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  1. Guardians of the Galaxy appearances 1969-1980 Marvel Superheroes # 18 January 1969 (1st) Marvel Two-In-One # 5 September 1974 Giant Size Defenders # 5 July 1975 Defenders # 26 August 1975 Defenders # 27 September 1975 Defenders # 28 October 1975 Defenders # 29 November 1975 Marvel Presents # 3 February 1976 Marvel Presents # 4 April 1976 Marvel Presents # 5 June 1976 Marvel Presents # 6 August 1976 Marvel Presents # 7 November 1976 Marvel Presents # 8 December 1976 Marvel Presents # 9 February 1977 Marvel Presents # 10 April 1977 Marvel Presents #11 June 1977 Marvel Presents #12 August 1977 Thor Annual # 6 1977 Marvel Team-Up # 86 October 1977 Avengers # 178 January 1978 Marvel Two-In-One # 69 November 1980
  2. Here is a great link that has some civilian suggestions in addition to Comics4Kids. http://www.popimage.com/upfront/111400activism.html
  3. Some Non profits may also be a charity or service organization; they may be organized as a not-for-profit corporation or as a trust, a cooperative, or they exist informally We are informal until we refile new Articles, and then file for IRS recognition. See you tonight
  4. Now that is some book! I love Mile High books from the fifties. I suggest, however, you send it back to CGC so they can reposition the microchamber paper. It's an eyesore--especially on any high-grade book. Just my opinion. Love the book. SLR More importantly the MCP is getting down into the well and can ever so slightly start bending your front cover or put pressure to create a tear
  5. 4) If #1 is a no, then why has it taken 16 years to still NOT be a 501©(3)? I just now have the time and health to devote my full attention to the matter. I had experienced a series of events that prevented my full zealous endeavor within the boundaries of law. 2012 is the Year of the Kid ! 5) Why is the comics4kids corporation in WA showing as inactive and expired since 2010? The information you have is the most current to date. We are moving forward filing updated status paperwork
  6. So far all operating costs have been out of pocket of executive staff. When we are eligible to receive cash donations or merchandise to liquidate and use the funds for C4K (IRS 501 c3 recognition) then there will be a breakdown. Based on your formula 25% of our budget is operating and 75% comics into hands. We can attend less conventions overhead with satellite offices and volunteers like y'all putting fliers out and this type of thing.
  7. I have H info but have to post later, paperwork not on me at this juncture. Even a lot of Forum members here too when they had a sick relative
  8. I agree. I will go point by point tonight to respond to questions - all who have questions feel free to post so I can answer one at a time and not in the huge quote things. I been involved with CGC since May 1999 and this is going into my tenth year on the boards so I have seen what y'all have seen and appreciate the skepticism. So I will be looking forward to your questions right here tonight -
  9. Are you saying these are donations? I saw Michael Carbonaro walking around the room with those books. He brought the Marvel 1. He bought the AF 15 at the show. I doubt he donated them to anyone. But I could be mistaken. Not donations Richard - I told Mike (see his hand on the MM 1) that we do not have articles of incorporation or recognition from the IRS. Also why I wasn't asking you for comics when we were talking. I put the caption on for fun. It's just a great shot of Damien and he was alla excited.
  10. Go here. http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=25&page=1 Nothing! Did it get deleted They would be able to verify but it is a safe bet that he is the white guy in the picture. Have you not read Overstreet Price Guide?
