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  1. The time frame on sending them to get fixed has been told to me to be 24 business days so I wouldn't get them back till January which is completely unacceptable and then what? They send them back in the same unacceptable holders to get damaged again? I want a partial or full refund. I'll take my business elsewhere. I'm done with CGC's garbage.
  2. CGC is still doing this. 50 of my 54 slabs have scuffs and scratches. Called them and its absolutely unfn acceptable. Charles McGregor the shipping manager is a complete tool trying to save a few dollars costing his company and its members 100s of dollars. Fire that man.
  3. I'm not sure how you can say you aren't directly associated and at the same time you made a private label specifically for cards from his collection. Is everyone able to get custom labels for stuff for their collection? If not then it is 100% a partnership. Whether you created the label for him in exchange for advertisement or he paid extra for it, its a partnership.
  4. Bulk with Subs 4/28 received. Was on accounting hold. Called them and found out they do not have an automated system that charges your card at a certain stage. All charges are processed manually. This was insane to me. Apparently they have people working 7 days a week trying to keep up due to them not having an automated system. That may help explain how some of the orders are getting out before others. Completely inefficient. Do better.
  5. This is exactly what happened to my sub I received today. @PaulS. I really hope this doesn't happen to my next sub.
  6. Thats an insane turnaround. I'm still waiting on my 3/23 return to actually make it back.
  7. Call them. 99% of the time this means they are in shipping and being packaged to be shipped. Plenty threads here to confirm that.
  8. I just keep waiting and checking back for Paul to chime in and clarify that the opinion given was that it was altered and not authentic hence why it wasn't put in a case.
  9. I got the grading report on my cards and they were severely lower than I expected. Wouldn't put it past them.
  10. Why can't I like comments made by administrators? +1 Paul S. Glad you're handling the OP's issue and fixing the issue.
  11. I called them about it for my sub as well and was told that mine was in shipping. Not sure how this is acceptable to the internal teams because all it does is make customers call in and question. #DoBetter
  12. Something to point out. The labels don't say authentic they just say altered card. Its possible they saw it as altered and couldn't authenticate it or for whatever reason didn't think it was authentic. Either way, this isn't the service you're looking for and should go somewhere that does what you're looking for. Its obvious there was some miscommunication or misrepresentation of what happened and for a company that grades stolen cards and labels them as "inadvertent early release" I don't see why they didn't just slab it.
  13. We should start a betting pool. I'm going to say 3-6 months AND when they come in they are scuffed to hell.
  14. Received: 3/24/21 TCG - BULK - No Subgrades Quality Control/Finalized So how long till this ships you think?
  15. Are you saying they didn't charge you? Be blessed. They charged me super early and cards are still stuck waiting to get graded.
  16. Unless they are going to turn around reholdering in a week I wouldn't trust CGC to ever sent them back especially at this rate they will quote him a week turnaround and it'll be 4 years.
  17. They recently added Pokemon which is why the numbers are low relatively. When looking at comparable sales, their slabs are out performing CGC. Gold Snorlax for example. Unfortunately, my cards are stuck at CGC otherwise I would have made the jump.
  18. Prefer not to advertise for other companies here but they are out there and their cards are selling for more than CGC slabs currently with better color matching. They charged my card months ago and they haven't even been past the first part of grading. Best of luck for your situation.
  19. There are companies with equal reputation as CGC that I could submit to right now, get my cards back sooner than CGC will have the order I sent in March back to me and at a cheaper price point. Unfortunately, when I tried to cancel my order with CGC they claim they can't pull it without charging me full price.
  20. Stop using them. That's what you can do. I'm sure I'm not the only one waiting for my cards to get back and won't be a consumer of theirs anymore.