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  1. On 5/24/2024 at 8:07 PM, Primetime said:

    33 was outpacing the 29/31 at one point. Then the 33 fell behind and even the 35 had higher demand than the 33. 29 and 31 are still neck and neck for me with slight edge to the 31 (just slight). The slight rarity and earlier 29 always is a plus for me. Alas, I’m no longer a Pre Robin Tec owner 🫠

    I had all of the pre-Robin Batman covers … alas I now have none 😭

  2. On 2/17/2024 at 11:25 AM, Carlo M said:

    Surprised this has not been brought up yet . This one must be truly impressive in person. Too early to provide estimates? 


    Talk about needing this so bad !!!! But what I'd have to sell to get it would be VERY painful....

  3. On 1/24/2024 at 1:21 PM, 1classics said:

    Sorry not to sway away from Kirby's DC 70's goodness and not sure if anyone's noted this one, but this looks to be one of the most expensive Kirby pieces that's come to market in a while, or at least that's come up at auction from what I can remember over the last year, of course with the exception of the Cap 5 splash and Cap 59 pages?...

    ST Annual 2 Kirby Pencils & Ditko inks, twice-up Spidey / Torch page from the Jon Berk collection...This one should be interesting, projected $100k+, over/under?


    I think $100K right on ..... no more or less  ..... but very early Spidey with Kirby pencils and  Ditko inks must be 6 figures in my book .....

  4. Just killing time playing around on GPA, and I wonder how much of this book, how much of this cover is "original" !!??   >>>


    Action Comics
    Issue Date
    Issue Year
    D.C. Comics
    Page Quality
    Grade Date
    Grade Category
    Label Text
    Restoration includes: color touch, pieces added, spine splits sealed on interior, cleaned, reinforced.
    Art Comments
    Jerry Siegel and Fred Guardineer story
    Fred Guardineer and Bernard Baily art
    Joe Shuster cover and art
    Key Comments
    Origin and 1st appearance of Superman.
    1st appearance of Lois Lane and Zatara.
    Grader Notes
    Color touch (Archival material, high quality over 4"" x 4"") Cover A-5
    Color touch (Archival material, high quality over 4"" x 4"") Full Bottom Interior A-5
    Color touch (Archival material, high quality over 4"" x 4"") Full Right Interior A-5
    Color touch (Archival material, high quality over 4"" x 4"") Full Top Interior A-5
    Cover cleaning (High quality) A-1
    Interior lightening (High quality) A-1
    Moderate Spine split sealed to interior (Archival material, high quality) A-1
    Piece fill cover (Archival material, high quality over 2"" x 2"") Full Bottom Back Cover A-5
    Piece fill cover (Archival material, high quality over 2"" x 2"") Full Left Back Cover A-5
    Piece fill cover (Archival material, high quality over 2"" x 2"") Full Top Back Cover A-5
    Piece fill cover (Archival material, high quality up to 1"" x 1"") Right Bottom Front Cover A-3
    Piece fill cover (Archival material, high quality up to 1"" x 1"") Spine A-3
    Piece fill interior (Archival material, high quality over 2"" x 2"") Full Bottom Interior A-5
    Piece fill interior (Archival material, high quality over 2"" x 2"") Full Right Interior A-5
    Piece fill interior (Archival material, high quality over 2"" x 2"") Full Top Interior A-5
    Reinforcement to interior (Archival material, high quality) Spine A-1
    butterfly flared corner back cover
    butterfly flared corner front cover
    gloss smudging full center of back cover
  5. On 1/22/2024 at 7:27 PM, DC# said:

    A little over a week apart.   Both with MC but the better PQ actually sold for less.    The higher sale was part of the Signature auction.....



    Just shows the unpredictable nature of auctions .... it takes at least two to tango and to push a book to a higher hammer price ..... the $49K is definitely lower than one would expect in Feb 2024 though .........