  11. Thank you for the incentive Comix4fun,. I needed to step it up a little bit and your understanding has allowed me to now address these issues in one place. It is correct that the information you have diligently culled is in existence. If the CGC FORUM might offer a more suitable, coherent situation in which I might address valid public concerns I would welcome the opportunity to interview and bring you all up to date on our collective efforts. I will go point by point tonight to respond to questions - all who have questions feel free to post so I can answer one at a time and not in the huge quote things. I been involved with CGC since May 1999 and this is going into my tenth year on the boards so I have seen what y'all have seen and appreciate the skepticism. So I will be looking forward to more of your questions right here tonight - Here for Comix and Donna, etc My response in BOLD I have to ask this seriously, is this all a joke? The intentions were NOT spelled out in the original thread (since deleted) where you were fundraising, ostensibly, for C4K. No one there understood what was going on. There was no mention of where the cash was going and that it was covering your trip to NO. I cannot comment on deleted items, however I would submit that the press release issued by CGC, Comics Buyer's Guide, and Wizard World all outlined the purpose. Just a dude selling his friends comics to raise money to get to Neuvelle Orleans Louisianne (only cause thats how they said it down there) Clearly I did that. and was in Neuvelle Orleans Louisianne to prove it It wasn't until people started questioning you that a link to the ebay auctions were posted and in them we saw no mention of the money going to charity, and only a mention of "gotta get to NO". I cannot comment on deleted items, however I would submit that it is fair to state that, with amendment to include that all questions may now be answered as your tone was accusatory and challenging. I wrongly believed that this forum was a more behind the scenes and nurturing friendly environment, a virtual sounding board if you will, not my personal crucifixion. Originally Posted By: Dr_Neff I do not sell on eBay. I do not have a comics4kids seller account on eBay. I cannot control what sponsors sell online. If there were any question for legality of items report them to eBay if you have questions/concerns. I have email comics4kids@aim.com for any questions You don't? Really? See what I do in bold nowhere mention of selling comics I have many eBay starter sites that use me as a grader so they let me put the resume on there to promote appraisal services Selling your comics? Been listing too long on eBay or Craigslist? I Buy comics, I Give away comics (Comics4Kids, Inc.) I Appraise Comics ( Emerald City Appraisals ) I can assist you with a plan to sell your books if I don't buy them. I also suggest comics investment candidates and reading lists for interested parties. Tutorials for selling your comics in multiple venues. Appraisals Authentication Archival Solutions Corroboration Information Restoration detection Pre and Pro Screening for CGC/PGX encapsulation candidates FIND OUT HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR GRADES! FREE email consultation email comicdarling@aim.com please put "appraisal" in the subject line: If you would like to talk all things comics or are interested in my services contact Dr. Moore at Emerald City Appraisals(206) 327-7436 check out what motivates me at : http://scoop.diamondgalleries.com/scoop_article.asp?ai=4028&si=124 Consultant, Sotheby's Auction Consultant, Ixtlan Entertainment Author, Freedom Fighter Adventure Series 1,2,3 Author, Tacoma News Tribune Author, Tacoma Reporter Advisor, Overstreet's Comic Book Price Guide Advisor, Overstreet's "Fan" Advisor, Overstreet's "Comic Book Monthly" Advisor, Overstreet's Comic Book Marketplace Advisor, Overstreet's Comic Book Grading Guide, 2nd Edition Quality Control Specialist, Comics Guaranty, LLC ( CGC ) Comics Buyer's Guide #'s 1540,1561,1564,1609 Diamond Dialogue January 2004 "Star Collector" So this isn't you? Really? The references are mine yes, not my page though Are you really a Doctor or do you just play one online? I am not a medical Doctor . How stupid do you think people are on this forum? I think our fellow forumites raise legitimate concerns. Next up...you can't control what "sponsors" sell online? Heidi Spidey is just a "sponsor" Yes Heidi Spidey chooses to donate to Comics4Kids and our combined efforts knowing there is no personal gain for her at this time. Even though it's clear this is where you sell all your items and the "about me" is ALL ABOUT YOU, and that when you click on the hotlink under any of the scans of the books at the top of that page it takes you to YOUR myspace page, let's take a look at that claim that it's a "sponsor's" doing, and you have no control. No one uses myspace that is a data storage only Heidi Spidey is a "sponsor" now? totally out of your control? Has nothing to do with you other than being a "sponsor"? She's not your girlfriend/fiance/significant other? I am in a relationship (sorry to disappoint, guys) ~ Those posters are not mine. Clearly adult items cannot be passed on to the kids. Some have trememndous secondary value. Items sold to raise money to buy applicable comics for kids. eBay members have to be 18 to bid. eBay also censors anything illegal. There is no complicity heading into actual Comics4Kids literature or daily business. What happened to your argument that the Traci Lords Porno posters were ART, like MAPLETHORPE? You defended selling them as a work of artwork. Did you give up on that and just decided to deny ? Since the posters were allowed to stay on eBay for so long and still others popularly traded I think they are considered art. What happened to the "thanks" you posted to the boards for giving those auctions so many hits? The thanks is still there up to and including the person who bought them all offline making this point potentially moot as of this time Amazing that you are STILL glossing over that you think you are running a charitable organization for kids and have no qualms at all about selling porno posters right next to auctions supposedly to help kids. I don’t have use for those qualms Also, you never answered Dr. Balls, or Seanfingh or anyone else questioning if you were really Black and if you aren't Black why you would claim to be here. I was being sarcastic based on earlier comments. I thought the exchange was more affable than accusatory. I do have mixed heritage and am very proud of it. All those claims were made on THIS forum.....they should be answered on THIS forum Please feel free to add questions I will be happy to field them as applicable.
