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  1. Or will it be at held at CGC or an LA office?
  2. I have no idea, but I’d be shocked if they didn’t. Because I don’t think I’m alone in this, but I would be far more likely to attend if CGC was there. and yes CGC was there in 2021. It’s clear they attended because even in 2021 cons were sparse. SDCC didn’t happen. Still they are coming out to Southern California for SDCC a week later. Logistically it wouldn’t be difficult to make this happen. 120 miles away
  3. And They have a much better artist line up than Wondercon.
  4. Thank you for response. I hope you guys reconsider. CGC attended in 2021 the last time I went to TorpedoCon, and I much prefer using your services directly
  5. They have a monster lineup so it’d be really nice to have you guys there. It’s a week before SDcon why not do both?
  6. CGC is very fortunate their only real competition is an underfunded incompetent company owned by the the most incompetent company in the collectables world, Beckett.
  7. This is utter nonsense. You want badly to see this person as a bad actor or charlatan, when in fact this video is a great service to the community. The video clearly demonstrates that with a modest amount of patience and effort these slabs can be compromised. Now, instead of only the scammers being aware of this, we all are, and it will further pressure CGC to make the security upgrades needed to protect against tampering. His video has 8k views which likely amounts to a YouTube ad rev check for less than the change you have rattling around in your pockets and the stuff he sells on his website is so niche I doubt he breaks even on any of it. He’s just a guy that loves science and comics and there is no reason to doubt his intentions. You on the other hand are a clear shill
  8. So all of these gift 9.8s we excoriated CGC graders for were actually scam books. They were perfect all along.
  9. Careful, I received a warning for talk like this yesterday. Additionally CGC made it mandatory for me to “acknowledge” the infraction to conintue to post. Ironically the whole point of my initial posting was that pressure from competitors might hasten an Acknowledgment of this ordeal from CGC. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope to come back here tomorrow to find that CGC has announced sweeping changes to their policies, offered a FMV buy back to anyone stuck with any of these fraudulent books and filed federal charges against the scammer.
  10. “Can sum up the Cole Schave scam in a few sentences” - responds with a link to a thread with 5,000 posts LOL
  11. Lock this thread? Zero chance that would ever be seriously considered. If they shut down this conversation while at the same time remaining completely silent would for all intents and purposes confirm everyone’s worst fears. And at that point they might as well make CGC.com a redirect link for cbcs
  12. It’s shocking that they let this go on for a week without even an acknowledgment that they are aware of the situation and are investigating. However this is dwarfes the “controversies” of the past like the acetate cover so maybe they are overhauling their PR playbook. By the way their PR Playbook had one play and it was this…
  13. Not sure about this. The other guys slab, which I have purchased to crack and send in to CGC is significantly harder to break out and in my experience causes much more damage to the entire slab in doing so. Of course I don’t know how the fraudsters opened their slabs so anything is possible I suppose. BUT, even if they could pull this off at the other graders, why would they when doing it at CGC guarantees you a 25%-50% higher return. So I’m pretty comfortable concluding that this hasn’t happened to them. Yet fortunately for CGC their competition is utterly clueless and incompetent and will do nothing to capitalize on this opportunity
  14. CGC obviously knows the account associated with the fraud. The very first thing They need to do is release a list of every individual book this account has reholdered and offer to buy back all of them at FMV
  15. CGC is looking at this guy’s grading history and they are so shook they can’t even release a statement
  16. There has been a demonstrable decline in the number of 9.9 and 10 grades given out since 2017/18. And the further you go back the more 9.9 and 10s you will find. as to why, I’d theorize that as submissions were growing in the late 2010’s and when they grew exponentially during Covid that the time allotment given to a grader per modern book decreased or the quota on how many books they were expected to grade per hour increased. And in my opinion the time it would likely take a grader to reach the 9.8 threshold with a given book is dwarfed by the time it would take to determine if a 9.8 is a 9.9/10 So once the grader determined the book was a 9.8 they were done But that’s just my opinion. The precipitous drop in 9.9 and 10s however is a fact. I don’t want to derail this important thread so I’ll just leave it at that and you can have the last word if you wish
  17. I’m not sure about that. It’s very possible that you are right however I think back to other “scandals” and I agree, they definitely appear to wink wink guarantee a certain number of 9.9 and 10 graded books to some of their more prominent retail partners when they do gigantic submissions of retail exclusives. But these books are generally graded correctly. The problematic part of it is that the vast majority of the time when your average Joe sends in a submission they’re books are rarely even given consideration for the 9.9 or 10. Once these books have reached the graders threshold for a 9.8 the grading is over and it is given a 9.8. I agree that this is a problem but in the end I just don’t care that Comic Tom has been given a couple of 10 graded copies of his foil exclusive of some meaningless book that I wouldn’t have received. Personally, I view this situation differently, I have lost some confidence in Their core product. They have demonstrated that they cannot guarantee that the book in their slabs has actually been graded. Who knows how long this has been being exploited and by how many parties and how many fraudulent books are just floating around out there. Are there any in my box right now? And the major point is that this fraud isn’t occurring with a worthless Comic Tom Foil Exclusive. It involves some of the most sought after books amongst those in the community. In my opinion, any major book like this cannot be purchased online unless from a very well known and well respected seller. For the most part These books now have to be examined in person before any purchase which leads to the question of CGC’s relevance. If I basically need to entirely regrade a book before I buy it why do I need them. Without confidence in their guarantee they are worthless. Maybe I was delusional, but this is the first time I’ve felt this way and I have to believe that at least a small part of the community feels this way as well
  18. The fact that CGC has yet to even acknowledge that they are aware of someone potentially defrauding the system and that they are investigating, suggests, to me at least, that they have uncovered a lot more fraud by this account and potentially others. They may want to announce a new more secure slab and/or a series of new security policies along side an admission that they were duped to soften the PR blow