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  1. Agreed. Kinda regretting not buying the Action Comics 1 I saw for sale at the turn of the century. I did snag a complete set of Spiderman 1 - 35 for 5k in 2004 off of eBay. That was a nice score. Only 2 restored comics out of the whole bunch; very minor. I would had never would think these books would be worth so much.
  2. I purchased a Superman 1 for 30k in 2012, I may be able to sell it for near 150k (source HA). I purchased a Batman 1 for 35k, I can sell it also for near 100k. I can sell my Dec 27 for north of 375k and I think I purchased it around 2000 for 18k. Just saying the prices now are crazy.
  3. You should get an insurance policy for your comics and collectibles. I have my collectibles with Markel.
  4. Very true. I remember years ago when many people said I was crazy to buy restored books. While not the majority of my books, they are worth the most. One, it's hard to let them go now. Two, the pool of people able to afford them is getting lower and lower. My restored Batman 1, Superman 1, DC 1 and DC 27; all restored; have jumped sky-high out of no where. I also have a 4.0 AM 15 I paid 5k for in 2005. I was shocked when someone offered me 26k for it. I am thinking we're in a bubble.
  5. I just checked HA's website and the solds for restored Superman 1, Batman 1, Dec. Comics 1, etc. are going for really crazy amounts. What am I missing?? I mean some can purchase a home after a sale.
  6. Posted the pics of a couple in the golden age forum.
  7. Thank you for the kind words. No ego, just thought it was a bit unique to have the then highest graded AC 100.
  8. Too bad those guys who received the SM1 and SM2 didn't keep them around.. They'd be worth tens of thousands; if not more.
  9. Miss the fact I had the highest grade. It was one of the main reasons why I purchased AC 100 at a premium back then.
  10. Anyone think it is worth considering sending in to CGC and pressing the NYWF 1940 and/or Action Comics 100? No way the 9.8 got there raw after 82 years in storage.
  11. Not sure what you mean. I understand they are worth some coin. But when we're talking about SM1, TEC 1 & 27, etc., two completely different ballgames. I worked hard in my life to get where I am now in my later years. Was near homeless more than once. I know I am fortune that I was able to get back on my feet and obtain some nice comics for the hobby. Never really thought there would be a chance for comics to be worth more than cars and homes.
  12. Was just sharing some pics, wasn't trying to garner or solicit sales from anyone.
  13. Not threatened, but I post a few pics of some not so special comics in the community, and people look up dates on when they were last sold? Crazy. Why would anyone make up something that they had these books? There's really nothing special about them. Though, it kinda sucks I no longer have the highest graded AC 100. I have the appraisals on file for each of the books from Value My Stuff, but I do not keep pics of the comics.
  14. Would you like me to post pics of the comics over today's newspaper?
  15. True, but Tec 1 is pretty hard to come by. Seeing what the mid grades restored are selling on HA is crazy..
  16. These comics I purchased 15+ years ago and are in my study. Not sure what they're worth in terms of actual market value. I know the Action Comics 100 is the highest grade I believe. NY Worlds Fair 2nd highest. Not sure of the rest. I don't keep the high value one's at the house, but I keep a few boxes there. Thoughts?
  17. Can't fight a mega corp like Heritage. Not Elon Musk.. However, if they f#cked me over on some games, I just don't trust them not to f@ck me over on my comics. Granted, I am sure Rick is a good guy, but that person who I dealt with, who's now a director I see, horrible. If they can promote garbage like that, forget it. I probably purchased 30k + from Heritage over the years. I wouldn't spend a dime with them. Fire that person, we'll talk. Yes, I know that won't happen. However, as I sell off my collection, an auction house may get the option.. I know one that will never get them.. Heritage. That's a big chunk of change off of the collection. I cannot support company who screws over a loyal (former) customer.
  18. I hear ya. My family couldn't care less about them either. They just think there a comic book. I showed my wife my Batman 1 once after we saw the movie, she said, oh, you collect comic books.. I said what do you think this is worth? She said, it says .10. I said.. Hmm.. Try 60k. She flipped out. Anyways, it's nice to have them as a financial backup in case I need them, but to own them is just something I never thought I'd be able to do. It's like owning a Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth rookie card; just worth more.. lol.
  19. It really is a beautiful comic, but yea, as these comics reach the stratosphere, the limited amount of buyers is a concern.