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  1. Samurai, Ronin, Bell-ringers, Boat-makers, all gather round: Ten years is long enough to honor a set of comics now almost forty years old. This journey began for me in 1987, and will remain with me, I suspect, long after July, but next month marks ten years of registry magic and decades of being inundated by the wolf and his pup. The baby cart is full to overflowing, slip loose the 4-colors! (I read too many Stan Lee editorials as a child- forgive the flowery prose.) Heritage Auctions will sell over 95% of my registry set in July in two different auctions. (I kept the Aragones sketch cover, the Sakai sketch cover, a few under-copies, and the #9 and #10 for sentimental reasons.) Every scrap, every kewpie, every OAK copy, including the 10.0 must go. There are many, many incredibly rare and one-of-a-kind pieces in the collection, and I imagine they will go well over tree fiddy. Maybe even four dollars. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the lovers of Mandalorian, Kill Bill 1, Road to Perdition, etc. The comics (and ephemera) will be offered in the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Comic Books Select Auction #122429, July 09-July 16, 2024. I will edit in the link when they go live. The art (and there are some beautiful pieces) will be offered in the Wednesday Comic Art Select Auction #322429, July 10-July 17, 2024. Again, I will edit the link when they go live. Happy Hunting, I wish you all well, and I can be reached through PMs. Ogami https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=92649
  2. Ban Dan the Man, Thank you for letting me know about these OAs. And thank you for the thread. And thanks to all for continuing to compile for posterity, this great work. If the fans don't, it won't happen. (at least in English)
  3. You can't discuss Miller without discussing [Eisner and] Koike and Goseki. There is no Daredevil as we know it, Ronin, Wolverine Limited Series, or TMNT [inspired from an inspiration] without Koike and Goseki. I recommend anyone who loves Miller find the Dark Horse published conversations between Eisner and Miller, and do their best to find press articles of the day to see Miller's self described debt to Koike and Goseki's Lone Wolf and Cub.
  4. Great game! I'm diving deep into Euro Board Games.
  5. This is one of the best threads ever in the history of the boards.
  6. Have you seen The Raid: Redemtion? There's some amazing fight scenes in that. Greatest action movie to come out in a long time !! Raid I and II are the standard by which I hold all modern martial arts movies to. I know it CAN be done, so I EXPECT it to be done. Wick, well done. DD season 2, I'm looking at you...
  7. Daredevil when the Punisher kills people, "YOU MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!" Daredevil when Elektra kills people, "How you doin?"
  8. Checkerboard reject pancakes. Hubris regards Pat Sajak triumph under fig stake. Rumpus dig butter gut hug jump. Ralph pro titan yawn!! Contentious poster.
  9. If Enya sang that, it would be beautiful.
  10. Thanks Count Von Longen Dongen. I was organizing my cds so all of these were cds I have. I can proudly report that I have no Enya cds. You know she's the little sister to the group members of Clannad, of Last of Mohican's soundtrack fame, yes?
  11. Park, I love this side of you. P.S. Please post Enya now.
  12. If you listen with all of your heart, you can hear Ditch, as if a whisper of a forgotten Saint...
  13. I hear the reason why Ditch hasn't been around lately is because he's been ghost signing for Stan Lee.
  14. Yep. Imma go put on my scumbag hat and find new friends. What did we learn today, children? That we don't need Ditch to have a successful Ditch Journal thread.
  15. Was pleasantly surprised with series! On the positive side, good modern noir, down to the gumshoe rarely catching a break, REALLY nice cast of fleshed out characters, and feminism on display without being militant or Mary Sueish. On the negative side, the middle drags. I feel like this was six hours of story telling told over the course of thirteen hours. Would have liked to have seen more "case of the week" to better fill the time. Also, and this is a quibble for ABC executives, but there is a huge gap between ABC Marvel programming, Marvel movie programming, and Netflix Marvel programming. I wonder how many 10-13 year olds watched JJ. I LOVED that the series basically used the Batman/Joker dynamic from DKR. Very savvy, IMHO.