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  1. Got this in the mail today, very nice book but it has a small price sticker on the outer cover.
  2. This has been the best thread in the Bronze Age section for some time, thanks.
  3. If it is a real double cover CGC will grade it blue label and they will state that the outer cover is not attached on the label. Like Get Marwood & I said check out the Double Cover thread in general and you will find some examples like this one. Also if it real I might be interested in it, if you are looking to sell.
  4. Nice Book, does it still have the Tattooz intact?
  5. Got this nice book in today from a Double Cover FB group.
  6. A new addition to my ASM DC Collection came in the mail today. Sad that this is my first CGC graded one without the Double Cover notation on the top edge of the slab, looks out of place in my box, I hate that but love the comic.
  7. a Big Thanks to BlowUpTheMoon for helping me add a Marvel Team-Up to the DC Collection, looks nice between my #5 & #7 Thanks.
  8. ASM #167 7.5/8.0 VERY LIGHT CREASE BK CVR $20 the one with the bad misswrap. and Marvel Tales #106 4.5/5.0 $15 these two @ 25% off.
  9. Thanks to trademarkcomics got a nice upgrade to the ASM Double Cover collection in the mail today.
  10. This Thread needs a bump. and this came in the mail today.
  11. Thanks Guys for looking, I guess there is still a very small chance the signatures are real if he did a few conventions. I went to several conventions in Atlanta Ga. back in the late 80's & early 90's (Dragoncon and Atlanta Fantasy Fair) and I never seen him, but that sure would have been cool to have gotten his signature myself.
  12. Just don't know if they are really his signature or not, and I don't think there is any way to ever know for sure.
  13. Yea it was so long ago I really don't remember what he said just remember asking about them before the purchase and don't really remember how much I paid either but I can't image it would have been very much back then.
  14. Thanks for the comparison pictures Reggie that was very cool and appreciated. I hoped the autos were real but there really is no way to ever know for sure.
  15. No one even cared about Mark Jewelers copies back then and I didn't even know about that until I got them.
  16. Yea they may not be real but I took a chance when I bought them. Got them on the bay probably about 20 years ago and I messaged the seller and he assured me they were legit and price was not that much so I bought them.
  17. Here they are, seems I was wrong only three had the Mark Jewelers Insert.
  18. Hey Reggie no I did not get a 147 until several years later, my first ASM buy was 151 new off the spinner rack at a local Drug Store. Then I missed 152 but bought 153 up and got my first subscription with 166 which came in the brown paper sleeves that was so cool, I did eventually get a 152 a few years later. I found some cool comics I bought some years back that I might post on here if anyone is interested. It is four Marvel Tales Issues with Ross Andru autographs not sure the auto's are real or not and they are a little hard to see as they are done in marker on dark colored areas but maybe I can get some opinions on that here. I don't remember the issue numbers but one is the reprint of ASM #151 (reason I bought them) and all four also have Mark Jewelers Inserts.
  19. Posted this in the Double Cover thread so might as well put it here also.
  20. Not new but found this while looking through my Double Covers another one with the National Diamond Sales Insert.
  21. Very sorry to hear that, hope it was not because of the Funny Books.
  22. Hey Reggie really nice find on that Airport very Cool and a big thumbs up.
  23. Very nice 30 Cent Variant Double Cover. A New addition to the ASM DC collection came in the mail today.