  6. On 1/17/2024 at 5:32 PM, LadyDeath said:

    I'm not a Spidey collector, but these books fell into my lap for literally nothing. A relative is moving into a place with items left behind by the previous homeowner. She did not want them. I always read stories where someone stumbles onto forgotten comics in a basement (these were in a plastic storage tub in the attic), but the fact that I experienced it firsthand was pretty surreal.




  7. On 1/7/2024 at 10:30 AM, NickiO CS said:

    Hello @fishbone

    Thank you for reaching out to us. The population of CGC Graded posters is not currently published online. The census includes comics, magazines, and lobby cards graded by CGC. 

    If you have any other questions, please let us know. 

    Are you guys considering this in the future, possibly ?  Us vintage concert poster collectors would love to have access to it ....

  8. On 1/5/2024 at 8:30 AM, Bookery said:

    Probably.  But I think we tend to believe money is behind all motivation.  I think a lot more people are driven by the desire for fame and attention than actual money.  And I think it's an over-simplification to dismiss Wertham merely as a mustache-twirling villain.  There are two other factors that came into play in the 1950s.

    First, for whatever cultural reason, in America (unlike Europe or Japan) society couldn't conceive that comic books might be produced for all ages... comics were a product that simply had to be designed for children.  If you look at it from this perspective, then yes, comics were truly pushing the boundaries of what would be acceptable for young ages.  Second, the publishers and newsstands were not without blame themselves.  They made no attempt to put warnings and suggestions on some titles that they were meant for teens or older, because the publishers didn't want to lose any sales, including those to children (see... the whole "money" thing goes both ways).  Let's be honest... these same exact stories in some of those comics, re-packaged today, 2024, with modern art so that we can distance from the "historical artifact" nature of the originals, would still receive a "not for children" label or an age-appropriateness range on the cover.  No movie in the 1950s, no matter what the target age, contained the level of gore and violence that was available in comics racked right next to Little Lulu and Stumbo the Giant.  It's curious that newsstand operators who would never think of selling a child a copy of the pulps Horror Stories or Weird Tales (stories that had to be read at length to get to the salacious parts) never gave a second thought to selling a 9-year old comics with gore and sexual innuendo to be seen at once just by flipping open the book.

    So like all things in history, it gets complicated.  Should those comics in the '50s have been banned?  Of course not.  Should some effort have been made to categorize them into age-appropriate sectors so that parents could decide for their families?  Probably.  Also, with all things history, it will be endlessly repeated.  70 years later the debate continues on where is the line between separating by age-appropriate, and what is considered to be book banning.

    History is rarely black-and-white, and if it was it would be pretty dull.  What makes it fascinating, for those willing to put in the work, it to study the complications, layers, and to see things in the context of the times in which they existed.  This is why the SOTIcollectors of the world are to be commended for not only preserving the historical artifacts themselves, but for periodically bringing the stories behind them to our attention lest it all be forgotten.

    perfectly said

  9. On 1/3/2024 at 7:32 PM, pemart1966 said:

    "Back in the 1950's, the entire US comic book business was nearly put out of business by people who said the content was inappropriate for kids." 

    There's absolutely no doubt that some of the content was inappropriate for younger children...

    That being said, kids being kids would no doubt seek that out lol

    Yes, I think we just gloss over the actual content and ridicule him and his "arguments", and some were definitely ridiculous - some of those covers, Man !! - I love them, and I have collected several of them, but even with today's standards they are "questionable". I am no defender of Wertham, but c'mon , things were going too far for sure. If these were adult-only books, no problem go for it, but I wouldn't have wanted my kids looking or reading that stuff as young kids in the 1950's or the 2020's .........

  10. On 12/6/2023 at 10:50 AM, VintageComics said:

    A lot of people get hyped with the hate and run with it but in truth, it's a brilliant business model strictly from an economics point of view.

    That model is used in many industries, the movie industry for example. 

    Rather than pay an actor a wage, they're given a percentage of the profits of the film so they bet all of their financial reward on the success of the product. Jack Nicholson did it famously in Batman in 1989, but now movie houses like Blumhouse produce all of their movies using this formula. It's brilliant because it keeps costs down. 

    great analogy