the customary 2 weeks for a shipping notification...and waited and waited. I finally called and was told that my book had already been marked to go to San Diego comiccon. They would ship it as soon as it returned to NY. Apparently my comics have more fun than me. Metropolis is the best in the business. So many good things to say about them . If not accurate in grading, for certain they are 100% consistent and never far off.Bullet proof packing . Restoration refund guarantee. Seemingly infinite selection. Heck, they even send out Christmas cards.The web site is rather dated. If it is not on Metropolis.com try comicconnect. I buy from them as often as the wallet allows.
  16. In case it was not already answered , it is a pretty safe bet that if it you mean the original first print of the 1984 Transfomers mini-series that you should value it under $200. OPG is a good starting point to determine value, since someplace like eBay may have an exaggerated or inflated asking price with limited data to justify that price. I have seen a T1 graded 9.6 listed for $1000 and I have seen the same book in the same grade listed for $300. Which listing is going to be more accurate? So in this example OPG lists issue #1 at $125 in 9.2. I paid $125 for my Transfomers #1 in 9.4 CGC a year ago . I would further assume that since these books were in your reader collection that they have been opened and read and will not grade in the high mint range, so you are therefore in no danger of going over the value mark mentioned earlier. It is also safe to assume that issues 2,3,&4 are going to be a step down in value/price as well. I think OPG lists them at $25 a piece.
  17. This OFF #20 is a favorite cover of mine. I have a couple copies ( in better grades). It is a classic grey tone and is a favorite among big 5 war collectors. A few years ago I believe it was voted among the top most well liked war covers of all time( here on the boards). Navy Davy!
  18. I have had my eye on this book for a while and I am very pleased to finally have it in hand.
  19. It was my birthday so I treated myself to : I know it is not a comic book but rather an aviation pulp, I just had to have it. It is the October 1936 issue so "for digestion sake smoke Camels".SMH These were just for fun since I really know nothing about pre-code stuff. Wood, Frazetta,Feldstein. I have 1 more but I have to get the camera out.
  20. Why not mail them to Metrolpolis/Comicconnect? Are you consigning them or do you have an agreement to sell them out right? Just wondering the need to be there in person, not like this is Craigslist.
  21. 200 comics? That is not even a long box. Can you just hide them away somewhere like a closet or something? Out of sight out of mind.