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  1. Very nice. I never knew this had the same cover as the Marvel UK Avengers 1 According to GCD, the Marvel UK came out in September, 73 & the EH in May, 74. Another type of cover set to collect! A second use of a foreign produced original!
  2. Don't trust that Clint Curtis. Drives way too fast and can't make up his bloody mind!
  3. I thought you'd be on top of this one, Velma. Lots of nice lots in this auction.
  4. Interesting lot currently in the Saleroom auction: My Girl Pearl (1960-61) 7-11. With My Friend Irma 39 (1954) [vg/vg+] (6). No Reserve (the-saleroom.com) No UKPPV of #7, but a nice cents copy to sit alongside a UKPPV that I know a certain individual has in his stash.
  5. Love it! I've got a Twilight Zone and a Boris Karloff from that publisher. Can't find my scans or I'd post them.
  6. Interesting. Never seen one of those before. Where is it from? Can't find it anywhere on the GCD. Just spotted your location, so I'm guessing now it's probably Canadian.
  7. Well, that's me told. I'll just sit quietly in the corner...
  8. Looks foreign to me... Possibly from the Philippines? Certainly not from the time when US comics sold for 12c.
  9. I spotted that. I've noticed it happens fairly regularly. One of the irritating thing about the GCD is the lack of uniformity in some of the more obscure entries. I try to correct them when I notice them, but I don't always have the time.
  10. Ahh..my old stomping ground. I grew up in Springfield. Spent many a distracted hour in the Geppi's in the Crystal City Underground, or at various Jubilee Comic Conventions. Thank you kindly.
  11. I didn't know I was on the gig. I knew I was off my rocker, but... Plus also, this job alert just popped into my inbox cos I is on their mailing list, innit. Having said that, it's started a couple of gears turning. If I spot anything potentially useful to you, Velma, you can rest assured you'll be the second to know.
  12. Anyone from our little rabbit hole interested in this - Vectis Auctions | It's located on the Northern slopes of Penceland. The "Vintage Toy/Collectibles Expert" sounds like a dream job, to me at least. If I hadn't just started a new job, I'd be like a fat kid on a cupcake with that.
  13. I am indeed. I added the issue skeleton to the GCD a few months back, remembering that I used to have a copy back in the dim and distant past. Where is "around here" btw? Also, can I add your scan to the GCD?
  14. Took me ages to find this one... on your old post - I'll leave it to you to add the rest of the Archie scans, cos I don't think there are many already present on the GCD.
  15. A couple more Star Wars variants - Canadian this time. Again, I would have thought there'd be enough of these floating around that someone would pop 'em onto the GCD.
  16. Ok. A couple of easy ones first. These are weirdy ones, I guess, in that they should be thick on the ground (careful now). Star Wars multi-pack non-reprint 35 cent variants. As I said, fairly easy to find. Just try to find a SW1 30 cent non-multi-pack reprint. I've only ever seen one, and I don't really trust the image. Also tough is the SW5 non-multi-pack reprint. Just wasted a half an hour trying to turn one up & found nothing. This is going to be one of the next things I try to quantify: relative scarcity of all of the Star Wars variants.