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  1. At least I now know the one I’m going to submit is a 9.9 or 10 candidate.
  2. I’m not seeing 10s like crazy, nor do I hope to, but I don’t see that many from PSA either.
  3. Ooofff…. That’s rough on the 7.0 i have about 2000 Marvel Cards I was looking to do, but not if that’s a 7. Are you finding their grading as stringent as the competition?
  4. I believe the answer is 7.0. Part of me wants to say 7.5 but I’m sticking with 7.0
  5. That’s an amazing collection! Unbelievable the quality of those ungraded GA/SA books.
  6. With someone who knows how to press well I think this is a real chance at a 9.0.
  7. No brainer on pressing this book, it will benefit GREATLY from one. I think the majority of what I’m seeing will come out if the presser is good. Going to say a 6.0. If you get a get lucky maybe a 6.5.
  8. Hey, if you come across more of the MARVEL/DC let me know.
  9. Can you take a close up picture of the top right corner? It looks like there's a piece missing on the corner or it's folded over. Hard to see.
  10. Nice. Just asking as that was the book that stood out to me. Nice pickups!
  11. 🤣 I guess sarcasm went right over the heads of a few.
  12. Show him nothing…. Let’s hope he stays away and finds stamp or coin collecting exciting. One less competitor to have in the game is fine with me. 😂
  13. Have them C&P and it’s a 7.0 all day long
  14. Anyone know what the current MV of a Universal 9.8 GS XMEN 1? Thanks in advance.