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  1. What perfect signatures and placements from a great year too - 2009!
  2. Awesome thanks for sharing your turtle tracks! It’s been a great year! Guess what 2024 means ?? 40 years since #1!
  3. A TMNT collectors mission never ends! Good luck completing the sigs! Do show them off when you get them
  4. Very cool @Turtle Peter's signature looks great! Jim Lawson is my favorite! Do you plan to get any more sigs?
  5. Did you manage to get the comic submitted?! I'd like to know what this grades at when it comes back if you are happy to keep posted!
  6. Let the community here know your thoughts! Enjoy the movie!
  7. Very awesome of you to offer that! If I lived locally I'd have sent you an email immediately!
  8. Thanks for sharing this, that was a fun read and I almost felt like I was there!
  9. I see what you mean! This is a beautiful display of comic art. Super tasteful!
  10. I wish I could! Let us know how it is like! Share your experience
  11. You've almost completed your run of volume 1 by hunting them out in the wild! Let us know when you find 53!
  12. Wo that's so many! What you gonna do with all those!
  13. It doesn't get better than that! Do you know when the interior signatures were signed, were they back in 1985?
  14. Awesome, good luck with completing your run! So close
  15. I wish I could have visited the Shellback store. I bet that was a shop of dreams!
  16. I have that artisan book. I’m now wondering whether I should buy a compendium vol 1!
  17. That’s so cool! I can see the head sketch on the foot. Turtle foot (not the bad foot)
  18. That clears it up then! I’m just Honeycutt obsessed! Isn’t Fugitoid a kind of reprint of Gobbledygook parts 1&2 with a tweaked ending to tie in with the TMNT?!
  19. I thought it has been mentioned before, but this board is 398 pages long, and yes I have read every page! As sad as it might sound on my part, I am a little concerned about the number of signed comics now, it seems rarer to find one not signed.
  20. But it introduces Fugitoid! I hear what you're saying though. I guess I woke up this morning too obsessed about the Honeycutt character! Fugitoid is such a perfect design and the comic has some of the most amazing scenes/illustrations in it. And even the name Fugitoid is easy to "get", you don't need a dictionary to work out that it means robot on the run!
  21. Look how great the original oversized comics look together and yes I am including Fugitoid!
  22. I love it when @Turtle changes their Fugitoid avatar to match the seasons!
  23. That's a perfect summary, and has now got through my thick head, thanks! I am curious though, is Fugitoid a key of sorts, or could be? I think Fugitoid should be at least a minor key, no? I think Fugitoid is overlooked because there is no mention of the Turtles on the cover. The Fugitoid issue is one of my absolute favourite comic book experiences. I will never forget that end scene where Fugitoid's back is up against the wall and then the turtles suddenly reappear from the pages of TMNT #4!