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  1. I can't believe everyone is loving #3, it was terrible compared to the first 2 and I am seriously doubting my investment :(


    That was hilarious, I actually spat out a bit of Pepsi, gasping "WTF....!!" :roflmao:


    Then recovered as I scrolled, inhaling air again - thankfully (for me, not many others)

  2. My saga's #1 - #3 & #7 first prints arrived today, in delightful condition, 9.8 candidates, but I'm having a hell of a time finding #4 or #6.


    Status update :


    #1, #2, #3, #5, #7, #8, #9 first prints in the bag

    #1 image firsts, #2 second print, #3 2nd prt. also in the bag, not bad for a weeks buying after listening to you lot wax lyrical about this, I'm onboard - next stop, insanity :insane:

  3. Always buy a reader copy


    I have a simple and non-greedy policy, I buy 3 of everything I like. One gets sent off to CGC (eventually, my CGC long box is straining), one for the raw collection and one for sale.


    It keeps it easy and manageable

  4. That's a really good point, and don't forget WalkingDead #1 wasn't exactly a thrill fest in the action or writing department, time must be given for scene setting and character development. Bedlam #1 & #2 wins hands down so far in an issue by issue comparision, IMHO. Over the long haul Walking dead has proven to be an exciting and unpredictable read, lets hope the same for Bedlam and then all of us with these huge stack of books will be rewarded for our patience and commitment, it's time has not yet come and I'm waiting to flip... (at least a year)

  5. Don't call him Curtis either!


    Welcome to the we-know-who-we-mean-but-got-it-wrong-club. lol


    Prepare for butthurt. :insane:



    Previous comments by me on an unrelated topic were only meant to emphasise a point on common decency and the need to calm down. I actually like quite alot of what you say when you're being nice Andy not Madder Red :foryou:

  6. Andy, the film reference is 'Get Carter' and mate if you don't calm it down a bit I can see you going for a stroll on the beach, with the mods. An opinion is one thing, outright venom and personal attacks - no need...




    (gap left for you to insert some form of bilious reference to me)

  7. The #268 JC Penney variant is extremely sought after, I did own the only 9.8 which I sold to Beachbum/Dre for not much more than I paid for it, which I won't tell you how much, but it was in the $100 - $200 range. The collecting clamour for this book was high then and I turned down two other serious collectors as I felt Dre was the right owner for the book. The other two books not so much but you would get more if they were Signature Series'd. I have sourced another #268 and one #245 JC Penney but it took me awhile !!

  8. Same for me, three FP signed variants and 1x reg cover (spare) arrived today and by some miracle they are in lovely condition, any cousins from across the sea looking for a NM copy/s I need a Detroit variant to complete my set...

  9. You guys would howl with laughter but for the past week I've had a big (& I mean big) cardboard box full of polystyrene packing 'plumps' (as I call them) under my letter box waiting for Bedlam variants to arrive from across the western world!! I've been living in dread fear of blunted corners ever since my postman pushed a recorded delivery large envelope thru my letterbox without getting me to sign it, thinking he was helping me!!! He went home a chastened man that day I can tell you!! :preach:

  10. Been charged for my 3 ordered FP variants £10.50 inc postage :whee: now lets hope the postman is gentle with those envelopes :juggle:


    BTW I loved the book, my LCS had only ordered one (managed to snag it) the art really speaks to me, my LCS guy was like - flicked thru it, didn't really care for the art, I was like - are you dead? he was like - shut up, I was like - your mother.. and then I left - all good