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  1. It might have been me. I think I might have put in a tracking bid.
  2. I also wish CL reported results. But all or nothing is 100% correct since we are talking about data, and if it isn't all reported, then the data is skewed.
  3. I picked one up a long time ago and it is in great shape. So good I thought it was a repo until I looked it up.
  4. So, if I'm a seller right now, I should go with HA? I'd have to do the math to see how it would come out after the buyers and sellers premium.
  5. Didn't the HA thing revolve around their employees being able to bid or not?
  6. That would be my answer. Bringing the both of you together
  7. I received this back along with the ASM #1 posted above. I've had this for about 15 years or more. Lucky thing I threw my disposable income into some lower end keys back then. Notice the price of 8c.
  8. I also noticed the deep color strike on that copy. Much deeper than mine at 4.5. Gratz to the new owner.
  9. Got this back a week or so ago. Came in right where I thought it would. Most importantly, no resto.
  10. Mr Wipple says please don't squeeze the MOASS. I mean Charmin.
  11. That's one I wish I had but I don't think I will be forking over the $$ for it at this point.
  12. I like when people keep the prices up because sometimes I use it for reference.
  13. If you insure your car with collision and comprehensive, then I would think the same type of person would consider a collectable policy. Especially when you get to a value of 20-25k, then I would consider a policy
  14. This is correct. It is kind of funny that UPS is conspicuously left off the list.
  15. Question- Why did USPS pay you, the receiver, instead of the sender, who purchased the insurance?
  16. CIS specializes in collectibles. collectinsure.com
  17. I quote, " The selling fee is automatically taken from the proceeds of a sale when the buyer pays the seller through PayPal Marketplace."
  18. From what I remember reading, you are not allowed to initiate anything with Paypal until THEY say so. If you do you are suspended.
  19. Payments are made through Paypal, so they are not in the middle of it. Actually a good idea for them not to have payments passing through their hands. It makes it much cleaner and easier on their side. That is, if everybody follow the rules.
  20. The seller would be the one collecting sales tax, and it is up to the seller to file a sales tax form and send in payment. I'm not sure I wan to do that as a casual seller. Also, no PGX allowed. Good thing. I see a couple of references about getting suspended as a seller if you don't follow through with the sale. Like the new move "I can't find the comic anymore, so I can't sell it to you anymore, sorry" because you as the seller think it should have been more.