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  1. My slabbed books are worth about $1000. The other 600 commons or so? Who knows, its only worth what someone else is willing to pay, and that is probably a lot less than I would sell for ! But definitely over $1000.
  2. I have around 3 long boxes. I go for runs although not necessarily complete. Mostly copper age, some silver, some modern. Around 6 or 7 slabs. Cool thread! I am not one to buy everything in sight, but I have enjoyed collecting seriously with some breaks for over 25 years.
  3. That is a really, really awesome sketch!
  4. Thanks for the feed back Maloney & Whisp! Yo Joe! Anyone else?
  5. Do people think that GI Joe falls in to the "war" genre of comics the way for example Sgt. Rock or Sgt. Fury does? If not,can you explain why. According to the definition in this years Overstreet guide I do no really see why not. For example it does not really have any elements of the supernatural.Although GI Joe is not during WWII ;I think it is OOAW or SSWS that has dinosaurs in it. Nor is it in any way the horror or fantasy genre. I am not saying I think it really is I just want to see what others think. Maybe I could put it to a poll. Maybe someday GI Joe comics collectors could get some of the recognition that collectors of the war comics do. Reaching here but the original Ziff Davis & King Syndicate names could so why not Marvel titles too?
  6. Has anyone read GI Joe Americas Elite by DD Comics? If so how was it?Any good?
  7. My last post was a quote from rjrjr. I think they re right
  8. The publishers were experimenting with different printing around this period. The books that have this problem have more vivid color than books a few years earlier, although they still look very pixelated. My guess is the ink is what caused the pages to curl and give the wavy look. (+1)!
  9. Since this thread is titled Star comics I pulled out 2 copies I have of Thundercats #1. They have been Bagged & boarded since the late 80's when I got them and although I am noticing for the first time the ultra light paper quality that was mentioned in this thread earlier, I cannot say there is any type of "water damage" to them. Sorry . They are not wavy at all
  10. I think it is interesting you would mention Star comics by Marvel because they were specifically mentioned in this years OPG. The guide mentioned that in complete set of HG condition there is a real potential for the value to rise. As was mentioned earlier in this thread the final issues of the series are really hard to find. So to answer your question the higher issue #'s r uncommon. They are all hard to find in HG. So collecting all of thecomplete sets in high grade would be worth your while. It sounds like you have pretty good start! Hope that helps.
  11. sd2416: cool; thank you for clarifying what you meant. No, my comics do not say 2nd print on the indicia. They are direct editions with a solid black spider-man head in the lower left corner box on the cover. The price sticker is the "Marvel M".
  12. sd I appreciate your reply. I am really not trying to start a debate and I do not mean to be rude, however I am sorry you are being a little vague. I checked the link but I am already aware of which issues in that run had multiple prints. Although mycomicsshop has been a great resource for me recently I am also aware some people have a problem with them. So I am not sure are you directing me to buy there? or cautioning me away? or what. So I guess I will look elsewhere on the internet to satisfy my curiosity. Thanksagain.
  13. I have a question pertaining to some GI Joe comics that I have that I think may require some expertise. I realize that I might be redirected to a general copper age discussion but I figured this would be the best place to start since I believe I have seen some discussion generally pertaining to the topic here already. I was hoping someone could give me information about determining what printing my GI Joe comics are with total certainty. I am concerned with the issues between 50-60 mainly. I already know the obvious way to check is look at the indicia for the words 2nd print but I also am aware that with these issues in particular it is not that obvious. I also know how to check the adverts but I have gotten beyond that too and I realize even that is not the most obvious way. i.e. I have 2 copies of #52. One of which I bought off the news stand in the 80's & I believe it to be a first print. It matches a second copy I have that I picked up a few years l8r(direct edition) . It is a mirror image ads, letters and all. I further checked those against another Marvel comic printed that same month and all of the printing matches. I am still not convinced because as far as I know the 2nd print came out the same year, hence the ads could be deceptive. What I want to know is does anyone know is there another definitive way to check other than that?Thanks!
  14. Well the series IMO does continue to pick up for a while after issue 50. It really is good for a long while. By my estimate if you wanted the rest of the run in graphic novel form you would might be looking at spending another $200 total. Although I have moved on to the more recent GI Joe series, which are great, I have not personally read the last 25 issues or so of the original series so I myself am looking forward to definitely picking up those books soon . So to make a lame answer short, yes but it is up to how much you are willing to spend. You can always stop when you want that way too. Enjoy!
  15. Thank you for the welcome. I really enjoy being here. I remember when issue 26 & 27 came out they were soooooo cool. Snake eyes was a total mystery until then, but it was such rich story telling.I think it really helped to develop my young mind to read all of the twists in plot that were created. How the good guy wore black yet the bad guy wore white. The brothers in arms that were now battling each other. The two characters pasts together intertwined with tales of the martial arts;its all a big part of what has made me a fan for so long. I think my favorite cover ever is issue #52.
  16. I would personally say that the GI Joe comics peaked around issue 40. I feel the series had pitt-erred by 70 or so. I also think it picked back up towards the end though. But as far as the art, the plot, and the character development I would say between issues 40-43. I know alot of people are just in love with "the silent issue"(#21) BTW Larry Hama wrote that and left out the words in order to save on production times, but the storyline really did not start to develop until after issue 24. Then leading into the intro of the Dreadnoks. I am not Cobra fan but it just goes to show what an amazing writer Hama is. But I digress, Issues 40-43.Amazing. ND.
  17. Hmmm...The Punisher, that does sound farmiliar. Thanks for the reply Comiconxion
  18. To the rest of GI Joe Collecting community here I am glad I never got rid of my original comics from when I was a kid. I still have them and I still read them. They sure were hard to come by every issue as I lived in small town. My favorite ARAH issues were from #24 up to around # 60, especially the creation of "Cobra Island". I have some really mint doubles that I plan on having CGC'd eventually. Those are Zeck covers. Anybody know why Mike Zeck seemed to be on every cover yet I cannot really find an issue with his art work inside? It reminds me somewhat of how the late SA Fantastic 4 had Kirby on every cover but different artists inside. Do you think it was just to sell more issues?Special missions had some classic war writing in it as well. I think it was issue #2 or #3 that had the Nazi story line. GI Joe Frontline is another great read. I love the Zanya covers! I hope to post here again in the future.YO JOE!
  19. [/img] [/img] I just added these 2 books to my collection this week. Silver age Sgt. Fury.