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  1. CGC's pop report has been a mess ever since the switchover to the new labels. Many Marvel cards can't be found in it at all. It's very frustrating. The following cert numbers are not in the pop. @CGCRyan could you check on these please? 1401005577001 1401005577002 1401005577003 1401005577004 1401005577005 1401005577006 1401005577007 1401005577008 1401005577009 1401005577010 1401005577011 1401005577012 1401005577013 1401005577014 1401005577015 1401005577016 1401005577017 1401005577018 1401005577019 1401005577020
  2. Hey, I'm wondering if CGC will grade ITCC (Indonesia Trading Card Collectors) sketch cards? ITCC Series II cards, for example. I'm attaching a pic of the back of one of these cards.
  3. Hey @KaileeS CS, The pop report is still really screwed up. Line 3 of submission # 4287228 still isn't in the pop. Also, the card I'm attaching a picture of isn't in the pop either. Will these cards be added to the pop eventually? Or will the pop always be missing cards?
  4. @KaileeS CS The cards in submission # 4287228 still are not in the pop report. It has been 3 weeks since this order shipped. Can you please check into this?
  5. @NickiO CS, Do you have an answer for my question above? Thanks
  6. Thank you for the response. One more question - how long does it take cards to show up in the pop report after they're graded? The same submission I referenced a card from above, submission 4287228, has already been delivered to me according to tracking. Yet the cards in that submission still aren't in the pop.
  7. Hey CGC, Since changes have taken effect, there seem to be issues with your pop report. Are you aware of these issues and attempting to fix them? Take Umbreon V 189 from Evolving Skies for example. I'm attaching screenshots of its pop report. There are supposed to be 43 pristine 10s and 363 gem mint 10s. When I click on each though for a breakdown, the total for each grade says 109 graded. Many of the cards showing up in the pristine pop, based on sub grades, would not be pristine 10s and should not be in that pop.
  8. Hello @NickiO CS, Is there a reason it's so secretive? To my knowledge BGS is fully transparent about how their sub grades are used to calculate overall grades. It would benefit CGC to also be fully transparent so their customers understand why their cards are receiving the grades they do. Are you at liberty to share the exceptions you mentioned above?
  9. I had a card graded today that received an overall grade that is 1 point higher than the lowest sub grade. Based on what I've seen, the OP's card should have graded an overall 8.5.
  10. I would like to ask about sketch cards and how the grading process works for these given the unique nature of these types of cards. They are heavily handled by the artist, and I would think that grades for them would be lower on average than they appear to be in the pop report. Marvel Metal 2022 artist sketch cards are almost all 8.5 or better. A few questions: 1) Could you provide any clarity on how graders grade these cards? 2) Does ink bleed through affect surface grades? I am attaching two pictures of cards where the ink has bled through from the front of the cards to the back. One is graded by CGC and received an 8. These are not my cards, but I'm interested because I'll be grading some sketch cards in the future if I can better understand the process. It would seem to me like any surface issues caused by the mediums in which the artists used to put the art on the cards should not negatively impact the grades of these cards, but I'm wondering if CGC disagrees and docks for something like ink bleed through. 3) How do graders differentiate between surface damage caused by the artist during the drawing process and surface damage that might come after that's not caused by the artist? Unless it's something obvious that would affect the grade, like a dent or a crease, how are minor surface flaws handled? Is CGC in general more lenient when grading these cards? 4) How is centering determined? Especially for sketch cards that have no borders printed on, like the Marvel Metal 2022 sketch cards. Corner damage and edge wear are more self explanatory. Thanks for any insight you can provide!
  11. You have a Crossover option for "same grade or higher." Doesn't that mean you have to screen the card before cracking it out?
  12. @KaileeS CS and @NickiO CS Just a friendly suggestion, CGC needs a process better than the current one for customers wishing to add subgrades to their labels. It's like CGC is not willing to honor their previously given grades. BGS, the other company that offers subgrades, will add subgrades to a label for the cost of grading without "regrading the card as though it's raw." They will honor the previously given grade. It's a very strange stance for CGC to take, to not honor their previously given grades for repeat customers who are asking for a service that should be very easy for CGC to preform. CGC is discouraging customers from giving them repeat business. Something else to consider: the vast majority of CGC labels out there don't have subgrades. Customers are choosing not to get them because $15 is too steep a price to pay - as another poster said - for some extra ink on a label. BGS offers subgrades for a lower price. CGC used to as well before raising the price from $10 to $15. CGC should be encouraging customers to opt for subgrades, not discouraging them from doing so as they are now. Could you please share this feedback with your internal team?
  13. I sent mine back to CGC to fix the labels. I should be getting them back soon and will be posting on Insta in the coming weeks. I'll be sure to tag CGC Trading Cards so hopefully people will be able to see them if they look under the "tagged" section on CGC's page.
  14. Is there any update on this? Thanks
  15. My submission was received by CGC on 10/7/22, and there has been no movement. Granted it was trading cards, but still early. Kinda frustrating.
  16. Has anyone heard when Todd will be back in house for his next stint of signing? Should be sometime this month right?
  17. @MattM CS Are trading cards in the queue alongside comics? I ask because my cards order was received on 10/7, and it looks like some comic book submissions received after that have jumped ahead of my cards in the queue. Thanks
  18. Sure, will do. This board is just a lot more active than the Trading Cards board, which is why I came here. I'll ask there though. Thanks Mike!
  19. @CGC Mike Mike, are trading cards in the queue alongside comics? I ask because my cards order was received on 10/7, and it looks like some comic book submissions received after that have jumped ahead of my cards in the queue. Thanks
  20. I realize this is the comic forum, but the trading cards forum is dead. I sent in eight cards, received 10/7. Still scheduled for grading. Will post updates if there's movement on the order.
  21. I'm not sure doing DBZ/DBGT from 2000 is worth CGC's time. That collector base is deeply entrenched in BGS. Pretty much all those cards go there.
  22. They can offer lower prices. At some point, when they are starved of work, they will have no choice.