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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any pages from the Joker’s Wild? I have some colored pages from Adrianne Roy but now I’m looking for at least a page from this series - it’s what got me into collecting.
  2. What’s the value on this? I have a copy in this grade.
  3. Nice! I got in on this super early sketch opportunity, too. Mine is a Spider-Man a la ASM #100. You have a great sketch cover here!
  4. 1) Shadow 2 CGC 7.0, TMNT animated cel, and...a mystery donated by Namtak
  5. I’m traveling all - sorry! when do I pick? Or do I wait until the end?
  6. I will offer a mystery box of graphic novels! These will mostly be Marvel with a mix of some other publishers (superhero and non superhero). Shipping within the US is covered.
  7. I may. Lord knows how many of the books in my collection all came from here over the years!!!
  8. Totally understand that. I expect that if I were to parse things out, I'd likely realize much higher gains on the big books - lower grade or not, there's a desire to get a ticket to the ballpark and even the cheap seats are always competitive and never truly cheap. The only challenge is then - as you point out - you have to set up an alternative for the other things. On their own, I know they won't do much and will linger around. I think when the time comes, I'll probably want to move as much at once as I'm able while realizing a good return on the bigger ticket items.
  9. Totally hear you, but the value CLZ lists doesn't include them. So, for all intents and purposes (whenever I do sell off), I'd basically be look for close to full market value for the major keys and then the rest thrown in for pennies on the dollar. After all, shops may have a lot of those books but it's not without a reason -- they sell all the time.
  10. Yeah, I hear you. On the other hand, by the time I begin to look at eventually selling off, the purchase price differential will be about 20 years. I won't be disclosing that info per se, but I don't know if that argument would hold :P
  11. I have a full run of ASM 1-320, X-Men 90 - 300, Batman 400-520, and then there are the golden age books in there (Tec, Action, Bats, Supes) that aren't mentioned. As far as FFs, I have 48-50 and 52 for the other keys -- never snagged a 5 in time. Honestly, I went in hard for blue chip books up until around 5 years or so ago. Not too much in the way of moderns, but I have some as well. There's very little about my collection that's random -- all very focused and chockfull of keys and semi-key books. The handful that aren't worth much are probably the ones I carried over from childhood and they're not adding much to the value ;)
  12. What’s the likelihood you would pay over $100k for a collection with some of these highlights? Worth noting that only 562 of the roughly 1278 comics have been graded. Most of these have no values assigned or identified in the market (e.g. mid or high grade copies of an issue that haven’t sold online), so the collection should - in theory - be worth more than what’s listed (and I was not about to plug in an OSPG value). This also fails to account for how many have been signed and sketched on by the creators (eg dpuble signed and sketched SS TMNTs 1-4, almost all SA Marvel keys signed by Stan Lee, etc.). I’m not fishing for offers; just trying to get a feel for where the market is these days since I’ve been a little less active on the movements.
  13. Mega Beedrill EX Mega Charizard EX Rainbow Celebi GX Groudon Ex Primal Kyogre Groudon Rainbox Mew / Mew Two Tag Team GX Darkrai Umbreon Tag Team GX Rainbow Mew Two
  14. I took waaaay too long to buy this issue (one of my FAV Batman covers). Really lovely copy here.