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  1. Sorry Jimbo, In my diggings, the copy I found was only an F+ so no such luck! But seriously, sweet book! Those manage to elude, but I did manage to dig up some westerns.
  2. Great copy of this white cover. All 3 books are terrific! Please don't let your scanner cool off and show MOAR. I'm going to go digging this weekend for sure, if not sooner. It's a great excuse, after all, to visit some old friends!
  3. Happy hunting, Jayman! As a CGC newbie, my want list swells every time I peek back a few dozen pages in this here thread, and I've little ventured elsewhere. I can only imagine the tortured yearning I'll wind up with when I surf other threads... (but Atlas and Timely really do hold a cherished spot in my collector's eye. I remember as a kid the thrill of finding a "Silly Tunes" with Super Rabbit on the cover or a "Dolly Dill" or "It's a Duck's Life" ... "Buck Duck, My Friend Irma, Millie the Model"... and on and on, and to think I was buying those with my grass-cutting money while a prominent "George" was scooping up mint Timely's at the very same store! (sniffle) )
  4. See the Battle Brady above for the story where I got this trio of Atlas war... And, again, thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!
  5. See the Battle Brady above for the story where I got this trio of Atlas war...
  6. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome to the boards! I appreciate it. I thought I'd switch gears a little and scan some Atlas war comics that I picked up at an antique show last summer. I bought maybe twenty comics in all, including several pre-code DC war in the single digits, as well as a few oddballs like Two-Fisted Tales and a DC Gang-Busters. They were priced way under guide, which was a welcome departure from starry-eyed antique dealers who usually want $10 a piece for well-worn Looney Tunes. Most of the books have their share of flaws (very minor in some cases), but the gloss is great and the colors really pop. After making my rounds around the whole show, I went back perhaps to pick up one more DC radio-inspired comic like Mr. District Attorney, but they had sold all of them to the next guy who chanced upon them. Obviously I'm glad I got what I did!
  7. I get a Twilight Zone vibe every time I look at this book:
  8. My FIRST post - please bear with me while I figure this whole html thing out that I haven't dabbled with in twenty years... (If I get stuck, I'll ask my eleven year old!) Anyway, you gotta love the green background on this Maneely gem: