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  1. Props to Mike for recovering my old account and posts.
  2. Yes, that's me! If you could merge the accounts, I'd be grateful.
  3. PS I guess this is a new account....hmm, wonder if I can retrieve my old account with thousands of posts attached? I'll look into that...
  4. Hey folks, some of you may remember me being pretty active on the boards a few years back. Long story short: a series of work-related moves resulted in collecting going on hold. Most of my stuff got boxed up and held at a family member's house, as I knew I'd be bouncing around the country for a few years. I drifted away from the board, as life just took a few too many turns to keep up. I recently signed up for a long-term position, bought a new house, and have my stuff back! Looking forward to reconnecting and perhaps trading/selling a few goodies. This morning, as I was going through my stuff for the first time and found an Action Comics #29 I'd totally forgotten about. Good stuff. Anyhow, heya!
  5. Excellent buyer and great communication all the way through the deal. An asset to the community!
  6. Which one is supposed to be Hitler? The guy Beetle is holding?
  7. And why doesn't this book get more love outside of the mini-hobby of Centaur collectors? You would think the first Everett artwork would get more love from "mainstream" collectors. Might this be a breakout book someday?
  8. I still recall thumbing through that book when I owned it raw - well done, Chris. I might get the chance to do the same soon thinking about getting it in a new holder , I'm not a fan of the old design Awesome book! Makes my 5.0 copy look puny.
  9. Sad, but at least he had a long life. And the work, of course, lives on.
  10. Well it's a CSS22 POS, that trumps most other POSes.
  11. Wow, sounds like a great store. Nowhere like that in Atlanta, sadly.
  12. Btw, AMF1 is, I believe, the first published Everett artwork--is that correct? What a cover...
  13. Nice Tom! (dibs if you ever want to move/trade that issue). Noted, sir.
  14. My first Centaur. I finally took a plunge into the new money pit.
  15. These aren't in hand yet, but a little emailing today informed me that they're on the way, so I'm feeling good about posting this fearsome threesome. I went off my usual line (Wonder Woman, Spectre stuff, early Tecs, blah blah) and had lots of fun doing so.
  16. Crazy cover on that one... Cool book. Crazy indeed. I love the little bald-headed goon-look-alike. Just pushes the whole cover into the WTF red zone.
  17. My one and only c-link auction win. I'm pretty happy with it, though.
  18. obviously, we need pics!! When they all land. (thumbs u
  19. Good stuff! I bought 3 copies of CSS22 this week.
  20. Just picked up on ebay yesterday, so not in hand yet. But,