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  1. Comics But toys were my favorite at the time.
  2. Actually I mainly used a combination of MyComicShop and MidTown comics to finish purchasing the run. Although alot of the issues had been sitting in my long box for the last 20 years; which I got at my LCS. Plus rolling back the clock a few years I used eBay as well. I suppose if I want to complete the rest of my run I would use Metropolis for the silver age reader books but that will never happen.(Even if I win the lotto, which I do not play anyway.) One thing that stood out during this reading was how the issues sort of alternated through the 90's. For example the Jim Lee X-men series ran like the bi-monthly portion of the Uncanny series for something like 75 or 100 issues I believe. I think that was the hardest thing to follow. If wanted the rest of the story from one you needed to buy the other. Not to mention the many Marvel wide crossover events and other mini-series. Not even counting the Vol.2, Vol.3 and Vols. 4 out there right now. This is why I would not try to say I know everything about the X-men just from reading the '63 series. Tons and tons more reading that I will likely never even scratch the surface of. Just a bucket list thing that I wanted to do as a comic collector. I just wondered what it would be like to read near 50 years worth of a monthly title. It was cool.
  3. Some fascinating links there. Thank you.
  4. One last thank you to anybody out there still listening. I could not have completed this read with out the assistance of the people that contributed here on the CGC boards. So thank you all!
  5. Does anybody have a release date for this years guide?
  6. Yes, aware of how many crossover issues there are involved with the original UXM series, but no intention of reading them anytime in the near future. If you ask me the whole crossover idea in general started out well enough but by the time of the Onslaught event it just seemed like an extraneous gimmick to sell more of the over-published issues in an over saturated market.
  7. I know Gambit being a very popular character( and with out trying to give out spoilers )his focus as a major player sort of ends in issue 350. So technically that is within the last 200 issues. So as far as other major players coming along not so much. It is mostly a rehashing of the same team members in different locals and such. I believe the Onslaught was a huge crossover event just before that run as well but I really just found extraneous.
  8. So I guess starting from the beginning it got good around issue #50 with the introduction of Alex Summers and Lorna Dane. I also dug the upgrades in uniform that were going on through that part of the series and even seeing the retro art as well. After that I felt it got interesting again around issue #100-130 with the introduction of the Phoenix. That seems to be the most popular fan favorite. Issue #141 was a great one off that set the tone of the series for a very long while. The story arc leading up to #150 was fun with Scott and Madelyne getting stranded on Magneto's island. The introduction of Rogue was a good arc for a few issues. I found it through the Fall of the Mutants and Inferno up until the introduction of Bishop and Cable around the Executioners song and Bishop being kidnapped in space. After that it was sort of again through the trial of Gambit. I was never a big fan of him and still I am not. My most favorite arc was the Fall of the Shiar Empire 12 issue run from #475-487. I really liked that. Anything with the Shi'ar I found most enjoyable. The art was very cool. I liked how the series wrapped up by being sort of open ended.
  9. And ....Done! A full read through of 544 issues minus the 26ish reprints.
  10. I thought Annual 1 had a really cool story.
  11. No membership required. These would probably do best in the Gold for sale forum. Basically you can sell raw or CGC books here, but not the"competitions" books. Pretty nice sales thread by the way. Rules here: The following guidelines are now in effect. Over some period of time these may be modified or expanded. As of now, dealers are allowed to post here as long as all guidelines are respected. Note that BUYERS AND SELLERS HAVE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR TRANSACTIONS. We will not resolve disputes, and purchases and sales are done at your own risk. For Sale – Threads may be removed for failure to comply, and repeated issues could result in strikes. Books must be CGC or raw only, or items directly related to comics. No spamming. Group your for sale items into as few threads as is reasonable. Attempts to take up front page real estate by creating multiple threads for no reason are not allowed. List your books only once, and in the appropriate sub-forum. Incorrectly placed threads or books posted in multiple places will be moved. Repeat offenders will have their threads pulled completely. It must be an exclusive board-only offer. If the book is offered for sale through another venue (ebay, dealer site, personal web site, etc.) then it should NOT be offered here. It should be offered in the Sales Advertising board. Links to outside sites for any purpose involving purchasing the offered books are not allowed. It must list specific books with purchase prices. It is acceptable to bulk price, and/or to note that package discounts may be available, but you must list a starting price that you WILL sell for. List scans or information about the grade of the offered books. List estimated shipping costs, times, and methods. List acceptable forms of payment (NOTE: Personal PayPal payment is NOT allowed as a listed option in your post as it is not appropriate for item purchases.) A return policy must be stated with any time limits indicated. It is acceptable to say "No time limit" and/or "No returns" and/or have time limits that vary by reason for return e.g. "30 day return for any reason. No time limit returns for "not as described'". But time limits must be stated. If posting a trading thread you must list a dollar value price for the book that you WILL accept in TRADE VALUE, and you MUST put "TRADE ONLY" in the title of your thread if you will not accept money. Prompt responses must be made to buy requests made through the boards (posts or PMs). Threads may be bumped three times total AND only ONE FULL DAY AFTER falling off of the front page. This does not include "sold" notices, or truly useful informational updates. Note: we CAN tell the difference between a real update and a fake bump-update. Tread that line at your own risk. If you're spam bumping, "lawyering" the rules will not save you. Threads selling digital codes or digital versions are not allowed. Raffles are not allowed. Mystery boxes are not allowed. You must list everything you are selling exactly as the buyer will receive it. BUYERSWhen you reply to a sale thread indicating that you'll buy something you must indicate what book you're buying. Otherwise, if someone else is more specific than you are first, your offer won't be considered valid.
  12. Really not funny and I am not making fun of it, but that is some craziness.
  13. So wait...this is not a comic book but rather a photocopy of a comic book? In a cracked to all heck case.