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  1. True what they say. Once it gets cracked and re-subbed the graders have no idea of its previous grade. According to OP's math it is a $3000 gamble, although I am not really qualified to give advice about a flip.
  2. So plain old robbery! How about that !
  3. I don't get it. Other than a stupid price what is he doing wrong? Is it fake, counterfeit, a cracked purple? Maybe we need an "over my head" emoticon.
  4. Not remote but quite a far distance from me. I sold my ASM collection to Singapore off of southern Malaysia. It was from here on the boards.
  5. I guess it really does not blow my mind so much any more but I see alot of places that I am familiar with in Marvel comics. Still pretty cool though. I worked in Westchester County and The Adirondak Mountains. The Hudson River and Annondale are technically walking distance from my home. Staten Island and NYC are all real places that have appeared in the pages of Marvel that I have been to in real life. I think they did a pretty good job of representing the feel of the places as well. It makes sense because many people from the city like Marvel execs for example would tend to come to the upstate region where I live to sort of get away from it all, so why not give them a mention?
  6. I have been reading alot of X-men comics lately. On the last page of the last panel of X-men #96 Red Hook New York is mentioned. I went to elementary school in Red Hook NY. In fact it is right near Bard College which is also mentioned in Uncanny X-men during the Inferno event. I figured it would happen eventually considering Chris Claremont went to Bard. Annandale-on-Hudson is an absolutely minuscule town around 100 miles from NYC. Red Hook is not much bigger.
  7. So would I but neither of those 2nd books are on the OP's list. BB 28 = 1st app JLA Avengers 1 = 1st app and origin of the Avengers. To qualify : not the first app of the hero's but rather the first app of the teams.
  8. Personally I would cross ASM#1 off the list. I just do not think that would be a sound investment nor a wise direction to send your money. Sorry. Probably Avengers #1 would be my choice. If not then B&B #28. I feel the first appearances will make for a more sound return.
  9. I have had my eye on the Sgt. Fury book for quite a while. I feel it is another iconic SA cover of Cap on the level of Avengers #4. 8.0 was in my price range. I am very happy. Although I could not have said off the top of my head I would say any GA characters first SA app is pretty significant. FF#4 FTW.
  10. I have heard of this before. Did they mark the face of the pages? The leaf edges that is. I have heard that dealers will put a small smudge of varied marker colors in order to facilitate pricing. Different colors could mean a different price point . Typically I have heard of this most commonly at flea markets and it could mimic a distributor spray. I read something about all this here on the boards some time back I believe. If I had to guess it would drop the grade any where from 0 to 1 point. I mean pedigrees have writing on the cover sometimes and although this here is not a case of provenance it seems in the same vein.
  11. It was a low grade copy but Avengers #4 did slip through my fingers anyway. I decided to pursue a different angle altogether and I picked up a slab of Cap's 2nd SA cover appearance in Sgt. Fury #13.
  12. I have been working on this and it is a pretty big read. I read my physical copies starting January 1 thru about early June. Currently I am reading the remaining first 200 issues in an online format. I am about 50 issues in and looking forward to finishing the full series soon. Probably around early August. Every time I read this many issues consecutively I tell my self " never again" ! It has been interesting and fun. A long time labor of love. Thanks.
  13. I have had my sights on X-Men #4 for about a year now. It appears to have a pretty stable value.
  14. Yes! Awesome cover. I am finally within striking range for both of them. With Avengers #4 I fear it could slip from my grasp more easily though.
  15. I have a lot of X-men so I feel like my opinion might be biased towards that title. I see Avengers #4 as a hotter issue I though. So I suppose I would prefer the X-Men but be better off owning the Avengers.
  16. Avengers#4 vs. X-Men #4 Which would you consider to the bigger or better Silver age key(semi-key) book? Avengers #4 (Return of Captain America as leader) or Uncanny X-Men #4 (First appearance Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver 2nd appearance Magneto)?
  17. I was just looking through some receipts for around $3000 in slabs I have bought over the last year. Mostly from Metropolis and MCS. Plus about $400-500 a year for raw copies. So maybe 5k.
  18. I heard about it last year and the entry fee seemed really steep. Even still this year with ticket prices being between $20-35. I went to a Rockland comiccon a few years ago and the admission was about $12. Just wondering if there was something great right under my nose that I did not know about. Poughkeepsie is only about an hour North of NYC on the Thruway. https://www.hvcomiccon.com/events/
  19. Hudson Valley ComicCon Anyone familiar with this? Thoughts, comments?
  20. I have the ones from March 7 and 14. Are these them?
  21. I got this a few months back and have been looking for the time to show it off. I am not much of an autograph seeker but there is a bit of a story to seeking out this particular book. I am actually quite proud to own this.
  22. No. I really like the new series and pretty much any comic that has G.I. Joe on it. 'One must open oneself to the state of "listening to wind and water". Within the whisper of the wind, and the murmur of the water endeavor to discern between the false mind and the real mind. But remember that your very mind is the mind that misleads your mind.' Why?...Because of quotes like the one above.
  23. The brother of a guy I work with self created and printed a comic. I was just looking for some feedback and constructive criticism to pass along. Here are a few images. Thanks for the help.
  24. About 2 or 3 years ago I decided I wanted a 9.4 slab of GI Joe #24. This book has just always been a favorite of mine. I was really surprised to find that it could not be found. I could find a raw copy or so but the number of slabs on the census is low and the # of copies for sale even lower. The only slab I found was a 9.8 in all that time but it disappeared before I could buy it, although it was above the grade I was looking for. Nothing special or really valuable about this issue. So why you might ask? Because snow and ninja's! I did recently buy a copy and I have been trying to find the time to post it. The copy I bought is a raw and it is signed with a COA. So I still never once saw the book for a sale in that grade.