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  1. I just concluded a deal with John for a high value item. Communication was excellent and I couldn't be happier with how smooth the entire process went. I definitely hope to do future business with him. Just excellent!
  2. I had not been watching the show until recently. I picked up a Walking Dead collection and then finished a Walking Dead TV marathon last night. Am I the only one who can't stand the main character? I really like Glenn, Maggie and Daryl. Michonne, while interesting, doesn't do much talking, so her character is difficult to connect with sometimes. I don't think that Rick was in any position to judge Carol after what he did to Shane. Rick's actions likely would have been different if the person standing in front of him would have been anyone but Shane. I ask this: 1) If you had an infant daughter would you let her out of your sight? 2)Would you have left the prison without doing everything you could to determine Judith's whereabouts? 3) Where you as shocked as I was that Daryl took the news so well about how Rick had booted Carol out of the camp to be on her own?
  3. Just received 2 great books in the mail. Really appreciated the excellent packaging job with double-boxed shipping. Thank you!
  4. Just received super quick payment from Michael. Thanks for saving me ebay fees!
  5. Just concluded a transaction with Brian and it was an excellent experience all-around. Very good communication, quick shipment and very nice packing job. Would definitely not hesitate to purchase from him again! Thanks Brian!
  6. Just concluded a second transaction with Ed and, as before, everything was perfect. Quick payment and pleasant communications. Excellent to work with!
  7. I just concluded a transaction with Ed here on the boards for a CGC 7.5 copy of Tegra #1. The transaction was flawless, with nearly instant payment via paypal, courteous PM's and confirmation that the book was received. Wish all transactions would be so easy! Excellent buyer and glad he chose to purchase here on the CGC boards
  8. Tim was nice enough to send me some free comic books, which I just received in the mail. I had offered to at least pay for shipping, but he didn't take me up on it. I now have some fun material to read. Thanks Tim!
  9. That is one impressive score Bill! Was hoping to see you in Chicago last weekend - can't believe I never ran across you while I was there Congrats Bill!! Would love to have a copy someday.
  10. Didn't get a chance to see this in person before you picked it up. Nice score Billy!
  11. One of my favorite books of all time. What an impressive looking copy!
  12. That is a really cool cover. It would appear that the hero is a bit late though. That large needle appears to have already found its mark
  13. Yes, in some cases they do! Just call me Fox magnet
  14. Man do I love the look of that Phantom Lady book! (Yes, the rhyme was intentional) The only way it could look better is if it was in my collection Woohoo! I called the 9.0 on the Phantom Lady. Beautiful books, Bill.
  15. Nice. It is not everyday that a person runs across a book with a stamp on the cover depicting the city and state where a person was born. What a small world we live in! Really cool book. I've never seen this one. Cover art looks slightly Everettish.
  16. Haha. I had a dream the other day that Nicholas Cage had reclaimed his stolen Action Comics #1, only to then read on the news that he had been put in jail for being drunker than his acting looks on the big screen. That's weird. I had a dream that I mysteriously acquired a beautiful set of Actions and Supermans. Then the awful sound of the alarm clock ruined it...
  17. Collin is awesome to deal with and once he agrees to purchase a book, I have no doubts that he will make good on the transaction. A definite credit to the boards and the hobby. He recently purchased a book from me and made payment quite quickly. Rock on Collin!
  18. Kudos to freeloadingrusty on another successful/smooth time payment transaction. Truly an excellent member to deal with!
  19. Where's my commission? You're right, I did forget to give Count props for an assist on the sale of the book. Thank you!!
  20. Kudos to freeloadingrusty for making his final payment on a book well in advance of the agreed upon time. He is excellent to deal with (thumbs u
  21. Kudos to thehumantorch for his fast payment after purchasing!!
  22. Kudos to ciorac for a flawless transaction. A truly stand-up guy.