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  1. Wait I'm confused. Why is everyone comparing the pieces to the published piece. That wasn't the beef. In the guy's original post he clearly stated that Malvin's piece was the published piece. He KNOWS his isn't the final published piece. The beef is...he believes Malvin's piece was lightboxed by Maguire (has no pencils/is inked only) and that he has the final original pencils (later inked by Farmer). That was the issue. Sorry Malvin, but you should have left you comment up that his was a preliminary sketch inked by Mark Farmer and that your piece was both pencils and inks by Maguire.
  2. The Jack Kirby original will go up for auction in the next ComicLink auction. The Mike Royer recreation was offered on Facebook and is clearly labeled as such.
  3. Yes, 11X17. They were the 2022 Fleer Silver Age Avengers Cards. Black Panther, Wasp, Vision, Quicksilver and Hercules all by Tom Morgan. The Scarlet Witch sold.
  4. It wasn't me. Not sure how but I lost it by $33. I was winning it at 2600.
  5. Yes, Lee you were correct. It was the 161 cover. The brief sensation was caused by the way it presented.
  6. I bought a piece. The image was great and the price was fair (at least I felt it was). Saved 28 pieces of which 16 are above 1600 which I will not be buying (I just like to look). Of the remaining 12, tomorrow I'll make an offer on one or two, see if there are any takers.
  7. I have no issue with sending a check. I have done it a lot this year, to dealers and collectors.
  8. I was surprised at the Green Arrow covers. All went for a healthy amount (some more healthier than others) I was hoping to snake one. It wasn't meant to be. Glad to have bought the two I have.
  9. That's Mark Texeira's signature.
  10. IMO you didn't miss much. The show was divided into two rooms. Comics in the large room and art/misc in the smaller room. Artist, the few that were there, were set up in the hall between the two rooms (except for Tex who was in the large room). Art dealers were Anthony Snyder's Comic art, Panel Page Art, Nostalgic Investments and Metropolis (Metropolis being the only art dealer in the large room). a few of the comics dealers had art but nothing more than a few pages. Vinnie
  11. I have no issues with covering the fees if using Goods and Services. However, I was not asked to use the Friends and Family option or to cover the fees for Goods and Services. It was quite refreshing.
  12. I've traded 3 times (that I can remember) in my 25 years of collecting. 2 of the 3 started off as purchase inquiries. 1st trade. I was contacted by a collector wanting to buy a piece from my collection. It was not for sale. However, I knew of him and his collection. He had a couple of pieces I wanted. The piece I had was an outlier in my collection but the focus of his and vice versa. I offered to trade. We did. 2nd trade. I was offered a piece I've wanted for a long time, by a fellow collector. We collected the same artist, with only a difference in character preference. He knew I wanted it, hell he knew it was my grail (maybe he didn't know 🤔I don't remember). Traded two of mine to get the one. Worth it. 3rd trade. I was contacted by yet another collector wanting to buy a piece or two from my collection. They were not for sale. Again, I knew of him and his collection. I asked if he still had two pieces (they were no longer posted in his gallery) in his collection. He did. We traded. In the end, in each trade I got something from my main wants and I hope they did the same. So know what the other collector collects or has in his collection and don't offer random pieces he has no interest in. I've turned down trades that didn't offer any of my main wants because I like my pieces better and if I wanted a one off of an artist or title I could buy one.
  13. Pages were confirmed available and ready to purchase on 4/6. Payment was made on 4/8 using paypal goods and services with NO added % to cover fees (only mention that because everyone now ask, even some dealers, to cover fees when paying with goods and services) Art arrived 4/26. Pages look great! A success story. My thanks to the Kennedy's and Mark.
  14. I won a cover. Didn't follow the whole auction. I won the cover pretty early and didn't watch the rest.
  15. I inquired the day (2/11) sallah4life posted. I went through the master list, scoped out the pieces I wanted. Followed instructions, made sure it was available, made clear what i wanted and the price. I was ready to purchase just waiting for confirmation from them. Received an email 2/15 thanking me for the inquiry and that they were inundated with requests, they would process requests in order. That's it, that was the last email. Until today! Pages were confirmed available and ready to purchase! A success story.
  16. Just had my number called. Lucky #20! If I remember correctly the initial list was capped at 20.
  17. That's Tom Christopher's signature.
  18. I've never seen him sign like that but it is most likely Angel Gabriele. He went by Angel Gabriele, Pat Gabriele and sometimes as PD Gabriele. Probably a rough sketch by Denys Cowan because it looks to be more Gabriele than Cowan.
  19. All Ramona Pencil and ink, oversized! What's not to like.