  12. I met the kids from WD and they are AWESOME! little dude doesn't collect comics he is into video games Xbox360. very smart and career minded
  13. Yes the all the intentions were clearly spelled out in the initial post I do not sell on eBay. I do not have a comics4kids seller account on eBay. I cannot control what sponsors sell online. If there were any question for legality of items report them to eBay if you have questions/concerns. I have email comics4kids@aim.com for any questions
  14. Well he's deleted ALL of the "Rah!! Rah!! Let's do it for the kids" and "Wizard and GPA and CGC and Harley Yee have all donated to the cause". Now it's straight for sale thread without all the implications that these auctions are for charity. Probably for the best since he couldn't/refused to answer very simple questions about what the money was for, how it was going to be used, etc. People were donating books, listing them in that original thread, assuming it was going directly to the kids. I don't think they ever got an answer. I don't think that was an accident. THEY = Me was selling MY comic books to raise money to pay for trip, relaunching charity anticipating participation not condemnation. As it stands, I have now raised the money to file for my IRS recognition after which I (THEY) plan to continue giving comics to kids for free, to improve literacy and encourage imagination. My former co workers at CGC graded MY comics for me, that I sold and used to go to New Orleans where MY friends gave me a table and I networked with old and new friends, including Stan Lee who Thanked ME for my efforts. The CGC board is not the place to bounce ideas ~ Rather after concrete legalization will return to recruit those in favor. I appreciate all curious to email me at comics4kids@aim.com Special Thanks to the people who deserve it
  15. We went through that in the, now deleted, thread. People asked real, concrete, cogent, and reasonable questions and they were responded to with snarky, insolent, and defensive responses that were VERY short on answers and long on pot shots, cross accusations, and foggy logic. When I specifically pointed out that he was using the "Comics4Kids" banner in his auctions and right next to them he was selling Traci Lords Porno Movie posters from films where she was a minor (yes that's child porn) and that the movies that were the subject of those posters were seized by the FBI as child pornography he decided to call them "art" like the Maplethorpe images that caused a ruckus decades ago, and defended the movie posters as artwork. He blew right past how auctions run under the auspices of helping children might be hindered by selling, at the same time, posters from films that turned out to be child pornography. Runs auctions for kids, runs auctions for this stuff, side by side, no qualms, not a second thought. He actually thanked the thread, for all the hits those posters were getting. Classy, mature, and utterly and devastatingly unaware of how his words were torpedoing any shot he had at being taken seriously. The thread has been since deleted, to the benefit of Mr. Moore. Anyone who saw it probably had their jaws drop with the same "thud" that mine did. Now he wants all questions and correspondence to be completed by email only. If I were him, I would too...publicly he's taken a wrecking ball to himself, might as well do it in private too.
  16. (thumbs u Comics4Kids invites all questions, comments, thoughts to be addressed to me directly. I have an email comics4kids@aim.com. Yes we need to get organized that is why I have appealed to the collecting community for assistance.
  17. http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=5289756#Post5289756 PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT AND PARTICIPATE! USE your unwanted raffle/drawing winnings too
  18. http://shop.ebay.com/heidi.spidey/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=50 Awesome NM scattered in my VF tasties will accept offers too buy them all we make a trmmnds deal. I just wanted to leave the vowels out. I think it looks cool
  19. need Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Joe Linsner SS for my Girl Spidey, low grades obviously cool. I would buy them !