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  1. While it was not something I was trying to complete I thought I would ask others who are interested in partial books if anyone else was surprised by the sale price of the New Adventure Comics 26 in the last HA sale? I realize it is supposedly the rarest of all DC books, and it admittedly has a very cool cover, but I really thought this would go for less than half of the final hammer price. Am I missing something or were there just two really motivated potential buyers?
  2. I bought some books from a thread that was closed. Michael treated it like it was an important sale even though it wasn't a lot of money. He double boxed the order and made a trip to the post office so it could get out quickly. Great communication and a super nice guy. I would gladly do business with him again.
  3. I would take a camp era Okajima pedigree book over a higher grade non pedigree book and run out the door like a madman before the seller changed their mind! I would also be excited for a Mile High, Larson, and a few others of that vintage.
  4. I have a lot of qualified books, mostly for married parts. If the book is complete , it doesn't bother me at all. I would not pay blue label prices for qualified of course, but it does bring a lot of books down to where I feel ok about budgeting for them and spending the money on them. I also have a number that are restored. If it bothered me that much I would not have bought them. I also think that qualified, conserved and restored should be viewed differently for silver age and especially for golden age. I think if someone is reinforcing a spine, or something like that, to strengthen a book, as long as they are disclosing it, I think it is fine to make the book last longer as the number of these books is set, and the demand (in many cases) exceeds the supply.
  5. I think it looks like a 5.0-5.5 to me, but with the discoloration on the right side of the front cover that could really hammer this book. It seems, from my experience, that CGC really will hammer a water stain. I can't tell if that is what is present or not. If it is, I would say my estimate is a full point too high. It does have really nice eye appeal for a book of that grade.
  6. Finally!! A topic where I can excel!! I feel like I am playing a nellow hand in dominoes.
  7. Here really needs to be an “envy “ button among the choices. Nice pickup!
  8. I will take this one per PM. Thanks. Strange Academy 1 Walmart NM 9.4 - $22.00
  9. Another seamless transaction with Bob. Great to deal with, fair shipping prices, well packaged, and good communication. What more could you ask for? A+ experience.
  10. All of these sales with just big long lists and no pics reminds me of ordering from the Mile High adds in 1983. I feel like I should buy something but also list ten alternate choices because what I wanted always seemed to be sold out, and usually the alternate too. This is a really fun thread just to watch.
  11. I just checked the OP for this thread and it was including conversations about married books not just folks looking for parts. Because of that I hope it is ok to post a question for this group. I really like this thread. It is one of the very few I follow. It also makes up a group of collectors who are not totally turned off by books that are assembled from other books. Because of that I wanted you folks opinion. If you have a high dollar book that you have found all the pieces for and get it graded, as a buyer would you be willing to pay more if it qualified? qualified and conserved? qualified and restored? To be totally transparent I have assembled a More Fun Comics 53. I bought the comic missing two CF on HA quite some time back. I will include a photo of that cover. I think found a coverless that was missing 3 outer wraps and 1 CF. I bought it. I then found just a CF on ebay and bought that. So the finished comic has parts from 3 different donor comics. I say donor, I don't know if they were willing or not, but I took the parts I needed. The two CF are loose. I could pay to have them reattached with the staples (I don't trust myself to do it) and the book would be qualified. The cover does have about a three inch tear at the bottom which is not missing any paper. I could have that tear sealed and it would make the book more sound but then it is qualified and conserved. I could just go for total resto and probably with moderate professional restoration come out at about a 7. But then it is qualified and reserved and I would have spent quite a bit of cash for the restoration. While comic collecting for me in not only about money, I am also not the type to spend it foolishly where there is no chance of getting it back eventually. I also had the opportunity to buy another MF 53 that is in a bit better shape (Blue Label 2.5) so I am perhaps looking to move the married copy to raise funds for other purchases. Any opinions or expertise from the group would really be appreciated as I know quite a few of you are collector/dealers so you may have a much better idea as to what the general population of comic buyers would value. Thanks again.
  12. I would think a 6-6.5. I do think the clean and press would be worth it for this one. Nice book.