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  1. Nice job as I said previously I picked my #307 9.4 for $3.00, the #303 seems hard to find, there is a seller who wants $80 for a VF+ raw - if I'm paying that price I think I need it graded
  2. Well I hate to tell you but I just got my grades online for my 307 gold... And you're still #1!!!! For now... My 307 Pressman was just graded 9.2 I also had a X-Men 11 Pressman graded, coming back 9.4 Good stuff for books that are mis-handled.
  3. If you look at the back scan of the books you can see that it's advertising 'Pressman' (the toy company) board games. Within some of these games were 2nd prints of UXM #303, #307 (gold covers) & XM #11 (this was silver) and you could 'mail away' for #297 (gold), this is why, this is the rarest, I believe?
  4. Thanks, picked it up for $3.00 from a seller on 'Comic Collector Live' !! Good business
  5. Hell, everything thing else got one, how 'bout a Pressman Mail Away Variant Thread, & no I'm not baiting anyone - it's about the love Just got this one back from Sarasota, well happy Top graded at present (well until Dre's come back!!)
  6. Thanks to Jason Truong for a sweet Fallen Son sketch by Mike Perkins
  7. Do you still have all 34 books? If so, some achievement hanging onto to them for this long, you must really love 'em
  8. Thought I's share a couple of my recent pick-ups from super boardie 'Inaflash' for my raw reader run #1 - #200 My first King Size, #4 & a great cover that reminds me of the Horror books ?!
  9. Kudos to Transplant for trading two lovely high grade CGC UXM's for my DD's, great books - top bloke
  10. Kudos to Jon Jesperson for making me very happy with a Dave Cockrum Signature Series Special Edition X-Men and a freebie
  11. Thanks Kc, it's nice to decide to branch out and ..... actually win an auction !! Phil
  12. Make that two Steve, got my first SA X - book as well, not as nice as your's but delighted nonetheless
  13. Thanks, I'm planning on building a complete set up to #200 (eventually !!), but thought I'd start with the ones I really like
  14. I have recently started a raw FF run up to #200. I just love the Dr Doom covers, so far I've got this one and #84 - #87 as well as others covers - 20 or so up to #151
  15. Nice books Kc, especially love the #58 - one of my all time favs
  16. Kudos ina large stylee to Pirate for a seiously nice Civil War #5 Var SS 9.8 - Double signed, Mark Millar & Turner.
  17. Kudos to new member Mattk3447 for a hassle free transaction, (thumbs u